Notes on a Housewife

Aviva Drescher sits in a dimly lit NYC espresso bar. She is wearing head to toe black with gold accents that play off of her long wavy golden locks. She sips wine and shares a cheese plate with her blond companion. Sounds like a scene from Real Housewives of New York except the other blond is not Ramona Singer or Sonja Morgan. The second blond is actually me, and though sitting across from Aviva in Manhattan’s Italian eatery, Bottega Del Vino makes me feel slightly like one of the Housewives, there’s no drama this afternoon.

Let me rewind to how I got to this  moment. Notoriously one of the most responsive HW’s on Twitter my friendship with Aviva began with a few tweets, that turned into some direct messages and then emails and an interview. Since I interviewed her we began talking about our children and our lives, always checking in to see how one another was doing. Naturally we knew we had to meet so over a month ago she suggested we have coffee and though we had to flip through the calendar to find a day that we both were available we set it for September 27th and talked about it frequently so that neither one of us could forget.

Being that she lives in the city and I only visit, I let Aviva choose the venue. Knowing she recently celebrated a birthday, which she may not be happy I am sharing, I ordered her a special token of  my friendship, a bracelet  made by RHONJ matriarch Nettie Laurita. Here’s the thing about Aviva Drescher, despite requesting a red carpet and banner on TV, a comment she feels came out sounding  more serious than the sarcastic manner she intended, she doesn’t really like anyone making a big deal about her birthday or her for that matter. “I don’t like to get gifts or have a party.” She told me when I asked about her birthday plans. “I don’t like having all of the attention on me.”

Ready with her belated birthday gift I wait for Aviva outside of BDL. As she walks toward  me she is unmistakable. Five foot nine in very high Chanel heels that boost her to at least 6 feet and supermodel slim, to say she stands out in a crowd would be putting it mildly.We greet one another as if we are old friends and as we approach the door she ironically bumps into an old friend from high school. Very well mannered, she introduces me right away and he shares with me that she once bought him a fake Rolex watch on the street when they were 15. “I thought it was real,” he jokes.

Inside we are shown to a cozy table. “Take the booth,” she insists, “you’ve been sitting on the train, you deserve the cushions.” I present her with my gift and she is touched and beyond grateful, putting it on her wrist right away. She orders a glass of white wine and an iced tea and I order a cappuccino. “Are you hungry?” she asks. “How about a cheese platter with pepperoni? Wait, you don’t eat pepperoni, ” she says remembering I’m a vegetarian, “but olives, do you like olives? We will have a cheese plate with olives,” she tells the waiter.A few seconds later she is spotted by a friend who jokingly refers to her as “the celebrity,” and again, being very well mannered she introduces me a second time.

Almost immediately Aviva is asking me questions. She wants to know my whole story, “How did you get here?’ she asks with the curiosity of an enthusiastic child. She hangs on my every word and insists she is “fascinated” even though I feel I’m even boring myself after a while. She periodically checks that I’m eating, “Did you have enough?” she asks. When I insist that she take the last piece of cheese she is hesitant, “No really, I’m full, I eat small lunches,” I say. She states how she loves to eat and finishes that last piece.

We talk about everything under the sun and I share some pictures of  my kids in their new Halloween costumes. “We had that one year, I may have gotten it from The Children’s Place,”  she says when I tell her I found them at  Pottery Barn Kids. The conversation lasts two hours, and suddenly Bottega is dimming the lights and putting out candles for the dinner crowd. Reid calls on her cellphone to firm up their evening plans. “I’m with TheBravoBitch” she tells him, “He says he loves TheBravoBitch,” she reports back to me.

At this point it’s getting late and I have to get home. She insists on treating and then we head outside for a picture. I’m five foot seven and in flats, I literally look twelve years old in the photo. “I didn’t wear my first pair of heels until I was 26, so I always wear them now,” she says. We say our goodbyes and part ways for the evening. And though she may be a Real Housewife, when it comes down to it Aviva Drescher is a down to earth real woman who shops at The Children’s Place and Bed Bath & Beyond, where she met her husband. Even if she does wear Chanel shoes, which I point out are lovely and she quips back, “Ebay!”


