The Gr8 Bad D8 Deb8 !

I’ve teamed up with the fabulous Amy Laurent, matchmaker, Bravoleb, and author, to bring you a new contest! We’ve all had bad dates, but the good thing about bad dates is that they make great stories to tell our friends. Tell us your bad date story and you could win one of 5 autographed copies of Amy’s amazing hit book 8 Weeks to Everlasting.

Amy guides us through the first 8 crucial weeks of a new relationship. Her rules definitely work! These are the same ones I used when I met my husband, but, unlike me, you don’t have to figure it out on your own, because Amy will “hold your hand” every step of the way. Paired up already? Revert back to some of the first 8 week rules to add some spice into your love life.

From Monday August 27th to Friday August 31st, Amy and I will chose a winner a day to receive an autographed copy of 8 Weeks to Everlasting. Just leave your bad date story in the comment section below, then check back to see who the daily winner is. It’s that easy and FUN! We can’t wait to read your stories!

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22 thoughts on “The Gr8 Bad D8 Deb8 !

  1. Under-dressed, Unprepared, and UnrelentingAfter meeting and chatting with what I thought was a nice, hot guy at the gym, our first date a few days later began when he showed up 20 minutes late wearing a white tank top/undershirt (aka "wife beater"), holey shorts, and ratty flip flops. He then informed me that we needed to swing by the bank so he could cash his paycheck so we could go on our date. By the time we got to the bank (because he'd been late), it was closed. He then drove me to his parents' house so he could borrow money from them. Between meeting at the gym and the little bit of interaction to that point, I'd known this guy about an hour. And here I was getting the third degree from his mother while his dad went to his wallet to fund our date. I can't even remember where we went for dinner, but after that we went to shoot pool. He CRUSHED me. One game, he ran the table. Clearly, he was a good pool player, but he could have at least let me shoot a few times. He didn't need to let me win, but he could have at least let me play! On our way back to my house, he asked if I minded if he swung by the convenience store/gas station because he'd promised his roommate he'd pick up a back of cigarettes for him while he was out. I said I didn't care. It turned out to be a ploy to stop so he could buy me a single red, gas station rose. Ugh. He pulled up to my house and I was out of the car, closing the door, and bidding him farewell before he even had a chance to put the car in park. He called me the next day to tell me what a great time he had and how it was the best date he's had in a long time. Meanwhile, it was (and still is) my worst date ever. Needless to say, I didn't see him again.

  2. The guy I had just started seeing invited me to one of his close friend's party. I have never met the girl who was throwing the party but I decided it would be a fun time out. As soon as we get there everything seemed to go downhill. He paid all his attention to his friends, failing to introduce me numerous times. One of them even "accidently" bumped into me and spilled beer all over my jeans. I wanted nothing more than to get out of there as soon as possible. After i cleaned my self up, I went searching for him to tell him I wasn't feeling well and wanted to head home. Of course i find him on the couch with his arm around two more girls I was never introduced to before. I didn't even bother to say goodbye, I just got up and left. The next day he texted me asking where i went off to and asked to hang out again. I couldn't even respond I was so appalled by his behavior!

  3. I had been dating this guy in college for about 3 weeks. My friends and I had been wondering if he drank alcohol or not, since he had not been doing so on our dates, and he was of age. So, we decided to host a Mardi Gras-themed party, since it was the weekend that Mardi Gras was going on, and we were unable to make the drive to New Orleans. We had beer and a hunch punch as well as snacks. A few rounds of beer pong happened, and I noticed my date was drinking a lot and acting drunk. Suddenly, my date left the beer pong table, ran into the laundry room, and vomited in the washing machine. Everyone at the party was shocked and disgusted, since it was a relatively tame and small get-together. A few of my guy friends attempted to walk him home, but when they got to his door, his key was no where to be found. They let go of him for a second to look for the key and he tumbled down a large hill. Bruised and slightly bleeding, my guy friends brought my date back to our apartment, where he proceeded to pass out on my bathroom floor. The next day, he apologized briefly, said "he guessed he thought that the washing machine was a toilet", and we never went out again. I was horrified that mad that night, but my friends and I have gotten into so many fits of hysterical laughter from looking back and reminiscing about that night.

  4. As a first date rule, I never allow a guy to pick me up at my house (don't know of he's a stalker!) I agreed to meet my date at what I thought was his own apartment. As I walk through the door he says, "well, this is my girlfriends apartment!" I ran like hell out of that door and never looked back!!!!

