Kickin’ it Kiki Style


You know him as Rosie Pope’s emotional, stylish, and dependable sidekick, but LT also has an exciting personal history and established underground musical career. He took some time out of his uber busy schedule to answer some questions about music, Mama Rosie, and maternity!

TBB: Hello LT! Tell us about your nickname and what it takes to be a Kiki:

LT: LT is not only my nickname, its my actual initials.  My real name is Lawrence LT Thompson.  As for what it takes to be a Kiki, let me give you my definition: “The Kiki is you, me, a sensibility, a look, a moment, a vibration and
anything that makes you feel lovely!”  Honestly, I live and breathe the Kiki!  It’s what I am about and it’s what I serve!  
As you can probably tell, I don’t take my myself too seriously.

TBB: You are originally from VA, but toured the world as an actor and performer. Can you tell us about that experience?

LT: I loved touring as a dancer and singer. I got to see so many places, eat a lot of amazing food, and interact with many different cultures! As for my favorites, I really loved visiting Spain, Germany, & Japan. So many wonderful moments there! Hopefully I will get a chance to sprinkle my Kiki around the world again soon!

TBB: How did you end up in NYC working with Rosie Pope?

LT:After visiting New York city as a child, I knew I would eventually move there.   Over the years, I’ve either worked in Fashion or PR, but I never lost my love of performing. I met Rosie when she was pregnant with her first child, JR, when I joined the company in 2008. Maternity just seemed like a festive opportunity for me. I honestly know way too much about pregnancy! Who would have thunk it? I’m very lucky and blessed for all the opportunities that have come my way and wish nothing but happiness to all! Everything happens for a reason. Yes, that kinda sounds like a beauty pageant answer! 

TBB: You and Rosie seem like polar opposites. How do your contrasting personalities compliment one another? 
LT: We both love to have fun, plus she gets my personality. This combined with my zany sense of humor definitely makes our on camera chemistry = A Kiki! 
TBB: In the just finished second season of Pregnant in Heels, Rosie mentioned that she got you to dress a bit more conservatively. Is this true? Did she help you put together your new look?

LT: I cannot confirm or deny that. My look is a part of my music personality. Laundra, THE KIKI TWINS personal stylist, helps me create all of the fashion magic!  LT, on stage & television, loves edgy high fashion! Give me sequin, lots of color & my wiglet! LT, every day, loves black! I live in tank tops, t-shirts, sneakers & denim! I usually keep my daily look classic, but always Ki-activate it up, when it’s showtime! The word “conservative” doesn’t exist for me, but sometimes you have to take a fashion bullet for the team. C’est La Vie…

TBB:What is the craziest task you ever had to do for one of Rosie’s clients?
LT: It had to be Season 1, episode 2. My band, THE KIKI TWINS did a last minute performance of our track, Step Touch, at a client’s baby shower! 
TBB: You have an established history in NY’s “Underground Scene.” How did THE KIKI TWINS start?LT: The Kiki Twins first started as a music experiment. AC & I wanted to start a group which incorporated both fashion and dance music, with a European flair.

TBB: Your music reminds me a bit of 80’s techno synth pop band Erasure, or maybe it’s just because AC, the other half of THE KIKI TWINS, reminds me so much of Vince Clark. Who are your influences?

LT: Erasure has definitely been an influence, as well as Pet Shop Boys, Mel & Kim, Amanda Lear, Jermaine Stewart, Kylie Minogue, & anything Disco and New Wave!

TBB: How often do you perform and how can people come see one of your performances?

LT:  For all things Kiki, Check out:

TBB: You have a flare for fashion and your own unique style. Have you any plans to launch your own line?LT:Never really thought about. But, I will continue to support other designers that push the design envelope.

Honestly, music is my passion and I plan to make it my focus. 

TBB:Thank you for talking with me today. Is there anything else you would like people to know?-Follow me on Twitter: @LTtheKIKI for updates on all things LT!

-Show some Kiki Love by purchasing THE KIKI TWINS music on iTunes:
-Look out for my single, Love Is Everywhere, out this fall. 

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