Teresa, Take Two

Teresa brings her “kitchen” with her.

The first time I met Teresa Giudice was in May at her Fabulicious Fast and Fit booksigning. I had just launched TheBravoBitch and, other than a Bethenny Frankel booksigning a year before, it was my first blog related Bravoleb encounter. I was anxious, awkward, and unsure exactly what to say. Fast forward four months and many Reality Star events and interviews later, and my second go was  a completely different animal.

Teresa’s latest appearance was at a local annual Italian Fest. She was roped off in a section that required a $2 donation to the local Sons of Italy to gain entry. There were a few other famous personalities there too, but being they weren’t from Bravo I wasn’t really familliar with them. However I will say the men were friendly and very handsome. I felt they, too, knew that Teresa was the main attraction. One of them even went up to her and asked if he could have his picture taken with her later on.

Standing in a set created to resemble a kitchen, Teresa looked adorable in a glittery top, black blazer, and long ponytail. She had her latest book on hand and was flanked by bottles of Fabellini and Milana Hair Care  and Milania  herself, who was cute as can be, but not exactly thrilled to be there. As a mother I have been there, but Teresa kept her cool. She also had Audriana with her who ended up in one of our pictures. On hand was also Joe, her husband, and her mother who we spotted proudly looking on.

Can you spot me? And guess who that is up front…

The crowd was very excited to see her, and as I had witnessed before, she appreciates her fans, especially the ones who bring their babies to her. She loves to coo at the little ones.

This time around I had my website to back me up and so, once I had cleared with her handlers that TBB is not a slanderous gossip site I got my second chance to make an impression on her. She was gracious and kind, though she didn’t remember me. We spoke about her wine, my site, and the loss of Lynn Hudson who she feels was a very important figure in Reality Television blogging.

I then asked her to sum up her feelings about Real Housewives of New Jersey  season IV in one sentence. “It was heartbreaking, friendships fell apart, and I guess blood is not thicker than water.”  Sounds about right to me.


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