CONTEST/SAVINGS!! Kick Cancer’s A** w/TBB & Wines By Wives

Happy October friends and fans! This has always been one of my favorite months as fall is in full swing and the holiday season kicks off with Halloween. Most important it is National Breast Cancer Awareness month. Breast cancer is a disease that has affected so many women I know which is why it is my pleasure to bring you not only a giveaway this month but a discount just for my readers on all purchases of pink ribbon glasses from Wines By Wives( ! Order the pink ribbon glass anytime between now and October 31st with PROMO CODE TBB  and you will not only get 15% off the pink ribbon glass, but a portion of your purchase will be donated to Real Housewives of Orange County’s Tamra Barney’s favorite charity, Living Beyond Breast Cancer (

In addition we are also giving away 2 of the glasses to one lucky reader! Go below to the comments section and share why you want to “Kick Cancer’s A**”. Please include your Twitter handle or email so that we can get in touch with you.  *You don’t need a Google account to leave a comment, you can select anonymous.

*Contest and PROMO CODE run from 10/1/12 through 10/31/12. Contest winner will receive 2 pink ribbon glasses total value of $55.98. Prize is not refundable or redeemable for cash or other merchandise.

*PROMO CODE is for Pink Ribbon Glass orders ONLY. Not applicable to other merchandise or Wines By Wives  memberships.

*The Wines by Wives logo is property of WBW and used with their permission only.

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18 thoughts on “CONTEST/SAVINGS!! Kick Cancer’s A** w/TBB & Wines By Wives

  1. I am happy this is "Kick Cancers A**" and not "just" breast cancer even though its breast cancer awareness month, we must not forget cancer has many faces. Breast cancer is one of many hard fought cancers. And the battle is equally as grueling with all of them. As I nurse for over 15 years, I have seen first hand the destruction many cancers cause. It remains a fighting battle every day for millions of people. It destroys and must be irradicated. Everyone knows or is realted to someone who has fought or fighting this horrible manifestation known as cancer. I had wonderful neighbor at my last travel assignment in Florida who actually became a patient of mine. She just passed away this past Saturday. In honor of her and many more I have known personally and professionally, as well as, those out on the battlefield currently.. I continue the battle with all of you. Stay strong! Lets get this beast! @sfarr101

  2. Last year as I sat in my obgyn's cold office with nothing on but a flimsy paper gown I listened to her tell me that the lump in my right breast that I had ignored all summer was going to "need some attention…today." Within3 hours I had endured 6 (yes 6!) of the most painful mammograms I could ever have imagined and found myself in yet another cold room with two radiologists as they explained that they had not only recommended but already set up an appt with an oncologist/surgeon in 2 days. 2 LONG days. So, yet again, I was sitting in another cold office with another paper gown on and my husband's hand holding my shaking hand. Surgery, oncologist, cancer – words I hadn't needed to use before. I was schedules to go in in 2 days to have what was now confirmed as a tumor (another vocab word I hadn't needed before) removed. 2 more long days of staring at my children, crying with my mom on the phone and praying endlessly. I woke up from the surgery with immediate dread. Something felt wrong. The oncologist came in and explained that while the tumor was benign (YAY!) they had to remove a significant amount of breast tissue because it had cellular changes. I was terrified to look but I made myself get up out of that bed and face what I knew was going to be a terrible sight. I was not wrong. I now wear my scar proudly. I received the lab report and althought there were changes they had caught it in time. I kicked cancer's ass before it could take me away from everyone that I loved. But cancer kicked my ass for dragging me through days of dread, fear, sadness and most importantly defeat. I'll work until I can't to take back those feelings that cancer took from me. I'll tell my story so that others won't ignore it like I did. And I'll help other kick cancer's ass! Thank you for this lovely contest and awareness you're bringing to such an important topic!! Xoxo@mama_martin710

