How Does Your Garden Grow?

…If you ask a few of the OC ladies better than everyone else’s, oh and their sh*t smells like roses too. Last night’s episode was like watching a contest of hypocrisy. Vicki immediately set the quite contrary tone with Brooks at the dentist. As the dentist explains that Ms. Gunvalson would like her boyfriend to sport a more Orange County approved smile, her commentary is that she “accepts Brooks with all his flaws.” Apparently his teeth are the exception to that rule.
Vicki is no stranger to contradicting herself, she blasted Brianna for her marriage, meanwhile that is a stone this twice divorced mamma need not cast. Also, did anyone catch her criticism of what she dubbed “inappropriate” behavior on the Costa Rican beach? I guess it’s not acceptable for Tamra and Gretchen to get a little raunchy, but “I’m going on a picnic and bringing my ass, my boobies…” is perfectly lady like.
Speaking of Tamra, and I am a fan, she’s not innocent this time. First to act like you were surprised by drama on a Bravo induced trip is ridiculous. You know as well as the viewers that the whole purpose of those vacations is for the cameras to catch catfights and awkward moments.
Next, all the bashing of Alexis’s bragging and then she boasts to a restaurant full of people that she gets to go to Bora Bora. Granted, I’d be pretty excited myself, but not sure if I would handle my excitement that way, it’s kind of tacky. Then again I call myself “The Bravo Bitch” I’ll just keep my mouth shut. Bora Bora certainly looks beautiful, but Eddie in his trunks didn’t measure up. I expected him to be quite fit, it looks like he’s been dining out with Tamra too much. Better lay off those Tomahawk steaks and hit your fiance’s gym before the wedding Eddie. My dear husband was the one who pointed out Eddie’s chub, now my husband is a hypocrite too! Vicki and Tamra sure aren’t completely practicing what they preach, but they are in 2nd and 3d place.
The clear winner of this contest, claiming the title of Mary Mary is…drumroll please…Heather Dubrow. Every complaint she has said about Alexis must clearly be because she must see her own worst qualities reflected back at her by Ms. Bellino. A lavish party, complete with a planner and a wedding worthy cake just because you changed your last name? I would have loved an invite just so I could throw up on your Louboutins, Heather. If that is not one of the most pretentious and obnoxious displays of wealth and self love I have ever heard of… I can understand wanting to throw a party, then just throw a party but to make it over the top and about yourself. Ugh! I’ll bet most of of your guests came for the food and TV exposure while rolling their eyes in hypocrisy at such a theme.
Again, Gretchen kept under my radar this episode. She seems to do no wrong this season! As for Alexis, she did quite well on her Fox 5 segment. And though I can’t quite imagine her ever driving a bus, I think she was pretty low key last night.

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