  5. This guy that worked in the same building I do asked me out on a date. Being that I am a single mom, I had to line up a baby sitter so I could meet him on a Sunday afternoon. I got dressed up in a nice pair of white pants, black shirt, heels and was ready to go. He told me he had to work that afternoon and to meet me him at the office building. When I got there he came out wearing his work clothes and got into the passenger seat of my car! I was a little surprised, but asked him where we were going. He said that he didn't know and we could just start driving. I started driving and he suggested going by his aunt's house where his family was. As a first date, I didn't want to meet any of his family just yet. We drove around the city, wasting my gas, and I was getting more and more frustrated. We basically made a circle through the city we live in where we were at a stop light and he suggested going to Applebee's. Not that I find anything wrong with Applbee's, but I expect a little more from a first date. We went in and sat down and he told me he wasn't hungry. He had eaten before I picked him up! So I sat there eating my salad, wishing that I had never wasted a good outfit, a baby sitter, or my time on this date. The conversation was… lacking. He did pay for the meal, but had to ask me how to fill out the credit card slip. Mind you he was in his 40's. I'm in my early 30's. We drove back to the officer building and he sat in my car for oh…30 minutes before he gave me an akward hug before getting out of the car. Needless to say there was not a second date!

  6. Title: Some of the worst dates are the ones your friends encourage you to go on.By: Donna Abella J.So I absolutely adore my stylist. Shes an expert in giving my hair shine and playful moves. 😉 I truly appreciate her artistry and love her for it. Yet you know how they say you tell your stylist almost everything, well it wasn’t long before she drew out the topic on who I was dating. She genuinely asked many motherly questions about who was mostly on my mind. At the time I lived in LA and I told her I wasn’t taking dating seriously in LA as I truly felt my destiny was in NYC. She encouraged me to go on a blind date with a guy she felt I would be perfect for, another one of her clients. I thanked her profusely for the well-wishes but told her I really wanted to focus on making my dreams a reality in my new move to a new city and felt like going on a blind date with someone I don’t know and who lives in LA would just segue my chosen path. To her repeated friendly persistence I couldn’t say no to her, and thought who knows with that level of confidence she had in him maybe he might be a solid guy. So I respectfully agreed she could give my number to who she painted out to be a true gentleman. I decided a best first blind date would be one where I could make an easy escape if needed. So once he called I invited him to a complimentary Hawaiian and Tahitian Dance Celebration where my colleagues and I performed as Hawaiian/Tahitian dancers. We met right after the routine for drinks and my instincts immediately kicked in. First there was zero attraction on my part. I was surprised to see after all that time sitting in my stylists chair that she apparently didn’t know me that well. He wasn’t the dream guy she painted him out to be, and his personality proved to be far worse. Immediately he began gloating about his own real trips to Tahiti with real island dancers (even though there were many real island dancers from both Hawaii and Tahiti on our team) He then began to give me the spin on how he dislikes his family with a passion in particular about his sister that troubles him most..I kept trying to optimistically redirect him with words like no one is perfect and how forgiveness can make a great impact..yet each time he redirected himself to his own negative ways. I remember him being extremely cheap as he meticulated what he would agree to order (according to the stylist he was a high-level engineer making a nice career salary so money apparently wasn’t an issue) He repeatedly began to ask me many personal questions that were first date inappropriate ..use your imagination. I couldn’t exit sooner but when I did I was so happy the ordeal was over. Until my stylist called and said “How did the date go with “ so and so“ he wants to see you again!” Ha! ~ Trust your instincts Ladies! 😉

  7. My worst date had more twists than an M. Night Shyamalan movie.I went solo to a coworker's house party, and was really excited to strike up a conversation with a cute guy there. We exchanged numbers and a couple of days later he called to ask me out on a casual first date at a cafe. Fast forward to a few hours before the date – I get a text from him saying that he had gotten tickets to some art event for that evening and if I would like to go to that instead. No problem. We shared a common interest in art, and it was still plenty of time to get ready, so I thought the new plans were a great idea. He also mentioned that the event was an exclusive and fancy affair, so I should dress accordingly. My first clue that something was not right was when my date showed up to our meeting location in skinny jeans and a button-up – far more casual than he had led me to expect. He ended up taking me to the cafe we were initially going to, for "a bite to eat before the event". When we get there, he's restless and fidgety and only orders coffee. I joke about how differently we're dressed and he replies with a very puzzling "No, that's right." After an awkward ten minutes with a coffee and sandwich between us, he gets very excited and starts waving to someone — he had apparently invited his ex-girlfriend to join us with no mention of this to me. After 15 minutes, which I felt was more than polite, I made an excuse about feeling sick and went home. It was clear that he was just using me to make his ex jealous, and concocted an excuse for me to get dolled up. I ended up eating Domino's in my dress and strappy heels that night, pissed that I'd wasted so much time on this loser, but delighted with the cheesy bread.In one last cringe-inducing twist, his ex-girlfriend started working at my company a couple of weeks after that. She left a couple of months later, and fortunately we didn't have to work together – but the three elevator rides we shared were the most wretched minutes of my life.

