An Intimate Conversation with Miss Advised’s Emily Morse

From a living room podcast to radio host, author, and Bravoleb! Miss Advised star and Sex with Emily host, Emily Morse is a one woman powerhouse. She’s on a mission to help everyone live their best life, coupled or not, but she took a little break to talk to me:
Emily Morse
TBB: Hello Emily! Tell me, how does one become a “sexpert”, moreover a sexpert with a radio show, television show, and a book?

EM: I started Sex With Emily as a podcast in my living room. With intense passion (bordering on obsession,) tenacity, and resiliency, I’ve made this my life’s work. I’ve always had an infinite curiosity about relationships, sex, and how and why they worked. I thought I’d create a show that educated people through interviews with others about their relationships, and sex lives. The first 50 Sex With Emily shows featured interviews with a wide range of guests. Soon after that, the show transitioned into an advice show. Relationships affect everyone in the world. I knew this had many possibilities, topics and the potential to help lots of people. I was offered a book contract a few years ago( Hot Sex Over 200 Things You Can Try Tonight), have a second in the works, and have two iPhone apps (Kegel Camp and 101 Sex Tips From Sex With Emily).
TBB: How did your parents react when you announced you decided to be a sexpert?

EM: My family has always been extremely supportive of my career. They ultimately want me to be happy, pursue my dreams and are proud of what I’ve achieved amidst so many obstacles. Admittedly, depending on who asks, my Mom will say “Oh my daughter, she hosts a relationship advice talk show” (and sometimes leaves out the sex part.)
TBB: In your blog you state that your “Sex with Emily” co-host, Menace, “was put on this planet to torture me with his interpretation of my values.” How did you two become a team?

EM: Soon after I launched the podcast, I was hired to host a live show on CBS radio in San Francisco. Menace was working as a technical producer at the time and was assigned to my show. I was a radio novice and Menace was there to make sure I didn’t violate any FCC regulations, teach me the ropes and work the boards. We developed a friendship and a few years later he started not only technically producing the podcast but talking on it as well. I adore working with Menace and I have so much appreciation and respect for him. We hold different views on sex and relationships and I know listeners enjoy hearing us debate the issues from the male and female perspectives. We don’t agree on everything but that’s part of what makes the Sex With Emily show entertaining as well as informative (and some say addictive. )
TBB: Here’s a chance to get back at him, any interesting info you want to dish about Menace?

EM: It’s legend that radio doesn’t pay very much, but Menace was willing to do whatever it took, even if it meant living in his car or office to keep his dream as he climbed through the ranks of radio.  He has an undying passion and commitment and is truly one of the hardest working people I know.

TBB: What is it like taking the leap from radio to TV? How do the two industries compare and contrast?

EM: Miss Advised is a natural extension of what I’ve already been doing with the Sex With Emily show for the past 7 years: entertaining, educating and advising people around sex and relationships. So I figured, if I can have an impact on improving people’s lives through my radio show and now through television, sign me up!  
The industries of radio and television are in fact merging in many ways.
Case in point: within the next few weeks we’re going to have cameras in the studio streaming the Sex With Emily show live. Not only can people listen to the show live, but they can watch, Tweet, Facebook and video Skype-in their sex and relationship questions. No more faceless callers. 

TBB: In episode 3 you date your 5th grade crush. That’s pressure enough for any gal, but what’s it like when you tell him you will be followed around by cameras?

EM: David was surprisingly laid back about the cameras. I think we were both excited to connect again and the cameras seemed to disappear.

TBB: Do you think men treat you differently because of your job?

EM: I used to say “No, that’s preposterous! Men don’t treat me differently because it’s obvious I’m so much more than what I do for living.”After 7 years of dating, I realize now that I can’t avoid it. When men hear sex expert they think something completely different than a sex educator trying to change the world. I know some of the men think we’re going to be swinging from the rafters on the first date. And I don’t even own rafters. But seriously, men are definitely intrigued and the topic of sex always comes up in conversation.

TBB: Your handsome brother Michael has been on the show twice now. He seems to be a great support, even if he outted that you aren’t making much money. How did you feel about that being aired? Do people often assume you are “rolling in it” because you are a public persona?

EM: I’m not sure what people assume about me, but I’ve definitely struggled through some of the hardest challenges in my life to get Sex With Emily off the ground and turn it into a viable business. As any entrepreneur will tell you, some of life’s hardest work is dreaming of something so vividly and not only making it a reality, but a profitable one.

TBB: I have to ask for my grandma, who is an acquaintance of hers, have you ever met Dr. Ruth? How does our generation’s sexperts differ from former ones?
Yes!! I have met Dr. Ruth once in person, and another time I interviewed her for my radio show over the phone. She’s an inspiration and a pioneer in the field of sex education and I’m aspiring to follow in her footsteps. I’m currently pursuing a doctorate in Human Sexuality. Sexperts today have many more mediums to reach their audience and we all have different philosophies, just like all experts

TBB: Two more things: How we can listen to your radio show and what is the title of your book and where we can buy it?

EM: You can listen to my radio show in many ways:
1. Subscribe to the FEED
2. Download or stream the podcast at We’ve got 150 shows available on demand with more being released each week. I have an archive of over 400 shows and the “best of” are released during our “Throwback Thursday” episodes.
3. Download the Stitcher App: Amazing app for your smart phone or iPad. It’s the easiest way to listen to the show on your devices. Just search for “Sex With Emily” and you can start listening to the latest episode on demand.
4. Satellite Radio: Every Friday night on Sirius/XM Extreme Talk 165: 9pm EST/ 6 PST
Also, once a month we do a live show on Sirius/XM Playboy Radio.
My book is called Hot Sex: Over 200 Things You can Try Tonight and it’s available here and wherever books are sold.

TBB: Thank you for talking with me today. Is there anything else you would like people to know?
My reason for being is to help people have better and more interesting sex and relationships.  When people are happy in their relationships they’re happier in life. And people who can be content without a relationship, are also living more fulfilling lives. I help people achieve whatever it is they want out of their love lives. My favorite thing is hearing from everyone and answering all the sex and relationship questions I receive. I read every email and answer most of the questions during my show or on my website. So please email me through my site or
*Want more of Emily? Watch Miss Advised Mondays at 10 on Bravo!

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