Gretchen’s Got Game

Hands down the best scene in last night’s RHOOC was Alexis putting her foot in her mouth at the Kennedy Armstrong style fourth birthday “Princess and Puppies” party she threw for her twin daughters. I’ve always thought it such a shame to throw away so much money on an overly extravagant event that the guest of honor, or honors, will never remember.  In this case, however, as Alexis would say, “Dear Jesus” please bless the Bellino family by erasing the memories of that “Happy birthday, mommy almost died birthing you” speech. Even the guests, who I am assuming were Bellino family and friends looked terribly uncomfortable. 
All pretentious party and vengeful Vicki, you have to catch Brianna telling her like it is, moments aside, what resonates with me most on the day after is the recent developments in the long term relationship between Gretchen and Slade. I’ve got to hand it to Gretchen. She is one smart cookie and has come a long way from the California Gold Digging stereotype the geniuses of the RHOOC editing department, and some of her fellow castmates tried to paint her as when she first joined the show. I think anyone can agree that her continued support of Slade, despite his financial and employment problems, proves that she is not looking for love inside a man’s bank account. In her Bravo blog today she mentions that Jeff’s daughter came to Vegas to see her Pussycat Doll performance. No daughter suspecting a woman of trying to fleece her father would ever do such a thing. That’s more fact than opinion. Furthermore, Slade was very honest, painfully honest in front of the cameras about not being able to afford the kind of ring he feels Gretchen deserves. As Gretchen points out in her blog, that is pretty tough for a man to do. 
Previous seasons I took a neutral stance on Slade. This season, after that brutal comedy act, I began to understand why he is not the most popular HW S/O, but after last night I have a renewed respect for him. In her blog Gretchen also states that she is not ready to marry Slade but is ready to start a family. And here is why this woman is brilliant. At her age she is wise enough to know that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. She’s already survived a divorce and cites that this is one reason why she’s not ready to take another walk down the aisle. Though I don’t know her personally, I could only assume that much of her decision is to protect her growing business interests and assets as well. In her blog she alludes to certain things needing to be “worked out” before she can make any such decisions. My between the lines reading of this is that, should their romance ever end, she doesn’t want to be left holding the bag for any of Slade’s current debts. California, after all, is a 50/50 state. And judging from her hustle, this woman is definitely going to make it in business to the point where, if need be, she could raise a child or two without the financial help of any man.

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