Jenn Zucher, TBB, Lori Zaslow
Jenn Zucher, TBB and Lori Zaslow

When Lori Zaslow and Jenn Zucher of Bravo’s Love Broker met me in a NYC coffee shop, the energy in the room completely shifted. There’s a light that seems to emanate from Lori and Jenn, one that they share and pass back and forth as they finish one anothers’ sentences. “Bestest” of friends, they are a united force in both business and fun. Always thinking business, the first thing Lori did, as I predicted, was spot my wedding ring, “Oh, she’s married, well there goes us setting her up.” What followed was like a whirlwind of a conversation that was short on focus and long on laughs. They at one point turned the Q & A on me, which is a testimony to how they get to know their many clients. Here’s some of what we talked about:

TBB: You both go way way way back. Tell me about your friendship.

LZ: We met when we were 8 at camp and were friends for a short time until Jenn got homesick and left me there. It was the days before Facebook and email so we didn’t keep in touch. Years later we were 22 and she recognized me at the gym. We’ve become the bestest of friends especially through our business. We always find out little things we have in common, like how for years we wore the same perfume and didn’t even know it!

JZ: I owe my marriage to Lori. Before we met I was sabotaging relationships. When I met my husband she was like a relationship counselor for me. Without her I probably would have sabotaged it with him too!
TBB: Prior to Project Soulmate, you had separate careers in two different industries, what made you join forces and the world of matchmaking?

JZ: I work in real estate and she was in job recruiting. What are the three most important things? Your job, your home, and significant other. Lori covered work, I covered home and now together we cover love.

LZ: Plus we enjoy it and are good at making matches. We set our own brothers up. Our mothers were so happy.

TBB: I have to admit that I still think of Fiddler on the Roof whenever I hear the term “match maker” but there seems to be a growing trend in professional match making. Why do you think?

LZ: People are not embarrassed to try to meet someone and in anyway they can. And I do think a lot has to do with The Millionaire Matchmaker being so popular.

JZ: People are busy, they don’t have the time to go out and meet someone. On the Net they don’t see people, so we see for them, we screen for what they are looking for. We cut out a lot of the work they would have to do.

TBB: What was the process that lead you to be on Love Broker, and were you Bravo fans before the show?

LZ: A casting agent scouted us, just like we scout people for our business, and said “You are the funniest people. You need to be on a show.” We had a lot of reservations about being on television, it was a back and forth for eight months. Then we connected with Andy (Cohen) over lunch he said, “You have a big personality, you should celebrate having a big personality.” That is when we got excited.
JZ: In the end we were excited to do the show because it was Bravo.
LZ: That and we knew it would help our business.
TBB: Your show originally launched in March, but then was pulled and relaunched a few weeks back. What happened?
JZ: It was the hardest TV night. We were up against shows like The Voice and The Bachelor.

TBB: How has the reaction been since the relaunch?

LZ: It’s been positive, I mean have you heard anything negative? I’m a mother and I don’t like to follow negativity. We’ve had a great reaction. Next week we have an interview with The Huffington Post and we are on NBC NY Live and .

JZ: We love !

TBB: How do you feel about all the comparisons between your show and Patti Stanger’s Millionaire Matchmaker?

LZ: There’s no comparison. There’s two of us, we are in NY, and we are in relationships. Nothing like Patti, though I do think she is very funny.

TBB: We’ve all seen Patti toss out difficult clients. What happens when you have a client who breaks your rules?

LZ: We don’t have rules.  We give our clients dating etiquette, but not rules.

TBB: You seem to work with only male clients. Why is that?


JZ: Men are more open to criticism from the opposite sex. It can be a bit trickier with women, but we are opening up a women’s division.

LZ:Yes, I too find men definitely more receptive to suggestions from the opposite sex. Like if you tell a man to change his eyebrows he’s all for it.

TBB: Some match makers get criticized if they are single. You are both married and have been for a while. Do you ever get people who say you can no longer relate to daters?

LZ: . Just because we are in a relationship doesn’t mean we aren’t good at what we do. Some people told us they hired us because they want what we have. We aren’t saying that a single match maker isn’t good at it either. It really shouldn’t make a difference.

JZ:I think it can be easier for the clients to open up to us knowing we aren’t interested at all in them.

LZ: I probably wouldn’t choose a dentist with bad teeth, but someone can find you love whether they are in a relationship or not.

JZ: Good analogy!

TBB: You both have 2 children. It’s a great balancing act to raise a family while running a business. What are your tips for working mothers?

LZ: Happy mom, happy child! If you love what you do everyone in your family will be happy. It helps that I have a business partner who is my one best friends. We are there for each other and there’s flexibility.

JZ: One of us can work late and let the other one go home. Lori, ONE of your best friends?

TBB: You two sound like a married couple yourselves!

JZ: We do. We need couples therapy. I once lost sleep because I thought she was upset with me.

LZ: I wasn’t upset with you.
TBB: In addition to your hectic schedules you both keep in very good shape. We’ve seen you workout on the show. What are your favorite stay fit foods?

LZ: I am the biggest eater you will ever meet!

JZ: We do love 100 cal packs!

LZ: Oh and we share everything, that helps!

TBB: I run a feature on Twitter called Looking Real Housewife Rich for Real Cheap. You’ve got any frugal fashionista advice you want to share?

JZ: H&M baby!

LZ: Target and  always combine something really nice and something not as special. For example wear that Target dress with some Jimmy Choos!

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