A Tale of Two Rosies: Part 2

Last week, after dragging our flip flopped heels all summer we decided to bite the bullet and take the twins to the beach. It’s not that we were lazy, it’s that last year we tried and failed miserably and the memories of a stroller that wouldn’t push through sand,  two heavy baby seats, a dog that wouldn’t stop pulling on his leash, and a tent that wouldn’t pitch, haunted our every desire to take another stab at it. However, we finally had  a little hope and faith in the notion that our children now walk, our new stroller is all terrain, and our dog is happier with his own kind in dog camp. One condition I had was that we spend the night, one condition my husband had was that we not drive too far, so we compromised and found a motel close to the beach in Point Pleasant NJ that was willing to book us for one and only one evening.

Another little deal the hubs and I made was that I would take the day off from being TheBravoBitch. I didn’t mind, I needed a break, and so, except for live tweeting The Real Housewives of New Jersey I planned to stay off of Twitter and not check my email. I was going to eat lots of crappy food, wiggle  my toes in the sand, and soak in the joy on my babies’ faces as they experienced their first sandcastles and amusement park rides.
We got there fairly quickly and the sun was shining. We were a few hours early for check in so we got our parking pass, loaded up the all terrain jogging stroller and hauled ass to the boardwalk. After a lunch of fine Jersey Shore pizza and a visit to the aquarium it was time to go for it. I was as ready as I’d ever be to accomplish the unthinkable. I had sand toys, towels, a blanket, sunblock, I was like a Girl Scout in a bikini! I let hubby take the lead because a smart woman knows if she lets her man choose the right beach location she makes it far more difficult for him to complain about it.
We ended up several entrances away from our motel, many feet from the boardwalk in a random clearing that was far enough from garbage cans, but close enough to others to drive them nuts if our kids misbehaved. It was a crowded day, we did the best we could. After I unpacked I looked around to see exactly who my children would end up annoying. Immediately on my left napped a woman in a sand chair. She had a white bandanna, a pretty cross necklace, and a very, very ,very familiar face. A familiar face I had met before, only this time much tanner. Suddenly I knew this would not be the right day for me to take off.
“That’s Real Housewives of New Jersey Rosie,” I said to the mister through gritted teeth. I didn’t want to wake her or draw attention to her, or us for that matter. “No it’s not,” he said, always the doubter. “I’m telling you it is. I’ve met her before.” Soon the woman awoke and I heard her familiar voice, and indeed it was Rosie Pierri, favorite aunt and sister of Kathy Wakile on the popular Bravo series.
“Rosie,” I said trying to be as quiet as one can be on a beach, “Tara from TheBravoBitch. We’ve met  before.” “Yes,” she replied, “I thought you looked familiar.” From there we chatted a bit here and there, and she watched quite surprised at how twin toddler A, to my humiliation, was munching on sand, no matter how hard I tried to stop him. “Don’t eat that, dirty, ca ca,”she told him.  I really think she was impressed by his sand eating skills, OK, I lie, it was disgusting, but at least she won’t forget him anytime soon.
I really was hesitant to ask for a picture. I wanted one to share with you all, and to prove that I wasn’t making it up. Considering all the shore points and places to sit in NJ, the chances I end up right next to a Bravoleb are pretty slim, but, I wouldn’t want someone to ask me for a picture on the beach in my bathing suit and I try to live a do unto others type of life. We were packing to return to the motel and I was ready  to say goodbye and leave sans picture when a fan walked over with her family and asked for one. Well, that was my lead and so, my dear friends, I got a picture with Rosie on the beach, as well as a little more time to get to know her. Most importantly, though I got to see my kids play in, OK eat, the sand for the first time. And that, is more precious than any encounter I could ever have.

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