5 Reasons to Watch Season 5

I’m fresh from watching (and having a blast tweeting with the amazing cast) of Million Dollar Listing (LA). The premiere grabbed viewers’ attentions right away with what, in my opinion,was the best season opening sequence of Bravo’s summer line up to date. As always the houses are big on beauty, the clients are big on eccentricity, and the realtor’s are big on egoes!
This episode had everything from Godzilla to a goofy scientist. Here are my top five reasons for why you should be watching MDLA season five.
1.The numbers-If the negotiations aren’t nail biting enough, you will choke when you see one of these guys clear your yearly salary with one deal. I’m debating a career change as I write this (Hey Madison, you do need a new assistant, correct?)
2.The nookie-Only installment 1 and we’ve already gotten a peek into the budoirs of the Josh’s. We see a sweetly attentive Flagg serve his boyfriend, Colton, breakfast in bed. Then cut to Altman and Heather waking up to a new morning, she in black satin and he in black boxer briefs. Is this reality TV or a soap opera?
3.The nana-Who can resist Josh Flagg’s adorable grandma? She is as fabulous as they come!
4.The name calling-In the promos things get super heated between Madison and Heather. There are lots of variations of four letter words flying around with the already infamous drink!
5.This show lacks nothing-There’s business, pleasure, drama, money, and lot’s of suspense. MDLA has something for everyone and, unlike The Housewives, you tough guys don’t have to pretend you aren’t watching!

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