Queen of Miami

Whether being Lea Black’s wing woman, or Elsa Patton’s worst nightmare, South Florida socialite Elaine Lancaster is making a big impression on viewers. With a long list of credits to her (and his) name(s), Elaine and her creator, actor James Davis, have been making waves in the entertainment industry and the Miami social scene long before they hit the beaches of RHOM. Get to know Elaine and James as they tell us their history and, of course, give us a little Miami Housewife dish.

TBB: Hello Elaine, I read you chose your name from the works of Jackie Collins, correct?


 EL: Hello Tara. Yes, in the 1980s there was a book and then mini-series, titled Hollywood Wives. There were two characters in that novel, Elaine Conti and Karen Lancaster, out of the two came one, Elaine Lancaster!


 TBB: You are the creation of actor James Davis. How do your personalities compare?


 EL: We both are distinctively different and yet similar personalities. We are down-to-earth individuals with a strong sense of family and friends, but Elaine has the need for the spotlight and glitterati which I (James) usually shun when not working. It’s is a luxury so many people in the spotlight wish they had. 
TBB: You have many film and TV credits from the 90’s, what were you working on in the last few years before RHOM?


 EL: . I’ve been on several sitcoms, the biggest was the NBC Series WINGS, and a documentary about me called Fabulous for Sky One Television in the UK. I was the host of Wild on South Beach for the E! Entertainment Television Network and co-hosted a talk show in Los Angeles called On Q Live for many months. I was the main feature for an A&E documentary called After Dark and another documentary about the behind-the-scenes of fundraising called The Fundraiser which was produced by my girlfriend Lea Black, directed by Mark Clark and premiered at the 2008 Cannes Film Festival. I’ve done several movies too: The Versace Murder Movie, The Crew, and, most recently, Rock of Ages with Tom Cruise.

TBB: It is rumored that RHOM was originally supposed to be another show and you were one of the cast members. Can you tell us anything at all about that?


 EL: Yes it was an untitled show about society & I filmed many many days only to be edited out to atmosphere. In the long run it was a blessing in disguise. 
 TBB: RHOM is in its second season. How do you feel it is going? Do you agree with the re-casting decisions?


 EL: I’m very pleased with the cast. There’s some really beautiful, amazing, and accomplished new women who are part of the new cast

TBB: After watching last night how do you feel about your behavior towards Beau at Lisa (Hochstein)‘s party?

EL:  He deserved exactly what he got, being rude to my friend incessantly and then throwing a drink in my face. He needed to be cooled off.

 TBB: You are very close with Lea Black. How did your friendship develop?


 EL: I have been a high-profile personality in South Florida since 1997. One night at Bar Room, a club that I hosted every Thursday, Friday and Saturday, I had the pleasure of meeting this beautiful woman. She was with her husband Roy and she was so much fun and full of life; we hit it off instantly. She told me her husband was a criminal defense attorney, & I told her my brother-in-law in Georgia was too. She gave me her husband’s card and said ,”Let’s keep in touch.”
 Little did I know one of my best friends, Dennis Rodman and his fiancee Carmen Electra were going to get into a minor scuffle at a South Beach hotel and get arrested after we all got back from a night of dinner & drinks.
 I looked for the card and called Roy. He had Dennis and Carmen released later that day. We’ve been friends since. We both are very open, honest, and fiercely loyal people.

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TBB: You are not getting along very well with the woman formerly known as “Mama” Elsa,(Patton).
What’s her beef with you?


 EL: That was the first time I ever had met Ms. Patton and I tried to be engaging and friendly on a topical superficial social level but she just dove right into me and was nasty beyond belief. She was so much more nastier than we saw on TV. It’s all in her breeding or lack there of. 
 TBB: You are very involved in charity events. What’s coming up on your schedule that you’d like to tell us about?


 EL: I am the spokesperson and the hostess for the largest HIV/AIDS charity in South Florida called The White Party which takes place every November during the week of Thanksgiving.
I am so proud to be a part of this worthy organization. I’ve been the DJ for Saks Fifth Avenue’s, A Key to the Cure, benefiting the Susan G. Koman Breast Cancer Foundation for several years. I performed at the Life Ball in Vienna, Austria.

The most glamorous and highly attended social event of the year is The Black’s Annual Gala. It benefits The Consequences Charity which strives to keep young boys out of the criminal prison system by enrolling them in programs and schools. Instilling values and positive peer pressure keeps them out of the revolving door of the professional prison system.


TBB:. One thing I admire about Drag Queens is you are all so brutally honest. Can you give one word to describe your thoughts on each Miami Housewife?


 EL: Lea- Real
       Lisa (Hochstein)– Fun
       Ana (Quincoces)– Cook
      Joanna (Krupa)-Sexy
      Karent (Sierra)-Kind
      Adriana (DeMoura)– Zany
      Marysol (Patton)– Duplicitous
 TBB: Thank you for talking with me today. Is there anything else you’d like your fans to know? 
 EL: I’ve been formulating a lip gloss since it took three colors to make my own unique shade that everyone absolutely LOVES! Pusswha Pink Lip Lacquer is now available for pre-order HERE (or contact my assistant taissia@misselainelancaster.com ). It is .8grams of sheer luxury on your lips and will be available everywhere mid-November! Mineral base, paraben free,cruelty free!
Also, thank you for liking me & the golden rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto YOU.

