Personality, By Bravo

Twitter is all a tweeting with angst after the latest installment of RHONJ. 
“Juicy” Joe Giudice has once again put his foot in his mouth with homophobic comments made towards Greg, and Caroline is being ripped to shreds for what people are calling a “sour” attitude. After last week RHOC fans are calling Vicki out on strange behavior and Alexis for being showy, and Tamra for being confrontational. Lord knows what folks will be saying about the New York ladies in a few hours after their show premiers. Heck, even some presumptions have been made regarding the MDLA cast, whose season kicks off Wednesday, based on their promo alone. All this mud slinging has gotten this veteran HW fan thinking about how my perceptions of certain cast members have changed and practically reinvented every season. Or, is it MY, OUR perceptions? 
I recently read that Andy Cohen wrote in Most Talkative that each HW episode consists of 85 hours of footage edited down to the one we see in our living rooms. (Don’t quote me on this, as I’m still looking for time to finish Skinnydipping (Bethenny Frankel) and a moment to try a recipe from Fabulicious Fast and Fit (Teresa Giudice) and haven’t even been able to purchase Mr.Cohen’s book…yet) With such a vast amount of videotape to choose from, the editors of these shows are much like God, in that they can pick and choose what we see to mold the character they want to create. Yes, the reel is real, but the way it is spliced together has some creative license, it has to, this is television, after all, and if true real life was that exciting we’d watch our own home movies, or our neighbors going about their daily business. 
Case and point: Let’s talk about one of my all time favorite housewives, Camille Grammer. Sorry, Camille, as much as I admire you now, I could not stand you the first season of the BH franchise. I thought you were manipulative and spoiled. Season two you were sweet, intelligent and slightly vulnerable, while Lisa Vanderpump, who previously was diplomatic, became the backstabbing villain. 
What about NJ? Season one Teresa was fun loving and silly, by the end of last season she was unstable, now we are all starting to feel like she is a victim of Caroline,formerly everyone’s favorite mom. People are calling her a bully, so much so that her son Albie felt compelled to tweet a story about how she once showed charity to a struggling old woman at McDonald’s. 
Don’t get me started on the OC’s Alexis. She was introduced as a woman who was cool, sexy, and together and has been reduced to a materialistic, conceited airhead. 
Nothing I write here is meant to offend, I’m actually defending EVERYBODY, even “Juicy Joe” and all my Twitter followers know I’m a huge supporter of all people loving who they wish. The defense is you aren’t just watching “Summer by Bravo” you are watching “someones by Bravo.” So before you throw around your hatred, think about how you felt about that person last season, two seasons ago, and how you might feel about them next season. It’s really not about who a person is, but what parts of them make the cutting room floor, and what parts don’t. 
Enjoy the show but remember, it’s all about the editing!

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