Sarah Takes The Cake and Tells Us All About It!

Speaking to Sarah Winchester is like being in a cotton candy spinner! She’s a fast talking energetic gal who holds nothing back, yet she is as sweet as the sugar she craves. No question is off limits with the OC lady who will forever be known as the woman who broke the fondant bow and got Heather just a tad bit untied.
Sarah Winchester
TBB: Hello Sarah. You have a very famous name, can you give a quick summary of your family legacy?
SW: The Winchester repeating rifle inventor, Oliver Winchester is my great grandfather. I am not named after Sarah Winchester, it’s a coincidence. I am directly related to Oliver, but not Sarah.
TBB: Speaking of firearms, it seems like guns were blazing at the Dubrow home in what has been dubbed as “Cakegate”. I think we first have to rewind to earlier this season. What exactly happened at Heather’s bowling party?
SW: Basically, Vicki and Gretchen got into it a couple nights before and I had Gretchen’s back. Then that night I wanted to give Vicki my condolences regarding Briana possibly having cancer, I was trying to be friends. She took it the wrong way.
TBB: Alexis has tweeted, “The ladies know Sarah was already invited to Heather’s party same as Jeana. It wasn’t up to me. I won’t be the scapegoat.” Being that we saw her invite you on finale part 1, it’s a confusing statement. Can you explain what it means?
SW: I love Both Gretchen and Alexis to death and I understand why they wanted to stay neutral. But I feel that Alexis really did go above and beyond to stick up for me that night. I’m very appreciative of that and always will be.
TBB: After the bowling night did you have any reservations about going to Heather’s party?
SW: Yes. But as a cast member it was expected that we all attend that evening regardless if Heather wanted me there or not.
TBB: So what prompted you to break part of the now infamous fondant bow and eat it?
SW: I do have hypoglycemia. My mom carries chocolate in her purse, it’s hereditary. Look at the video they only have popcorn out with drinks all night. I’m not saying what I did was right by any means, but knowing what I know about them, in my opinion it wasn’t much to celebrate that night anyways.
TBB: Your honesty when approached was noble. Why didn’t you ask Heather for something else to eat?
SW: Heather and I don’t get along so I didn’t feel comfortable asking for sugar or anything from her for that matter. I really thought the piece I took was small and wouldn’t be noticed which I’m sure she wouldn’t have even noticed if someone didn’t say anything. I was surprised I was told on, that woman didn’t even know me, but yet she knew who I was dating and who I was… sounds fishy to me.
TBB: What about the viewers who have accused you of having a problem with alcohol?
SW: Out of the 30 plus times that I filmed this season they chose to pick the 2 worst times that I had been drinking. The rest of the time I was sober and in my opinion showed me in a better light. With that incident (at the bowling party) my ex and I were in the middle of breaking up on the way to the party. There were things I was going through. Im not making excuses just giving a different light to the whole story. Again, I taped 30 plus episodes and in my opinion the 2 that were aired this season put me in a bad light. There isn’t much I can do about that.
TBB: Were you upset that, although she arrived with you, Alexis did not leave the party with you when you were escorted out?
SW: No not at all, because Jim was there, she went home with her husband. I had my best friend with me and she ended up driving me home that night
TBB: You were first introduced to us as Gretchen’s friend, correct? How is your relationship with Gretchen and Alexis now?
SW: I’ve been on the show several seasons before. Me and Alexis are great. Me and Gretchen are wonderful. We were all friends before this show will all be friends after the show.
TBB: So I need to know, how was the cake? Was it worth it?
SW: Absof*#kinglutely and you can quote me on that! If I could have taken the whole bow I would have.
TBB: Thank you for talking with me today. Is there anything else you would like people to know about you?
SW: You aren’t always able to control everything that happens in your life, but I have learned a lot from this whole experience. One being to never judge a book by its cover, because of all the people on that show Gretchen, Alexis and I were the the most normal. What you see day to day in life isn’t always what you get in my opinion. Im standing firm on that one!

6 thoughts on “Sarah Takes The Cake and Tells Us All About It!

  1. It was definitely blown way out of proportion. Even if I had a guest in my home who broke some priceless antique, I'd say something like, "Don't worry about it. I was going to throw that old thing out.". All this carrying on over a cake that was going to be cut up and served to the guests anyway. And the ugly expression on Heather's face was just so over the top.

  2. If she's hypoglycemic, wouldn't all of the sugar from drinking alcohol have solved the problem? How could a tiny piece of now have solved what all that alcohol didn't? Doesn't make sense. She may be hypoglycemic, but even so, she used it as an excuse for poor behavior. She didn't need that sugar, she had plenty of it from drinking alcohol. On another note, she didn't really answer the question about wether or not Alexis invited her lol. She totally dodged it. She seems like an air head.

  3. There is no heir with the winchester lastname. Olivers only son died and his only child a daughter died before he did. Oliver had daughters wich all married and the children carry their fathers name not winchester. This woman thinks if she repeats something many times it will become true! For oliver to be her great grandfather means olivers son had a son who had sarahs father. Impossible!

  4. There are other ways. The family tree only documents legitimate children. Until it can be proven that Mr. Winchester had no other heirs through other women, there is a possibility that Sarah has relation.

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