32 thoughts on “Notes on a Housewife

  1. Tara,Another lovely article on Aviva. Her behavior in St. Barths cause quite the Twitter explosion (aka attack) on one of New York's newest housewives. Being a self-proclaimed Aviva fan, I was taken aback at the commentary(much of it nasty) that I was reading, prior to viewing the episode causing said uproar. This is the downside of being on the West Coast & hanging out on Twitter with the East Coast folks. Can we say "spoiler-alert?" LOL.Upon viewing the episode, I found myself cringing a bit at the "banner" comment as well as her verbalizing that she expected a party. After your article, I see that what she had intended as sarcasm was lost on me, as it was every other viewer, although nobody denies that she was definitely upset.I'm still a fan and for the same reasons I'd stated prior. I LOVE that she took the time to respond to my personal message regarding panic/anxiety disorder. I LOVE that she has developed a friendship with you, just another fellow mom/fan/blogger from Twitter who takes strides to keep her commentary unbiased and clean but relevant and is still a hoot to read.Aviva has qualities that I admire in a fellow human being. She is a wonderful mother, her marriage and bond with her husband appears strong and true, she works, parents, maintains a role on the show, is dedicated to charity but still finds the time to respond to fans. She is brave to jump in the middle of a Twitter frenzy when people can be less than kind.I think Aviva Drescher is a class act. I'm so excited for you to have had the opportunity to sit down with her for what resulted in an entire afternoon where she showed genuine interest in her new friend, TBB. How many housewives would have done that AND not for the purposes of promoting a product, position on an issue or cause? NOT. MANY.As always, a lovely piece. What a great day to be The Bravo Bitch!Pam Emerzian @its_MrsEP.S. for those who haven't checked out her family photos, they're amazing:

  2. It was so nice to finally meet you Tara!! You are an amazing wife, mom and talented writer. Your passion and drive is inspiring. Thank you for the beautiful and meaningful bracelet. It will always be piece that brings back memories of this very wild time… It is stunning. Thank you for such a lovely article. It is so interesting to see your perceptions!!! I should have ordered more food! Love,Aviva Drescher

  3. I loved Aviva this season but you managed to make her even more endearing. Thank you for sharing the story of your new friendship!! You both look beautiful. @rottenbraten P.S. how can I order one of Nettie's bracelets?

  4. Not buying it. Anyone is capable of being lovely for two hours. You were being manipulated as is TEB2350 who seems like an incredibly intelligent, astute woman. Yet she thinks because this Bravolebrity tweets her and because she spent a few minutes with her at a publicity event that they are "friends." No, Aviva Drescher is not your friend. She is a smart cookie who is trying to repair her image. I'll bet you could spend two hours with Caroline Manzo and come out of it writing about how she is so warm and genuine and maligned by the twitterverse. Starstruck much?

  5. I hesitated publishing your comment because it is not only negative but borderline nasty. However, you have the right to your opinion and I wanted to clarify two points:1. I am not starstruck, I take my writing very seriously. I chose to journal reality television because I enjoy it and live in an area where I have access to a lot of related events. I have been fortunate to meet some very nice people. If I didn't think so I would interview and then walk away.2.Aviva and I talk almost daily, have one anothers' phone numbers, and plans to get our families together. We cheer eachother's successes and mourn eachother's failures. What is your definition of friend?

  6. Tara- don't sweat this person. They think they know our relationship with Aviva and clearly they have no idea. They assume we only have had brief interactions with her when you and I both know that's not the case. Signed, TEB2350

  7. Your writing skills are excellent but I am going to stop reading your blog because I don't agree with you about the last couple housewives you have interviewed & feel you have been manipulated so you will write nice things about them.

  8. Thank you for the compliment. I'm sorry you feel that way. I base my stories on what I see hear and experience for real not on TV. Perhaps the public is being manipulated by what is aired? Hmmm, something to think about.

  9. I enjoy your blogs and will continue following and supporting! I feel like all the negative feedback is people who are taking reality tv and blogs and twitter way to seriously, yes it is "reality" to some extent, but, it is still just a television show! I believe all people have positive and negative qualities and couldn't imagine having all of it captured on camera then aired weekly, I cringe at the thought! Ahhhh, well all that being said, I have to get off twitter and get back to the screaming kids and hubby and enjoy my Sunday! Look forward to the coming blogs! -Diana from FL

  10. My only issue is that you say you don't take sides and are "independent". Clearly, you are biased when it comes to Aviva. You tweet defending her and are biased because you are friends. She does seem like a nice woman, but I can't trust the journalism.

