A Victorious Evening

When I first saw the tweets about the Posh Boutique (not Kim D’s hair pulling drama Posche from Season 2!) Fashion Show/Fundraiser, I knew I had to be there. First off the proceeds benefited  Victorious Angels, Victoria Wakile’s team that raises funds for The National Brain Tumor Society, which will walk in the 2nd Annual NY Brain Tumor Walk this Saturday. Having special people in my life that have been affected (and sadly, in one case, lost) by brain tumors this is a cause very close to my heart, I am thrilled that I was able to contribute. Secondly the event featured fashion,food, Wakiles, and everyone’s favorite NJHW Aunt, Rosie Pierri. Yes please! I decided to invite my mother to join me as she always makes for an interesting date. (The hubs was very happy to stay home as he is starting to develop ticks whenever he hears the words Real Housewives of…)
Richard Wakile
When we arrived we waited on line in front of a red carpet Step and Repeat. Nervous and totally sober Mom and I walked quickly past, not sure if we escaped or no one was going to ask us to pose anyway because, well who cares about us? We entered the cocktail hour, and surveyed the scene, feeling a little out of place, and pasty white. Apparently tanning is popular throughout Jersey, not just with Snookie and Co.  Feeling a tad like imposters we sidled up to the bar for some liquid courage. This is when I had my first Wakile sighting as Richard Wakile walked past us.
Joseph Wakile
A few seconds later I noticed his son Joseph just ahead of us, being hounded by some women four times his age. I wasn’t about to bother him further and the elder Wakile male seemed quite busy, so I took pictures from afar. I was beginning, at this point, to think that I would spend the whole evening not socializing and feeling like a crasher at an Italian wedding. So we got our drinks and went outside for a while, or at least until 4 gnats decided to make a nest out of my Chardonnay.
The Bravo Bitch and Kathy Wakile
On our way back in we noticed Kathy Wakile standing in front of a photo screen. She was prepping some things and looking absolutely stunning, and approachable. I went up and told her who I was and she recognized my Twitter handle. We had a lovely conversation about her charity and motherhood as it relates to protecting our children when they are ill. (I relayed, well actually my Mom did, that one of my sons recently had a benign tumor removed from his eye.)
The Bravo Bitch and Rosie Pierri
Kathy’s warm and friendly manner helped put Mom and I at ease. The encounter, combined with the buzz of another drink, helped us relax. We began looking out for the RHONJ season IV’s breakout star, and Kathy’s sister, Rosie. We ended up right in front of her and struck up a conversation. She, too, recognized me from my tweets. We laughed and spoke about work, traffic, and her infamous babysitting skills. She’s every bit as fun and friendly as she is on TV and loves to brag about all of her nieces and nephews, I believe the total count is 9!
Now we really felt relaxed. The Pierri sisters have a way about them that can make even a total stranger feel like they are part of the family. So of course we chatted up Mamma Pierri when we found ourselves walking with her. It’s clear that her daughters learned from the best. Mrs. Pierri is a breath of fresh air and cute as a button!
Mrs. Pierri
Cocktail hour over it was time to head to the ballroom for the show. The runway divided a section of VIP tables and general tables, however the whole setup was intimate enough that we never even felt separated, especially since we were sitting, by chance with recording artist Giorgio, a Teresa high school classmate, and the boyfriend of one of the show’s models. Jairo, the owner of Posh Boutique introduced Kathy who is a very gifted public speaker.
The show was a musically driven parade of Jersey style. Lots of short dresses, bold bikinis, and open shirted young men who knew how to bust a move on the runway.  Victoria and Joseph Wakile both walked in the show along with several of their cousins. You could tell whenever a Wakile relative walked the runway by the cheers and excitement of what appears to be a very fun loving and supportive family.
The Bravo Bitch and Victoria Wakile
At some point I had to relent and visit the ladies room. On my way I ran into the lady of the evening, Ms. Victoria herself. What a terrific young lady! Ms. Wakile is poised, confident, beautiful, and as warm as can be. We talked and hugged and then, I got my Step and Repeat red carpet moment, we were perfectly matched in blue dresses. I was so excited that I was already back in my seat before I realized I had totally forgot to visit the restroom, oops, and had to back track.
After that Giorgio got up from our table to perform his single “We No Speak Americano” as his lovely wife and adorable daughter watched from our table. After that people danced and mingled until dessert and raffles. If I had dreamed this evening up it could not have been better. On the way out I got to speak with Victoria again and got a warm wave from Kathy. I came home to a lovely tweet from Victoria. She is a wonderful young lady, Kathy has so much to be proud of. Thank you Wakile family for a  memorable evening, and for being the champions of such an important cause.
If you would like to donate to Victorious Angels please visit:  http://www.braintumorcommunity.org/site/TR?pg=team&fr_id=1825&team_id=50082

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