  8. Worst date!His name was Chris, he was my high school crush, he was also my biggest heartbreak before the death of my fiancee. We had always flirted and played back and fourth, so when he asked me out I was beyond thrilled. I went to get my hair done and spent some money on a new dress and heels, I got dressed, and waited for him to pick me up in his covertible Mustag, well at 6 I get a call, he gives me the famous Marsha Brady line "Something suddenly came up!" With that my heart sank, my hair fell, and my dress looked like a dime store second hand frock. I wanted to cry, but I didn't, I chose to call a few girlfriends and we went out. Chris and I were supposed to go to a local bar and have drinks then dinner, so my gf's and I went. Who do we see as we walk in, Chris and the town harlet, he looked up and his face went white, he walked over and asked me to leave, I said hmmmmm nope. My gf's and I went to our table, sat down and got treated like VIPS. We danced we drank and we had a great time. I noticed half way though my fun that Chris and his harlet were having a heated discussion,every once in awhile he would point over at my direction. SO I finally took a break from dancing went to the ladies room, who follows me, she does. Joy I am having fun and she thinks she is going to ruin this for me, not a chance. She asks me to be a lady and leave, I said stop being a harlet and you leave, since your the one on my date. she said NO. NO shock, right?!? I puffed my hair and my dress and put on lipgloss and walked out! She follows me again, I stop and talk to the bouncer who is a friend of mine. He said he would have my back if anything happened. Well about 20 minutes later, I get a tap on the shoulder, and I turn around expecting to see him, well it wasn't him. It was James, my hero in life. James is 6'5'' 195 dark hair and green eyes, he said Tony called him and said I needed help. SO James strolls in dressed to impress with a suit and tie and smells good so damn good. What was a horrible night ended on a great night. I danced with a fabulous man, who catered to me and my desires. James and I started dating a few months after that. To this day I know the phrases to say to make James feel like a 25 year old, make him remember our youth, and our fun. It is funny how Facebook works out sometimes, we have become friends again, and we are both single. He is moving back to his hometown in a few months and so am I. We both have expressed desire to have dinner again, and we are both single. So who knows what will happen all I know if my crush hadn't had hurt me, James would never have gotten what he did! And I would have spent the night crying in my pillow at home!

  9. My Story was more of a humiliating moment for myself, rather than him. I want to preface by saying that I am not the type of woman to fart or poop in the company of a man, no matter how comfortable I may be. I will deny, deny. With that Being said, I spent 2002 New Year's Eve with My Boyfriend at the Time. He was Preparing a Romantic dinner for Two. In Preparation, I bought myself New Sexy undergarments, and a Sexy Top. I was Feeling Great. I arrived at His home, was late as Usual, and was unpleasantly surprised with the dinner menu; fresh mozzarella appetizers, and Fresh Raviolis. As Much as I love the two stated, I am lactose Intolerant. I didn't say anything, and hoped for the best. I also ate like I was going to the chair. About an hour after the dinner, and Second glass of wine in, I started to get gas pains. I needed to in plain english, fart. I was holding it in so tightly, that I started to sweat. I excused myself to his bathroom, which began to make me sweat more. Well, I had what a moment in that bathroom. It was not that quiet, you can flush while you are going kind of a thing. It was mortifying. He would come to the door and ask how I was feeling. I wanted to climb out of the bathroom window. I opened the window, to air out the bathroom, started to get myself together, sprayed febreeze, and noticed that I clogged the bowl. I then had to call him into the bathroom, and have him plunge. He didn't embarass me. He can see how embarassed I was and immediately made me feel comfortable, by giving me ginger ale and Italian Bread. I am Proud to today he is my husband, and we call that date, the "Cockie date" .. I gave new meaning to bomb dropping for the New Year!!

  10. I dated someone about ten years ago who had a stalker but didn't tell me about her. We met for dinner at night and when I came out to my car, a big rock was thrown through my back window. It was raining really hard too. His stalker then started to come after me to get me out of the way. It was very scary and thank goodness it's behind me but it taught me to really be careful when you date because you never know who has unresolved relationships that could become stalkers and they could come after you.

