Football, Superman & a Baldwin

Alec Baldwin tied the knot (again) last week. As usual when I hear a certain celeb in the news it sometimes brings back an old memory. This one comes from 20 years ago when I was in high school. I wasn’t much for extracurricular activities, so how I ended up a kickline dancer in the district marching band I’ll never know. Throw in the fact that I have the rhythm of your typical white Jewish girl and the mystery further deepens. But, anyways, I was in that kickline, in an award winning marching band that somehow, despite my two left Jewish feet, managed to win the NYC Columbus Day parade title that season. As a reward we were invited to perform in a Giants/Eagles half-time show. Yay! Another chance to make an ass out of myself and this time in front of my all time fave pigskin hero, Phil Simms.
Out onto the field for the National Anthem, the players were larger than life. Which is good, because it detracted from the rolled and sprayed peacock ass bangs we all wore back then. It was exhilarating to be on that field in the center of everything, and in that moment I must have truly believed that life could not get any better. After, we went to our seats to watch the game until our half time show. These were not just any seats, these were primo seats. The best in the house, good enough for the midgame entertainment and apparently Superman, himself. No, really, I mean it.
There was a stir amongst my fellow dancers and flag twirlers. I turned around to see what was happening and there they were. With two sets of the bluest eyes I have ever seen, Christopher Reeve and Alec Baldwin sat in our box right behind us. Two regular, exceptionally gorgeous, regular guys out enjoying a Sunday game at Giant Stadium. Our color guard director asked us to calm down, before she stood up, turned around, and then declared, “Oh my God, they are gorgeous!”
Most of us knew to just subtly ogle and hide the drooling, all except for one. I’ll call her Prim. I kind of hope she reads this and has a sense of humor. Anyway Prim had, to put it mildly, a very strong personality. She must have turned around twenty times and then the talking started. Oh boy could Prim talk your ear off. Prim was pushy, persistent, and she pushed and persisted until both men signed her white uniform glove…and then hightailed it out of there as fast as they could. Prim was delighted with herself, while the rest of us were pissed, but she just smiled and waved that glove on the bus ride all the way back to our little NY suburban town.
That day is one I will never forget, but to imagine all I didn’t know on that day. Like that one day I would briefly work for Phil Simms, and then even years later be part of an NFL family myself and run into him at a Bethenny book signing and discuss our connection. Or that Christopher Reeve would suffer a life changing accident and then pass away before I could even share this story with you. Or that Alec Baldwin, who wouldn’t be the only Baldwin I ever encountered, would be in and out of the news so many times with stories of questionable behavior. Or that I would learn to admire Prim’s persistence as a strength and not a weakness, though she still has that same unbelievably strong personality (we are friends on Facebook, at least we were before I published this).
My whole point is you could be like me, standing on that football field, thinking “it doesn’t get any better than this”, and sometimes it doesn’t, but usually, it does. Happy 4th everyone!

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