CONTEST: September Smiles!

There are so many reasons to smile, but none more than helping others! Smile Train is a charity dedicated to helping children smile around the world by providing cleft and palate repair for those that can’t afford it. The SS Collection is designed with this mission in mind. Designer Amber Sylva’s rings allow you the chance to Bling For Kids by providing a portion of proceeds to Smile Train.
We are giving you a chance to win one of  Peggy Tanous’s exclusively designed rings from the collection. The “Hope” for Post Partum Depression Awareness ring is designed with Swarovski crystals in TBB’s favorite color, green!

To enter the contest  comment on makes you smile below OR click this link:  The SS Collection on Facebook , like the page, and comment on what makes YOU smile. Make sure you mention in your entry. Our winner will be chosen and announced on October 1st 2012!

Remember the holidays are coming and The SS Collection “Bling” makes a fabulous gift. Join the stars of Reality Television and Bling for Kids! 

*Follow The SS Collection on Twitter @TheSSCollection

*Contest runs from September 10, 2012 to midnight September 30, 2012. Prize is one “Hope” for Post Partum Depression ring by RHOC star Peggy Tanous. Prize is valued at $30 US  and is not redeemable for cash value. Purchase is not necessary for entry and will not increase odds of winning.


12 thoughts on “CONTEST: September Smiles!

  1. Giving to others makes me smile! Nothing warms my heart more than finding something (big or small) that I KNOW someone will love and surprising them with it! And, MOST days my kiddos & hubby make me smile. 😉

  2. Thanks for the link to this page What makes me smile is my 4 year-old nephew, soon to be 5 (he reminds me every time he sees me). He says the funniest and sweetest things. I love our relationship, and I know it'll change as he gets older, but for now I eat it up with joy.

  3. Keri DeVitoOld People in Love, Blue Skies, Rainbows after a Storm, butterflies, Tomorrows, Wrap Around Porches, Cup of Coffee, Funny People, Children's Laughter, Kindness, Sincerity, Love, Coincidences, Second Chances… All Make Me Smile ( :

  4. My husband makes me smile everyday because he is trying to teach our little Havanese to say "I love you" which neither even sound like I love you. It is so cute how much time he has invested in it all because I seen a youtube video where a dog did it. Thank you for letting me do this. You can find me @fluff_fluff94 on twitter. Smile everyone!

  5. Many things make me smile everyday. Children make me smile. It makes my heart feel good when I see a child smile. My family makes me smile. We are blessed. Every day makes me smile. The Bravo Bitch, Lynda Erkiletian ‏@THERealLyndaDC, Sheri Morgan and many Twitter friends make me smile. Smelling roses makes me smile, I plant many 🙂 You can find me @hollywoodcomic on Twitter. Smile everyday!

  6. My name is @charsmith73. My beautiful Siberian Husky Misha makes keep smile. She never lets me get down and is always by my side. Also helping others through struggles that I have been through really makes me smile. I hope to have a non profit organisation one day to help others like me living with fibromyalgia to start a business from home.@charmedbychar is my new jewelry line that makes me happyThank you @thebravobitch

  7. my name is Marlene my twitter is @marleneluvzray and this organization makes me smile I was born with cleft lip and palate and when I was little there was none of this help available I didnt get finished with repairs until I was 21 and even still need a few repairs but my insurance does not cover it now says its cosmetic anyhow that's a whole other issue I had a very hard childhood but I am happy to know that children today have this blessEd opportunity for them and hopefully will never have to endure cruel remarks from insensitive people like I did.

  8. My 3 year-old son's voice. He has delayed development and every time he says a new word, I grin from ear to ear. The struggle that every parent goes through is nothing compared to the struggle that their child encompasses. We communicate through each smile, irregardless of language. Thank you,

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