  11. The Worst First-Date I Have Ever Been OnI was heartbroken over the guy who got away in College. After a year of sulking I decided to be somewhat more proactive so I joined an online dating site.On paper, David* sounded great. This guy had just graduated from a Big 10 University which was great because I had just graduated from a Big 12 University; So we had very similar college experiences. David was studying for the LSAT to get into Law School which was perfect because I was studying for the MCAT to get into medical school. Finally I thought to myself, a guy who would understand my busy study schedule. Additionally, David was under the age of 30, and did not seem in a huge rush to get married, both of which were new requirements after almost everyone I met on match was over the age of 30 and/or wanted to get married yesterday. Furthermore, Brian went to a rival high school of mine, so on the surface we had a lot in common. We met up for drinks at a local bar. I had a beer and one of the fruity drinks on special.Overall, David was an ok guy. We had ok conversation. But I knew after one night we would not make it because we had such different views about religion and politics which are very important to me as well. Also, David was very fixated on the fact that I competed in a Miss America qualifying pageant. He kept saying things like “oh my friends are going to be so jealous that I’m on a date with a beauty queen.” I don’t know, it was something about the way he said that that really turned me off. Like I was a trophy only valued because of my beauty, of which I did nothing to earn. But it was towards the end of the night when things went from bad to worse. It all started when we were getting ready to wrap up and David asked me if I would come over to “his place” except by “his place” he really meant “his parent’s place” because Brian was living at home. Hmm, no thank you. Then the real kicker was when the bill came, I had already excused myself to go to a bathroom and when I came back he was standing next to the check and asked me, “how do you want to do this?” To which the only response I could say was “well we can just split it.” To which he said, “alright!” Soo tacky! I think my half of the bill was $10, including a generous tip. Never mind that on the whole date he kept making references to how much money he was making and how much his new car cost. Yet he could not afford to treat me to a couple of drinks that he invited me to enjoy.At first I thought he was annoyed that I wouldn’t come over and just wanted to stick it to me. But then he texted me a few days later asking to hang out again. So it turns out he’s just cheap. All in all, a perfect ending to the worst date ever and I never saw David again.If you are interested you can read about more of my adventures in dating here:*name changed

  12. No wonder you married him, he sounds like a keeper! At least your bad date turned into a good one and also a winner. Please email Tara at with your full name and address so that we can send you your autographed copy of 8 Weeks to Everlasting.

  13. Before I met my wonderful husband I had far more than my fair share of bad dates! But there was one that took the cake, he didn't pay for it, but he took it.I met a fut through a mutual friend and he asked me to the movies… well to start he informed me id have to drive since his car was not running. He forgot to mention it wasn't running because he got a DUI.The first thing I noticed after picking him up was he had his digital camera, on a leash, around his neck. He took a picture of me, my car, the freeway… documenting our start together? I couldn't have guessed.We got to the mall and at the ticket counter he, very dramatically, told everyone around he forgot his wallet. I don't like public attention drawn to me, I've always been quite the wall flower, so I quietly paid for our tickets and rushed inside. But wouldn't you know it, he was dying for popcorn and a drink, so I paid for those while he snapped more pictures of our every movement.It was like watching a movie with a ten year boy, and it didn't help he chose for us to see Fast and the Furious Tokyo Drift. He bounced in his seat, which creaked and drew more attention our way. Shockingly he did stop snapping photos during the movie, but did snap one after the credits began to roll. He then looked at me serious as death and said, "I'm quite the shutterfly, aren't I?" I didn't say much as I drove him home, I just kept reminding myself I never had to see him again. Upon arrival at his house (or his parents house, depends in who you ask) he asked me to take a few more pictures with him. After a couple shots he looked at me and began to usu over our "chemistry" (maybe girls usually turn and run?) And proceeded to ask my to be his steady girlfriend. Well, to start I thought, "who says steady?" Then I realized I should hold back the laughter that was threatening to escape. I told him I would think about it and let him know. (I didn't want the pictures on his camera to be the last images of me alive….) As I drove away, quickly, I noticed he was snapping away on his camera… I hope he enjoyed the pictures he got since I immediately resaved his phone number under "DO NOT ANSWER" and never saw or spoke to him again. It was close to a decade ago, but I will never forget the date with the broke, tideless, "shutterfly".

