Advised Not to Miss This One!

Today I finally got a chance to watch the latest addition to Bravo’s summer lineup. Miss Advised follows three relationship experts in three different cities. They are all women, all adorable, and, like their predecessor Patti Stanger, all single, which is the winning formula for such a series. (Bravo had a happily married matchmaker once, what was her name again?) 
San Francisco radio host, author, and sexpert Emily Morse is a fast talking, petite, fireball of comments and conversations that would make many people, including her handsome brother, blush. She resembles Courtney Cox. That combined with her mannerisms, she’s a bit like Monica Geller, but instead of being anal, she’s talking about it. The opening credits state that her core issue is she believes in “say yes to everything…but monogamy.” Apparently she does say yes to everyone, including an Orthodox Jewish Bisexual whom she tells her mother about when episode one opens. I didn’t even know those existed. Along with her radio co-host, Menace, Morse, whose initial show was a podcast from her living room, peppers the Bay Area with steamy stories and sexual wisdom. If only she wasn’t so dead set on the notion that once married the steam dissipates. 
Our second subject is NYC matchmaker Amy Laurent. Of the three women she is the most reserved, describing herself as coming across cold to her many clients. With 7 years experience and offices in 4 cities, her schtick is that “her rules work…she just can’t follow them.” In her opening scene she is walking through the city with her friend Lorenzo, who, it turns out, is Lorenzo Borghese from the Bachelor. Now, I don’t watch The Bachelor, so this info I received from Ms. Laurent herself when I inquired about him and, what I thought, looked like pretty good chemistry between them. Laurent views him as a good friend and older brother figure.  Not in the friend zone is her ex boyfriend A.B. who broke her heart when he moved to Saudi Arabia. Against her own rules Laurent agrees to have dinner with A.B. when he is in town after running the ING NYC Marathon. A.B., to me, looks like Matthew Laurance (AKA 90210’s Mel Silver) on steroids, but clearly he is Laurent’s type. Want to know how their date went? Watch the show. 
The third “Advised” woman is Julia Allison, a dating columnist who has recently relocated to LA. Allison is like a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Her Midwestern family is cookie cutter conservative and she is the ex girlfriend of Jack McCain, son of former presidential candidate R John McCain. She seems typical girl next door until she says that the best first date dress is one that says “you can take me home to your mom and I might just give you a blow job on the way there.” I wonder if Sen. McCain saw that one. Allison, like Morse, also believes in saying yes to a date, stating that it’s either “a good date or a good brunch story”. Her tagline is she “gives advice…but doesn’t take any.” In episode one she goes out with a guy she met on Craigslist (cringe), allows him to pick her up at her home (double cringe) and then has him come by the next day to help her with boxes from her recent move. Was it a match? You will have to see. I’m not trying to hold anything back from you all, but I don’t want to spoil what has the makings of a Bravo hit.  
Miss Advised airs Mondays 10/9central, I advise you not to miss it.

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