Too Much Talking at Teresa

Lesson one in celebrity meet and greets, decide what you want to say, and then practice, practice, practice.  This way, you will robotically repeat what has been stenciled into your brain and not come down with a last minute case of diarrhea of the mouth. Which I felt like I had today standing face to face with the Fabulicious Mrs. G. I think I left her a little perplexed at what I said, and I’d repeat it but I don’t even now remember what nonsense I dribbled.  I did however thank her for being my fourth Twitter follower. I wish I had remembered to wish her a happy birthday. Oh well.  At least I may have been memorable.  Teresa in person makes a great impression. Wearing a turquoise jumpsuit and impeccable makeup she does not show her 40 years at all.  Unlike other celebs I have seen, she is very fit without being frighteningly skinny. Moreover she clearly adores her fans.  Gracious, kind, and even posing and taking a few extra  moments to snuggle with a baby she is definitely worth going to see.  If she’s at the Posh fashion show next month perhaps I will make a better impression, if she doesn’t run clear across the room.
My friend Patrice and I waiting for Teresa Giudice.
Teresa and her large bag enter the room.
Even the Fabulicious fix their hair pre photo.
Teresa and I. Gosh I need a tan!

One thought on “Too Much Talking at Teresa

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