  14. Perhaps, had I known Amy's rules earlier, I would not have had this horrible date. At the time I chalked it up to bad luck, but now I wonder if disaster could have been avoided if I only knew to make better choices…A few years ago, not long after I graduated college, I went home to visit for a couple of months before starting my new job across the country. One day, at one of the thousands of Starbucks that had sprung up since I'd been away, I ran into the boy I'd had a massive crush on in senior year of high school. He was still just as cute as I remembered, and lucky for me, just as single. We chatted briefly as I had to run, but promised to catch up again before I left. Back when we were in high school, we were friendly acquaintances that had gone to some of the same parties and worked on a couple of projects together, though nothing romantic came of it. We didn't keep in touch after I moved for college, and I thought "Amazing – we have a second chance now!"Perhaps at this time that I broke the first of Amy's rules, my fate of a bad date was cemented. Over-stimulated from this serendipitous meeting in my sleepy, boring hometown, I decided… to contact him first. Over the next few days, we texted back and forth and tried to figure out a time to meet up, which led me to break another of Amy's rules… He asked me if I wanted to come over to his house for dinner the same day, and I said yes. I made excuses for my over-eager behaviour: we'd been friends long ago, it was hard to find a common free spot in our schedules, spontaneity was fun, a guy cooking for you is romantic, etc. etc. I would have no idea of the consequences of my actions until he came to pick me up a few hours later. As we drove towards his home, there was an odd feeling of familiarity. With each intersection, I felt more and more sure that I knew this route — and I did. We were going to his old house. He still lived at home with his parents. Not one to be judgmental, I figured it was probably hard to find an affordable place in this economy. When we entered the house, however, no more excuses could be made. We were greeted by his mother, who had not only made the dinner, but would be joining us for it. All the feelings of being an awkward teenager going through puberty came back to me, and I felt like a little kid as I sat on one side of the table, and my old crush and his mother on the other. Because I had met her before when doing school projects, I didn't know what else to call her but "Mrs. Crush'sLastName" and for the next two hours, I was on my rigid best behaviour while making small talk about what I was doing now and how my parents were and wasn't it a fine summer we were having. Now perhaps I could have gotten past this and agreed to another date, but I decided to close that door forever when halfway through dessert, still in full presence of his mother, my crush tries to play footsie with me under the table.

  15. When you truly want to date with a purpose… your entourage need not apply.Lets say you find the guy of your dreams. You met him at a fun non-profit organization. Chemistry was great. He wants to see you again. He invites you to join him for a night on the town. You happily get ready, throw on a sexy red dress paired with your fave hot stilettos (He’s Tall). You’re excited to see him. After a sweet greeting, he leads you somewhere, three guesses where your first date might be: Dinner? Movies? A Play? Not a chance. Your dream date has just taken you to a free liquor sponsored event, with scattered plates of cashews, cookies and chips as a meal…with open bar and drinks continuously flowing. Your heart sinks a bit, yet his smile continues to beam. They had his fave: “New Castle Beer”..he says.Almost immediately, here comes a familiar couple. Who could they be? Oh its one of his female drinking buddies and her on again off again boyfriend. He makes the introduction and her boyfriend begins chatting it up profusely with liquored comments like: “hey I remember you, we used to be lovers” (I had never seen this man up until that moment in my life). So how does the dream date respond..he laughs, but keeps a close eye on you. The female friend wants to get to know you..but first she insists we must get red wine..her favorite, she says. As we wait for the bartender to pour our free drinks the female friend gives me what first appears to be a compliment yet later it becomes clear its only stated to fish for information. She looks intensely at me and says “You guys make a beautiful should get married” She waits for my reaction…I smile. Not the response she wants. So she leaves me there so she can attend to her picture taking portion of the night but shes not gone for long!She rejoins us, shows my dreamdate a series of photos she just took with her ever-present camera and says “Look Micky…Models..there are so many models!..I can introduce you”. He turns to me quickly and secretly explains “she is a much older woman so she has become accustomed to playing the wing girl for me” I wanted to say “Really how often? And always while you are on a date with someone else?” Yet, before I could get a chance we are suddenly interrupted by the wing girl with an introduction to another woman. The lady kindly spoke mostly to me and asked to exchange numbers with me for future events…so as she spoke her number…the ever dimming dream date has now just repeated her number back to her…yes he memorized it to everyones surprise. A bit later he pulls me aside and tells me one of his friends has just informed him she is a “Petri Dish.” Apparently code for a woman who has numerously slept around like the inner workings of a petri dish in a lab experiment. “Don’t worry..I wont be calling her” he says to me. By now I’m ready to finally react but recognize the losing battle and take the high road instead. In due time, I remove myself from the drinking buddies to a brand new destiny without glancing back. I chalk up the experience as a lesson learned with the realization that neither of these people are worthy of my time & energy. I also learned its best to get somewhat of an itinerary before agreeing to go on a date while also knowing your potential date a bit more through phone conversations so you have a better feel for who you’re dealing with. This way its up to you to decide if you want to waste your night drinking with strangers who really could care less about you.

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