Posh Boutique Masquerade Fundraiser

Posh Boutique owner Jairo Arias
Lovely Rissa Dress
When Jairo Arias, owner of Posh Boutique puts on a fashion show, he coordinates a Lollapalooza of sorts. By now you know there are two different stores in  Northern NJ with similar names and dueling RHONJ promoters (it’s a story I will leave for someone else to tell.) In addition to red carpet photo ops, a cocktail hour, and vendor tables, there were two musical acts, singers Justin Love and Apryl Evans, that entertained the guests before the models took to the catwalk at the masquerade ball themed event.

Designer Marissa Erskine

Held at The Venetian in Garfield, NJ, the show raised money for Marblejam Kids a non-profit organization that provides individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders with “creative arts therapies and  “therapeutically supported after school enrichment programs.” Founder Anna Villa-Bager and Co-Founder Sarah E. Melone, both parents of children that benefit from such therapies, took to the stage to speak about their organization and the challenges they face with their own children who inspire their work. They were followed by event hostess, New Jersey Housewife Kathy Wakile who made a lovely speech about the importance of MJK. 

The fashion show consisted of male and female models dressed in hot Jersey style. Dresses were short and muscled chests were bared. Designer Marissa Erskine,(lovelyrissa.com),whose collection of holiday dresses was a focal point of the evening, was in attendance with her very proud mother. Also in attendance was Valerie Krsulic, founder of Angels Without Wings, Inc, an organization that fights bullying in the community. Krsulic wore a white tiered ruffle dress designed by Project Runway All-Star Elisa Jiminez.
The crowd was very spirited, among the most spirited were the Haute Housewives, a group of very energetic and enthusiastic New Jersey women whose mission, according to member April Stec , is to “network women in business to promote and support each other in a positive way.”
Arias was very happy with the success of the evening. He also sang the praises of Wakile who has been both a good friend and supporter of his business. The entire Wakile family, along with Aunt Rosie Pierri and everybody’s favorite Nonna Maria, were also there to support Posh Boutique and MJK.  Wakile,too was very pleased, “Anything that has to do with kids really grabs my heart,” she said. Reality TV, you’re on there, you take the hit, you do this, you do that, but good things come out of it too. I’m glad that I can do this and be a part of it.”

Since I had her ear I also congratulated her on her cannoli kit which will be available on QVC  the first week of December. “It’s my way of bringing decadent indulgent desserts but in a mini size. It’s a way for every woman to be the goddess of her own kitchen and make her own desserts.” And as for the NJ Housewives Season IV? “I’m glad it’s over.”

Valerie Krsulic in white Elisa Jiminez dress

Justin Love performs

For more about Posh Boutique follow them on Twitter @PoshBoutiqueNJ or visit http://www.poshboutiquenj.com

NJ Sweet Spot Owner Melina Milionis


StarPower Pixies

When Rachel Hillary, owner of trendy pre-teen line, Purple Pixies took to Twitter last year her goal was to promote her business. It was about that time that she became a fan of the Lifetime series Dance Moms. Little did she know how a few tweets would change her life and her business forever.

TBB: Tell me about how you began working with Melissa, Maddie, and Mackenzie of Dance Moms:

RH: It’s really a whirlwind of a story. When the show first started airing, about a year ago, I was immediately hooked. I was just starting to use Twitter at the time and had tweeted the Moms on the show about the brand. I sent each of the girls a couple of items from the line. Each of the Dance Moms tweeted a thank you to me which was the beginning of my Twitter following. Through Twitter I became friendly with Melissa Gisoni, mom to Maddie and Mackenzie Ziegler. The girls loved the line and she graciously tweeted photos whenever the girls would wear something from it. There is nothing like seeing your designs tweeted to hundreds of thousands of followers, but to know that the kids liked what they were wearing meant even more than the exposure. Shortly thereafter, Maddie wore one of our tops on the cover of Dream Magazine and then I can say, the rest is history!

This past summer Purple Pixies collaborated with Maddie and Mackenzie to design a limited edition  t-shirt.  The girls are StarPower ambassadors for Starlight Children’s Foundation and $5 from each t-shirt sale is donated there.
TBB: You recently hosted a huge meet and greet with the girls and Starlight. Tell us about your recent event, how did you develop the idea?

RH: Starlight Children’s Foundation approached us about doing an official launch party for the t-shirt in celebration of the fundraising efforts.  Knowing that Dance Moms had developed an extremely large following of young girls, we thought it would be am amazing opportunity to do a meet and greet in NYC.

TBB: What are some of the challenges one faces coordinating such a large event?

RH: Well, we knew Dance Moms fans were loyal and dedicated but little did we know how fast the tickets to the event would sell. Our VIP event in celebration of Maddie’s 10th birthday sold out within an hour of going on sale, and we had to close the event to sales after only 3 weeks. We had sold over 700 tickets. They say hindsight is 20/20, and the only challenge faced in the planning was handling the enormous amount of ticket sales.

TBB: How much money did you raise?

RH: We have raised about $5,000 since the launch of the fundraiser in the beginning of August.

TBB: Any other events you will be planning with Dance Moms?

RH: Nothing at the moment.  But you’ll hear about any future events on twitter.  Follow @PurplePixiesNY, @Dancemom1313, @MaddieZiegler, and @Mackenzieboo13

TBB: Where can we order the shirts?

RH: The shirts, as well as dance bags which are autographed by the girls, are available on our site http://shop.purplepixies.net .

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