Celebrity Couples, Just My 2 Cents

It always pains me when people pounce on the separation or divorce of a high profile couple. The sensationalism of what is such a difficult time for a family is nauseating in my honest opinion. Waking up to the announcement that RHOBH  stars Adrienne Maloof and her husband Dr. Paul Nassif are separating and then seeing it all over Twitter once again drives home just how obsessed our culture is with the personal lives of celebrities. We can argue that they signed on for such scrutiny, nobody can expect to hide from the public eye once they have made a conscious decision to place themselves in it, and human nature somehow sickly makes us most interested when things go downhill for folks.  I’ve said to Mr. Bitch several times since this blog started showing some success, “Forget about times being tough, when things are good THAT’S when you find out who your real friends are.” 

But back to the cult of celebrity marriages. They do seem to have a high failure rate. Please, I am in no way suggesting that the Maloof-Nassif union is failing. It is important to remember that the announcement is that of a separation which implies they are in a trial period, and that we, the ever judgmental public, should give them the space they need to figure things out. What I want to talk about is why celebrity unions have such a limited chance of survival, or my speculation as to why.  Bottom line I think it all comes down to money. Here is why, marriage is hard, I don’t care who you are, everyone who is married, whether they admit it or not, knows that a partnership like marriage requires patience (lots of it) and work. When you commit to another human being you are not just committing to all the things you love about him/her, but all the crap that comes along with it as well. You no longer have just your moods and problems to contend with, but a whole other set too, a set that you may not have any control over. If your spouse is sick, well, that will affect you too. If your spouse has financial problems, guess what, you do too. If your spouse is depressed, well, that black cloud will now be hanging a bit over your head as well. Celebrities, the wealthy ones, do not have to weather the storm. They can afford two households, legal fees, and all the other costs that come along with such a split. The rest of us? Well, most of us can barely make the rent or mortgage on two salaries these days. 

So give Adrienne and Paul a break. Let them have space to work things out, and even if they don’t think about all the couples who, if they had the same financial means, would probably call it quits as well.

3 thoughts on “Celebrity Couples, Just My 2 Cents

  1. Well put, TBB. I hate to see any marriage break up, but it happens whether one is a celeb or not. As to success bringing out the worst in people, misery loves company, often we win alone.

  2. Good post. Another thought, for what it's worth, regarding the high divorce in celeb marriages goes hand in hand with what you said. BECAUSE they can afford the ability to avoid the down side of 'two become one' by a hasty retreat when things get tough it unfortunately breeds the lack of tenacity. It is sad that money allows a couple to get going when the going gets tough rather than working through the issues that, as you so rightly pointed out, come with all marriages. Just because you can afford to avoid any uncomfortable situation, doesn't mean you should. I always respected the Newman's, Reagan's, and others that fought against the easy way out. They took their vows to heart and stood together against the world. A world that, I might say, is tougher in some aspects than we 'regular' people, as we don't fight the daily onslaught of women or men offering themselves, slipping their phone numbers to us and basically disrespecting the celebrity's marital status.

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