Peggy Tanous on the Reality of Life After Real Housewives

In Season Six, Peggy Tanous joined the RHOC cast as a blonde homeopathic bombshell with a hot shot on the firing range. After a brief appearance at the start of the seventh run of Bravo‘s longest running HW franchise she called it quits. In an exclusive interview Peggy told me why she left, what she is up to now, her side of her fall out with Alexis, and what she thinks of the show now that she’s watching with the rest of us.

TBB:  Hello Peggy! Congrats on the birth of your new nephew! When you were on RHOC you shared with us your battle with Postpartum Depression. Are you still working on raising PPD awareness?

Peggy Tanous
PT: Thanks for the congrats!! My nephew Marcos is a sweetie! Yes I definitely am still trying to raise awareness about PPD. I am writing a book on my experience and will be releasing it in fall. I also teamed up with a jewelry designer Amber who owns The SS Collection. You can find them on Facebook. She just designed a green ring, which is one of the colors signifying depression, and will be selling them on her page. A portion of the sales will go to the LA chapter for PPD!! I also continue to sell my natural supplements for PPD on!

TBB: In addition to PPD, you are also an advocate for an organic lifestyle. What other positive ways have you been able to use your exposure from having been a Housewife?

PT: Being on the show has given me a voice to speak out on various important charities, as well. People want to learn more about living natural and I love being able to teach them about leading a more holistic lifestyle. I have my own You Tube channel now, Positivity with Peggy where I interview people and give health, beauty and fashion tips!!
TBB: So we discussed the positive, are there any negatives associated with having been on reality TV?

PT: Yes, one negative aspect of being on reality TV is people always have opinions about everything you say and do and feel the need to tell you them… And when you run out of your house to grab milk or something looking horrible you get asked to take a photo with a fan.

TBB: We knew before RHOC season 7 started that you were leaving the show, but you did make an appearance in the beginning. Was your decision made prior to that filming?

PT: Yes and No. Before filming the opening party at Vicki’s I was questioning going back because one, we were not coming to terms financially with my contract. When other franchises with lesser ratings than OC are getting paid more I felt, if I was going to put my life out there, I deserved the same as the other franchises. Secondly, I was asked by production to do certain things and felt this was not authentic reality or really me.

TBB: Can you share some of the other reasons that led you to leave RHOC?

PT: Basically I went to Vicki’s party without signing my contract yet to see how I felt. Production knew I was up in the air and they had already planned this party with all the wives attending and needed me there, so I went to see if this would help me decide wether I wanted to move forward with Season 7 or not. Once there I felt things were very forced and that I was purposely put into certain situations and conversations and knew I wanted to move on to do more positive opportunities. After that night I knew I did not want to continue with Season 7. I then signed a contract to do an exit interview to explain my departure. I was later asked to film at the final party and declined the offer

TBB: It is always heartbreaking to see a friendship end, however the competition between you and Alexis Bellino was very evident from the beginning. Things blew up between you and Alexis during the season 6 reunion. Where do things stand between you now?

PT: Alexis and I have not seen or spoken to one another since filming at Vicki’s party last September. What people don’t realize is unfortunately our friendship was already deteriorating before we even started filming Season 6. She had told me to try out for the show and then changed her mind. She then lied to me about it and was telling Gretchen and other people around town awful things. She even said if I got hired on she would quit the show. Then once I was hired on Jim felt he should finally come clean and tell her we had dated way back when. He told her a week before filming. I suggested she and I sit down and talk about it, but she refused. It obviously made it uncomfortable to film knowing she was resentful and knowing she was saying horrible things about me before she even knew about me and Jim. She should have seen what a loyal person I am because I never told production about my past with Jim or brought it up while filming.

TBB: So once you left, did you continue to watch? If so, what is it like to be on the other side of the television? Do you see things differently? If not, why not?
PT: Of course I watched the first few episodes I was in and then I continued to watch to make sure I was not brought up. It was interesting to see ideas I had told production we planned on doing being used once I left, like the Costa Rica trip. Micah and I were planning to go there with our kids. It was also funny to see certain scenes when I already knew about them or knew it was edited to look different.

TBB: What are your opinions on the falling out between Tamra and Vicki, Alexis being confronted for being “showy”, and “Cakegate’?

PT: It’s sad to see Tamra and Vicki fighting, but the nature of the show is for the cast to have conflict and inevitably make enemies. You can’t stay friends with one person too long without eventually fighting. I do think once Tamra and Gretchen started mending their friendship that Vicki was threatened by this. Alexis being confronted was a matter of time. I’ve known her for over 5 years off camera and she definitely is showy and and very concerned about appearing a certain way to others. And I have personally seen both she and Jim be rude to people and had heard stories from the crew. I do, however, think the “intervention” in Costa Rica was a bit much. Each of the girls could have spoken to her individually about their issues and opinions of her. But once again, that is the nature of the show. Drama, drama, drama. Isn’t that what you all want to see?? As for the cake incident, I did tell Sarah she should not have touched it since it was the center piece of the party. She is a very sweet girl and I think the alcohol was getting to her. It is typical when filming for food to be brought out late after everyone has consumed alcohol, so being someone that also gets low blood sugar, I understand her need for some sugar. I think Heather could have spoken to Sarah about it privately. But once again, everyone is doing their job by causing conflict and fighting for camera time.

TBB: Do you ever regret leaving the show?

PT: I don’t now, but in the beginning I questioned my decision, as doing a second season would have gotten me that much more publicity and it’s nice to work on a show where they come to your house. Now I’m going to LA all the time. At the end of the day I know it was the right decision for me. Fame and fortune are great, but through it all I truly feel you have to be proud about what you are doing and be authentic to yourself.

TBB: What does the future have in store for Peggy Tanous? Will we see you on TV again?

PT: So much is going on and I’m very excited about all of it! Micah and I filmed for a show that is on TV Guide that will air in August! I will post more about it when it is close to airing! I have been auditioning for several big hosting gigs and have two of my own shows I created that are in pre-production where I will not only be the host on one and main cast member on the other, but I’m also taking on a producer role! Then there is the mom’s show MILPH (Mother’s in Life, Passion and Health) I’ve been involved with for a while that’s finally coming together and I will be hosting that as well as acting as co-producer on it! We just had a big casting for it in LA and got some incredible moms! Lastly, there is a great possibility of my own spin off show and I’ve been in meetings all last week for that! So, as you can see I’m very busy! Not to mention finishing my book, shooting for my You Tube channel and getting ready to launch our wine! And most importantly raising London and Capri, which is the best job of all!

TBB: .Thank you for talking with me today. Is there anything else you would like people to know?

PT: Thank you! I just want to thank everyone for their continued love and support and look forward to being back in your homes very soon with fun and positive shows!


2 thoughts on “Peggy Tanous on the Reality of Life After Real Housewives

  1. Peggy mama we MISS YOU SOOOO MUCH, LOVE LOVE LOVE YA and the FAMILY, I hope things are all good on the other side cuz ya, " Alexis and her husband are both nut bags,Crazy low live's , lower then low and on top of it Jim thinks he's gods gift to women+! Come on now. Then Jim tells Alexis when they both go to Heather D. Name Changing party he goes Alexis what I will ask anything I want cuz I put on the pants in our Family. Ok! What a loser,the biggest one i ever seen. Jim is so "GROSS"……

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