Lately I feel like I am walking a tightrope. In trying to forge a new career, I’m having to reach out to people and take risks I never have before. I feel if I lean too far to one side I am pushy and annoying, but if I lean too far to the other I am passive and disinterested. I observe people around me and notice that they too are walking their high wires whether they are aware of it or not. As examples let’s use some of the people we all know: I think Bethenny Frankel is completely on the rope right now. She is teetering between gross and adequate self promotion. If she falls too far into the former she loses sincerity. I think that would hurt her because her fans look to her as the every woman’s hero. 
Real housewife Teresa Giudice is teetering between bully and victim, especially after today’s largely discussed drama on The View. I for one am team Teresa. She was so sweet at her book signing, in a way that seemed hard to fake. 
MDLA’S Heather Bilyeu is walking the line between bitch and business woman. I’ve seen some pretty strong opinions for both on Twitter. For the record, I think she is a total “tweetheart”. She always responds and RTs when you post about the show. 
These are just some Brav-infamous examples, but you witness peoples’ respective ropes everyday. We all have that friend whose positivity dips into “pollyanna wanna punch in the face?” territory. Or what about the serial dreamer you know who’s teetering between ambition and delusion? Aren’t we all experiencing “Highwire Days”? (for those who are too young to remember that’s the title of a great song by the Psychedelic Furs) After all, life is all about one thing, we have to “Get the Balance Right.” (Another 80’s band reference, Depeche Mode).


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