Why We Should All Leave Gia Alone

Every preteen girl will have her moments, and last night Gia Giudice had a pre teen PMS meltdown on The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Oh, like you never had one yourself when your hormones were starting to shift and every mole hill seemed like a mountain? Lucky you, yours wasn’t broadcast for the rest of America (and beyond) to witness and ridicule.  Although some felt that Mother Teresa (the Fabulicious, not saintly one) was too dismissive of her daughter’s less than stellar behavior, I’m going to have to side with Team Giudice on this one. Here is why: 
1. Jaclyn egged her on. I can let you know, as a teacher myself, that the books Jaclyn began reading aloud about sportsmanship were targeted for children younger than Gia. By giving the already upset 10 year old a read aloud designed for a 6 year old you were inadvertently calling her a baby. Shame on you Jaclyn, don’t you know by now how easy it is to send a teenage, or almost teenage girl over the edge? Oh yeah, you do, that’s why you couldn’t suppress your giggles while trying to read it. Your responsibility was to be the adult in an uncomfortable situation. Epic fail Mrs. Laurita. (In her defense, I did see Jaclyn admit somewhere…Twitter? her blog?…that she realized she was wrong). 
2. Editing, editing, editing. Even though shows like Housewives are classified as “Reality TV” what we are seeing is real footage edited down to its most entertaining form. For all we know Mamma T could have given little G a talking to that was taken out to propel the image of bratiness that the Giudice girls have become infamous for. Or, perhaps, Teresa is now wise enough to take those serious talks away from the camera’s lens where they belong. Then again, we did go bra shopping and learn about Italian tampon lore last night. 
3. The Manzo’s are clannish and Caroline is the Queen. If you haven’t realized it now, the Manzo-Laurita crew is truly “thick as thieves.” It has to be somewhat uncomfortable hanging around them when there is tension between your mom and Caroline. Last night Lauren even stated that family gatherings should be just them, plus, I assume, Gregg Bennett, whose role in the family I still don’t quite get, even though I love his tweets! 
4. Gia is 10 folks, and no matter how grown up of a world she is thrust into, she’s still a little girl. Sadly for her the world is one of mommy on the cover of Us Weekly being vilified and daddy’s mugshot everywhere. Who wouldn’t act out? Bottom line is no matter how rotten a child’s behavior is perceived, a child is still a child. So please, cut Gia some slack. Or at least give it to Milania, that tyke can dish it out and take it!

2 thoughts on “Why We Should All Leave Gia Alone

  1. I completely agree. For the most part, I think Jacqueline meant well, but the way Carolyn spoke to Gia, rubbed me the wrong way. Seemed like she was projecting her dislike of Teresa onto her daughter. Plus, I don't think Carolyn's gonna be winning Mother of the Year anytime soon. I can't stand the way she speaks to and about Lauren re: her weight. Ugh!

  2. There's been a lot of debate about how Caroline has addressed her daughter's weight issues. However, Lauren continues to defend her mother. Again, it could be a product of sneaky editing. I agree with your statement about Caroline projecting her dislike of Teresa onto Gia. This is a phenomenon that began in Italy when she and Al were left in charge of the Giudice-lings.

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