Fashion’s Night Out 2012

Manhattan was bursting with energy last night during the fourth annual Fashion’s Night Out. FNO is an evening of shopping events and celebrity appearances that started in New York as a way to boost consumer spirit during the economic downturn that hit the industry hard in 2008. It has since become a yearly event that has spread all over the country and even overseas.

Heather Thomson checks
 out my YT gear.

I had never attended FNO. Quite frankly prior to TheBravoBitch I made every excuse not to venture into NYC. Now in an effort to chase a story I never seem to be too tired, too busy, or too strung up for cash to hit the town. My new found wanderlust meant this was a better time than any to lose my FNO virginity, so I made a decision to go and found a willing participant  (my friend and unofficial TBB photographer, Melissa). But where to go? The FNO website was overwhelming, so I put out some feelers. Many of my contacts were out of town on business or at fashion events in other cities, bummer, however my Yummiest Housewife friend, Heather Thomson, was not only in town, she was making an appearance. “Come to Bloomingdale’s! I’ll be there!” Heather said and so I decided that’s where my night would begin.

Melissa & Heather

I took the train in on my own and decided to walk the twenty blocks to 59th and 3d, as I often find it takes a long time to get a taxi in the evening and I was pressed for time. This would prove to be a big mistake. I usually wear sensible shoes and carry my heels in my purse, but being this was the pinnacle of Fashion Week nothing but my most fabulous accessories would do. So I made that long walk in platform heels as my Chanel purse was too tiny to carry friendlier footwear. Throw in the humidity and my perfectly smoothed straight do become a sopping unruly don’t. So hot me, upon entering Bloomingdale’s was a hot mess. My hair went into a pony and I prayed that my back didn’t show all the perspiration trapped under my favorite Yummie Tummie tank.

Pam Fink of Good Charma

Heather, as always, was glowing and people gathered around to chat with her and have their pictures taken as they sipped wine which was being passed around by servers with handheld trays. Always gracious, she spoke to old and young, really young as she knelt down to admire a baby in a carriage. In the crowd was Heather’s closest friend jewelry designer Pam Fink whose line of charming trinkets, Good Charma ,has become my new favorite way to adorn myself. As Pam and I talked Heather’s husband, Jonathan Schindler arrived and I was able to meet him as well. Before I left Heather and I caught up with a quick chat and took a couple of pictures. If you haven’t noticed she is a master in front of the camera. She shared with me that Beyonce taught her how to pose, and gave Melissa and I a quick lesson.

Albie Manzo

I hadn’t had time to shop, but we needed to make our next stop. Sales go on late, but the stars fade out early. We had already missed Jill Zarin and Kim Kardashian at Lord and Taylor, but I didn’t mind, because Macy’s was hosting Albie Manzo and BLK Water! This was a double score as I not only wanted to meet the eldest Manzo offspring, but I had been very curious to try the elusive drink I had yet to see at any of my local stores.

We arrived at Macy’s too late to catch Bethenny Frankel and Scott Disick, but  luckily at the beginning of the BLK event and were among the first in line. Albie was stylish in a sports jacket and jeans. Melissa and I were given our bottles of BLK and led over to talk with it’s proprietor. I introduced myself and my mission to finally try the much talked about Dark Side of water. “Try it now I want to see what you think,” Albie said. I was a bit scared, as I have a very weak gag reflex and if I didn’t like the way it tasted it would have been difficult for me to pretend I did. Fortunately it tasted just like water. Thrilled we were satisfied with the product Albie talked with us for a couple of minutes and I told him to tell his mother (Caroline Manzo) that I am looking forward to meeting her at Sparkle Speaks, an Autism Speaks charity dinner, on the 20th.

Dancin’ in the streets…

Two floors below BLK there was an enormous crowd. At the front of the excited mass was none other than designer Michael Kors. He was spinning what appeared to be a prize wheel. We took a peek and then headed outside where a DJ was set up in the middle of  the street. People were dancing and partying like they were in a club. We decided to grab another cab though in hopes of catching Lisa Vanderpump at Loehmann’s.

In the end, it’s not about who you 
 meet, but what you buy!

 One long and pricey cab ride later we made it to…the WRONG Loehmann’s. The FNO website listed two and both had identical event listings. Oh well, at this point, though well hydrated thanks to our BLK waters, we were famished and thankful that at least our cab ride led to good pizza. After that we headed back to Bloomies where, blinded by the spirit of Fashion Week and the pain in my feet, I succumbed to a new pair of brown suede Tory Burch flats, sold to me by Leta who deserves a shout out for working the long hours of FNO! It’s people like her that truly make Fashion’s Night Out September’s annual It night!


3 thoughts on “Fashion’s Night Out 2012

  1. Looks and sounds like you had a great time. Thank you for writing about your experience and Thanks to Melissa for all the picture's it Tops off the wonderful writings of TBB and makes me feel like I was with you. Really Enjoyable!

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