  11. You didn't ask her a single question? But you say you are an interviewer. That's why I think you were manipulated – she spent the entire time asking about you (so as to deflect questions you might ask about her). And you swallowed it hook, line, and sinker.

  12. Because this wasn't an interview. I already interviewed her earlier this month. Check the archives and it is mentioned in the article that I previously interviewed her.

  13. As I stated this was not an interview. I previously interviewed Aviva. This was just hanging out with a friend. Originally I had no intention of writing an article, but I thought some of the fans might want to know about the experience. I wasn't there to put Aviva in the hot seat. We were there to get to know each other better.

  14. OK, fair enough. You aren't going to change my mind. I read the interview and it was all super soft questions. Really, it is mutual manipulation, mutual using one another. I would rather she talk to you than that awful Stoopid Housewives. But as I said, it is a great strategy and I hope you get what you are after.

  15. Thank you, but I have never felt used by either Aviva or Amy who happen to be my closest friends of the talent nor do I use them. I don't believe in using people. I believe when you are nice to others they return in kind. That being said this is a "soft" site. I'm not looking to publish anything scandalous, just give the talent a place where their true unedited voices can be heard. There are many interviews throughout the site some are more scandalous than others. That comes from the talent and not me. Feel free to browse and let me know if there are any particular interviews you do enjoy. I'm interested in hearing more about what you think. 🙂

  16. That's a different Anon – I am the one who said "fair enough." I have no idea who Amy is. You asked my opinion. I think you have to go for what you really want, so kadooooooze for giving it a try. I mean that sincerely, and I hope you get it. That said, I do think Aviva Drescher is using you and TEB2350. Like I said, we will have to agree to disagree. It reminds me of that Anthony Bowles guy who slurped up Jill Zarin's BS because she gave him an interview for his pathetic Examiner article. Or Lynn Hudson (RIP) – and make no mistake, I was a fan of hers from day one – but she did have a touch of star-struck about her, especially with Cat Ommaney who absolutely positively used her and everyone else in her life. I felt terrible for Lynn watching that happen. She was beyond thrilled when a Bravolebrity called her and she, too, thought these people were her friends. They were using her and they use all the bloggers.

  17. Amy Laurent, who I talk to daily, go out with all the time not using me. I'm sorry you feel that way about people. That being said I can recognize certain talent that do behave in such a way and those are the people, other than for business, I would not associate with.

  18. You know what? I am not a troll and not a hater. Anyone who disagrees with you gets called names and gets trashed. You belong at Bravo. With the rest of the trash. Right, Aviva?Sorry I took the time to have a conversation with you.

  19. Who has a right to tell anyone who their real friends are and who aren't? Tara you write beautifully and have a kind spirit which comes through here and on twitter. I cant imagine anyone who reads anything you write not seeing that. Kind people draw people in which builds friendships…and that includes stars. Enjoy your new friendships and your growing blog fame. Most of us know you deserve it.@Rottenbraten

  20. I don't think she was referring to you. I'm sure she gets a lot of people saying less then kind things. Everyone is entitled to their different opinions and if Tara didn't think that she wouldn't have posted your comments to begin with. @rottenbraten

  21. Sorry, I have to agree some with the poster who isnt buying the other Aviva, and you being a smite star struck. Although I dont have the same strong antipathy that many have for Aviva since the St. Barth's episodes aired, I can see why they feel that way. I am just feeling a little sad for her. Obviously there's some triggers that were pulled for Aviva to go from 0 – 60 like that. We had seen little notes of meanness and cattiness previously, but this was a whole symphony of hate. The crescendos were so shattering, my ears are STILL ringing. Now, to you dear blogger. Even though I think you are anything but objective, who cares? There are plenty of nasty and spiteful blogs that offer up a cornucopia of snark. This is a nice respite.

  22. I read this last night and it really bothered me. Teb is such a nice person and its not for us or anyone else to say who she knows and doesn't know. I imagine anyone which meets Teb in person would remember and adore her. Just my 2¢…*BravoNutt*

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