  3. I want to kick cancer's a** because it affects too many people everyday. Both of my grandparents died of complications from cancer. Skin cancer for my grandfather and ovarian cancer for my grandma. Ive had three aunts die from breast cancer. I myself had a scare at 18, I had a cancerous mole removed from my back. I was lucky enough to have regular doctors exams because of my grandfathers history. Most people aren't lucky, and they don't catch it early enough. My grandma was always so consumed with caring for everyone else that by the time she finally went to the doctor, the ovarian cancer had spread throughout her body. I want all women especially to do their self exams and have their mammograms and their obgyn appointments so we can finally kick cancer's a**!! @ocbuggymom

  4. I have an Aunt who just had one of her breasts removed due to this HORRIBLE disease! The saddest part of it is that she lives in Mexico and traveling to visit her is not an option rite now. My Mother, who is her Sister will be visiting her in a few weeks. My aunt is horrified with losing her hair and doesn't have the financial needs to buy a wig or anything that could possibly ease her pain and suffering. My Mother will do as much as she can to provide her with anything that will just put a smile on her face! We need to find a cure to kick this Cancers Ass! It's not only Breast Cancer of course, as we lost a nephew due to Cancer in 99" he just turned 3 yrs young! Sandra @justrrrs

  5. I want to "kick cancers ass" because it has already taken so much from me and my family but now I'm battling it with my mother right now, she was just diagnosed with cervical cancer just a few days back and I would love to win this contest that way when my mom and I DO "kick cancers ass" we will have two amazing glasses to make a toast out of 🙂

  6. Cancer took my father at age 59, and my life was never the same. It will be 34 years on 12/26. I think of him each and every day, I not only mourn his passing but Christmas is just a bittersweet day for me. Cancer also took my favorite aunt who was like a 2nd mother to me and a dear friend died from breast cancer at age 48. I am more than ready to kick some butt. xo

  7. So many of us have beautiful & wonderful women in our lives that are affected by this deadly disease. What an awesome way to raise awareness for Breast Cancer. Great job by TBB & Tamara! I don't want to enter the contest because I would much rather see someone who is currently battling or is a survivor of breast cancer win this. Good luck to all! #pinkout @ttracyh

  8. Thank you to TBB and Tamara for helping raise awareness for this deadly disease. I've seen many people in my life affected by cancers of all types, and I can't wait for the day that we can say that we've "Kicked Cancer's A**" and found a cure! I also would much rather see someone who is battling or a suvivor to win this contest than myself. Thank you again for all that you're doing! #kickcancersa** @millie_howard90

  9. I want to "kick cancer's ass" because it kicked my dad's ass. Plus not to mention many others that have fought this disease and have survived. My dad died at 52 yeArs young. One thing he didn't lose wa s his faith and hope. One day it would be nice to say we have a cure for all cancers. Thank u tab and Tamara for bringing awareness and encouraging people to keep their hope and faith in a cure. @harrycat77#kickcancersass

  10. So sorry for your father's loss. That's the same age cancer took my cousin at. We need to eliminate this disease for good! I tried to find you on Twitter but your ID didn't show up. Please make sure you typed it correctly. Thank you for reading

