The Who, The What, and The Why: An Internship Manifesto

The other half of this photo contained a celebrity, but I will let you wonder who!
I’ve been pretty out there, probably even a bit annoyingly, about wanting a PT summer intership with Bravo, or a current or former Bravolebrity.  I realize this is quite bold since I’ve basically materialized out of nowhere in recent weeks. So I think it is fair to expect people to wonder WHO the hell I am, WHAT the hell I want. and WHY the hell go for it now. Here are my best and honest answers. If anything is left unclear leave a question and I will follow up with an answer!
WHO the hell am I? I am a 30 something full time employed, wife, and mother of two who is fast thinking, hard working, tireless, and funny. I am full of ideas and opinions, but smart enough to know when to share them and when to keep my mouth shut. My reliability and creativity have helped me to succeed in three different areas in  my field, all given to  me to try at my request. 
WHAT the hell do I want? I want an opportunity to work for an influential person in  media and business. I want to be able to lend my helping hands while seeing how things work behind the scenes in TV and business. I want to learn from someone who is ambitious and tireless, who can be a role model for  me as I set down a path to a more fulfilling career.
WHY the hell now? This is by far the most important question.  After all, I’m no spring chicken.  I have a fairly settled life, or so it seems. Inside, however, I am not settled. I want to do more. As stated in a previous post I was an intern at CBS when I was in college.  I never continued down that path.  The options weren’t stable.  Work would have been sporadic and benefits wouldn’t be included. I wasn’t in a situation where I had family that could float me financially as I pursued my dreams and I wasn’t that great of a waitress, could never balance a tray properly. I once even spilled an entire tray of drinks into the lap of a guy I dated. He kind of deserved it, but it was a total accident. However, that’s off topic.  Now is the time because I have the summer off and paid. I have 10 weeks to learn something new without worrying about paying the bills. All I need is 2 days a week to get my foot in the door and prove myself while being an indispensible help, even if that help is running to Starbucks!  I just need one lucky and kind person to take a chance on  me. 

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