Gallery Girls Premiere is Picture Perfect

I had not planned on watching Gallery Girls before Monday’s premiere, but when a friend called me gushing about it I decided the sneak peak was worth it. So last Sunday, one day before Bravo’s newest show hit the mainstream, I settled down to watch while the twins napped. I was sucked in immediately. As a New Yorker, and someone who works in art education, there was much in this show I could relate to. The show has everything it needs to be a hit, specifically strong personalities, conflict, and the glitz and glamor of New York City.

The cast consists of seven young women struggling to make their mark in the cutthroat art world, where interning just might get you somewhere. Half the cast is Upper East Side where the art, and people are exclusive and refined. The other half of the cast is from Brooklyn, where everything is avant garde. Of course the two worlds mix about as well as oil and water. Here are my first impressions of the cast:

Amy Poliakoff– Amy is an Upper East Side (UES) girl who is not ashamed to admit that daddy supports her interning, and party, habits. She’s bubbly and full of compliments, and, according to some of her castmates, just generally full of it.

Liz Margulies– Also UES, Liz also has a wealthy father to back her up. She appears to use daddy’s clout as an avid collector to get ahead. She’s a sharp dresser with an even sharper tongue, one she uses to cut into the Brooklyn girls. I would not want to run into her with any lipstick stuck on my teeth, or toilet paper stuck to my shoe.

Maggie Schaffer- The final UES girl Maggie appears to straddle both worlds. A little more earthy than Amy and Liz, she can mix with the Brooklynites, and then run home to back stab them in Manhattan. She nervously twirls her hair as she dishes about their heavy lipstick and names that she can’t stand.

Kerri Lisa- She currently lives in Manhattan, but in the show Kerri is , thus far, neutral. She is new to the art world. Fresh into the scene, while working another job to support herself, she hasn’t formed any alliances or opinions, yet. As it stands she is the Gallery Girls equivalent of Switzerland.

Angela Pham- An Asian girl who came to Brooklyn NY from California’s OC, she clearly detests  anyone that reminds her of her former stomping grounds (ie: Liz). She is unabashedly narcissistic and brazen. She seems to be missing the proverbial filter and doesn’t care. She aspires to be a photographer and currently models. She’s the only one who isn’t looking to work in a gallery, at least that’s what I concluded.

Chantal Chadwick- Chantal owns a Brooklyn gallery slash clothing boutique with castmate Claudia. Originally from Georgia she still retains a hint of that Southern drawl. She takes red lips to a new level and has the stereotypical “too cool for school” attitude.

Claudia Martinez Reardon–  Chantal’s business partner, Claudia is more focused on making the most of her investment, err family’s investment, in their newly birthed gallery than being catty. Lighter on the lipstick but heavier on focus than her partners (a third owner, Lara, is a supporting cast member) Claudia is the mother hen of team Brooklyn.

The girls all brought something interesting to episode 1 and I am looking forward to seeing how their relationships develop as the season progresses. Gallery Girls has the characters and setting to be a great series. My friend who told me to watch said, “They are all such bitches.” Ooh, right up my alley. 


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