The Bitch is Born

My name is Tara and I’m an addict. I cannot function normally without a daily dose of feuding housewives, brash inappropriate business people, and arrogant realtors. I need to see gay men argue with lazy housekeepers, gay women argue with entrepreneurs, and straight men and women argue with each other. I have a glorious obsession with all things Bravo.  If reality TV were a religion, Andy Cohen would be my God, Bethenny Frankel my Madonna, and I would be a regular church attendee. 
Not only do I have such an urge to watch, but I also need to discuss what I’ve seen, with virtually anyone who has ears, whether they are willing to listen or not. My husband has been trained to discuss the New York City Housewives ad nauseum, referring to them by first name, as if they are actually neighbors on our street. I have been posting Bravolicious status updates on Facebook for so long that people actually come to me to ask if and when shows are starting new seasons, despite Bravo actually having a website. I have become, in my social circles, the Go to Girl for all things Bravo related. 
Recently my family and I were going to move. Our plan was to relocate to an area where our dollar would stretch further and my husband could work and I could stay home with our twoddlers (twin toddlers). We got so close and then things didn’t quite work out. Devastated I began to try to make sense of my life here, in NY, the one I so badly wanted to escape. My husband is looking for employment,I don’t have much earning power, things are pretty crappy. Then it dawned on me, while reading Bethenny’s A Place of Yes, that I don’t have to continue down the same path. What do I really want?  To work in entertainment.  What are my talents?  I’m a confident writer with a good sense of humor.  What are my resources?  Hello I live next to NYC and Northern Jersey. So here I am, tweeting and blogging and going anywhere I can spot a Bravolebrity. Watch me “go for(mine)” while keeping you updated on all things Bravolated. And now a toast to the future… Grab your SGM (Skinnygirl Margarita) and cheers!

3 thoughts on “The Bitch is Born

  1. You have no idea how much this just inspired me! I too have Bethenny's book and went to see her in Schenectady NY to talk. Loved it and her. Thanks for this Tara. I am now a follower of you!~ Carla

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