Bethenny Ever Over

I really wanted to post in detail about the freshly finished final season of Bethenny Ever After, but I find myself uncharacteristically speechless on the matter. Aside from her entertaining barter banter with “Hermano” the beach vendor and an uncomfortably suggestive couple’s massage (both from the Mexico episodes) I found this final season to be flat. It wasn’t bad, it wasn’t good, it just was. It existed on my television neither demanding my attention nor convincing  me to change channels.  I waited in hopes of something to happen,but it seemed like that old spark just wasn’t there.
Bethenny and I (with post-pregnancy pudge) in March 2011
Perhaps Bethenny is a little burned out? Or a settled Bethenny no longer needs to be as bold, brash, and boisterous as she used to be? And why should she when she’s got the money, fame, power, and a talk show to boot? Whatever the explanation, I fully support Bethenny’s decision to close the door on BEA. So Bethenny, thank you for letting us into your life and good luck on your talk show.  Miley Cyrus is right, it is all about “The Climb.”

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