  11. I want to "kick cancer's ass" for a number of reasons. When I was 13 my mom was diagnosed with Stage 4 breast cancer a month after having youngest brother. Four years of fighting with everything she had came to an end August 6, 2002, she was 35. She left behind a 17, 13, 9 and 4 year old. Me and 2 of my brothers, 13 and 9 year olds, were lucky in the sense, we had our Dad, he was an amazing Father who made sure we didn't become "motherless children". He made sure we always had strong women figures, his mom and sister, that we could bond with. My youngest brother eventually moved an hour away to live with his father and has become a very well rounded kid.But you never get over losing your mom at 17, you just learn to live without her and deal with the ache of missing her. She is the 1st reason I want to kick cancer's ass! She didn't see my brothers graduate high school and she never had the chance to see her kids grow up, meet her grandchildren, all the things a Mom looks forward too. My second reason, the wonderful Dad, I mentioned above was taken 4 year ago by cancer, exactly 2 weeks after my weddings. My rock, the parent who kept it all together for his 3 kids after we lost our mom, who made sure we never lacked anything dies Jan 2, 2009, he was 47. Squaemous Cell of Unknown Origin, never heard of if before my dad was diagnosed. It went from his lymph nodes in his neck to his liver. 3 years was all it took for it to win and take him. Never in my wildest dreams would I have seen this coming, he was invincible, rarely sick with a cold or virus. He is my 2nd reason. I have many more reasons such as: I watched cancer turn both my parents into unrecognizable people, the last pictures I have with both them, they looked like aliens. For my brothers who my have had my parents miss out on so many life events, and just the general growing up process that you need your parents for. For my own son who will never meet my mom and only knew my Dad until he was 4 months old. He was robbed of amazing grandparents! The list can be continued for days without end. In conclusion, I would like to kick cancer's ass for me but not only myself but anyone else who has to deal with the long term effects. I, along with the rest of the people who have watched a love one be fortured by this disease and have felt powerless to help them. This only adds to to the aggression I personally have, which I know desn't compare to those suffering through it. Thank you for doing this and putting the awareness out. Thanks to thebravobitch on twitter for the link.Twitter: abbates919Email:

  12. I am do ready to kick cancers ass! I've watched too many friends and family members battle this vicious disease. Awesome job bringing attention to breast cancer awareness month! Cheers!All the Best,PopculjunkieAka jamie

  13. I Will Always Fight to kick Cancer's ASS! In December 1998 my mother lost her battle with cancer. In June of 2011, My dad lost his battle with cancer. THIS disease has taken my family. I was adopted at the age of 7 by the very to wonderful souls I just told you about. They were the most giving and caring people I have ever known. My mom and dad gave me a fighting chance at life. Without them rescuing me and opening up their lives and heart, I probably wouldn't have ever had a family again. The saved me from an abusive environment, without them I would probably be dead. Being an only child I am now without the family I was so blessed to be welcomed into, it's now MY fight FOR THEM. They aren't here to fight this horrific disease anymore, but they fought for me to have a better life so I will continue the fight for them. God Bless you all for donating your time and business to help courageous people like my mom and dad were.My Twitter handle is Shawnmarie74 Again Thank You ❤ ShawnMarie Stephens

  14. At the age of 77 my dad was diagnosed with cancer of the esophagus. After quitting smoking at 65 and living an otherwise active, healthy life, he was angry more than anything else. My dad was very much an adventurer. He climbed to Machu Pichu the year before, regularly traveled to the jungles of South and Central America to see the meso american ruins and study their history. He really embraced life and this was the reason he chose to end his life after one chemo treatment. He left a 5 page letter explaining that it was not worth the money it would take to keep him in a life worthn less than living fully. While i understood and respected my dad's decision, it did not make the pain of his passing any easier to bear and i will never get over his death. He was my best buddy, although i was his daughter,i was the first born and a tomboy. He treated me like a son and we did everything together. Thanks to him i can fish, ski, skate, shoot, catch snakes, play ball, swim, dive, make camp and a thousand things most kids never dream of. I was one lucky kid. I am a senior myself now, but i will always be my dad's littlle girl.

  15. I want to kick cancers A$$ because it almost and still continues to try to kick my sweet Mom's! She has beat breast cancer .. Stomach cancer… And neuro endocrine cancer …. She is still a brave and courageous fighter though! My niece at the age of 14 kicked thyroid cancers A$$ and now she is a healthy and gorgeous teenager! She is a warrior! A doctor friend of mine (Michael ) is currently trying to kick cancer's A$$ as he is going through chemo for cancer found on his spine and 3 other places … We are holding a benefit for him tomorrow " Operation Pray For Michael)" …. So yes I want to kick cancers A$$ in a major way ! Thanks for bringing awareness to it ! Kimberly (beachygirl70)

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