Party On with Elvira Grau!

Elvira Grau has an impressive list of celebrity clients. In Real Housewives of New Jersey‘s second season she appeared as the planner with the daunting task of pulling off an over the top Giudice housewarming. We caught up with this very busy lady to find out more about her business, her clients, and get her tips for throwing the perfect fall party.

TBB: How and when did you start your business?

EG: In 2005 I found an old, dingy 26,000 sq ft warehouse & invested $2.2 million to transform it into the hottest entertainment space. We’re celebrating our 7 year Anniversary this month!

TBB: What famous personalities have you worked with?

EG: We work with so many wonderful celebs from hip hop to reality TV. Teresa Giudice is a big fan & celebrates her daughters birthdays every year. Chris Rock brings his 2 gorgeous daughters, and P.Diddy has brought all his kids & his beautiful twin girls.  We’ve worked with Robert Deniro, Wesley Snipes, Patrick Ewing, all the Yankee players including a birthday for C.C. Sabathaia’s daughter. We celebrated Pedro Martinez’s son’s birthday.
We LOVE Angie Martinez who’s the voice of NY on Hot 97.1 who celebrates her son, Niko with us. We also recently celebrated Kevin Lile’s daughter’s 1st birthday party

TBB: Which Housewife parties that aired did you work on?

EG: I was Teresa (Giudice)’s party planner for her housewarming party at her home on season 2.

TBB: What was the biggest event you have planned?

EG: Teresa’s was the biggest “off-premise” event I had done because I had to bring in the dance floor, furniture, LED bars, all decor, catering, staff,etc.

TBB: Any funny stories about something gone wrong & how did you fix the situation?

EG: We had a super sexy 17 one time and the birthday girl got a horse as her present instead of the usual car that we see a lot being given for sweet 16 parties. Well, we didn’t know that the horse couldn’t make his entrance walking on tile. We quickly had to put down a red carpet for the horse so that he was able to make his grand entrance! Did I mention the horse was 100k!!

TBB: Let’s talk about Halloween! What was the most memorable Halloween party you planned or attended and why it was so memorable?

EG: When we first opened Space Odyssey 7 years ago, we threw a HUGE Halloween party at Space & invited hundreds of people! Teresa & Juicy Joe came too. It was our first so naturally it was most memorable. We had a great DJ and we decorated it beautifully. Everyone had an amazing time.

 Here are Elvira’s best budget savvy tips for throwing a fantastic party this October:

For decor:
Use the outdoors & bring it indoors. Mother Nature has beautiful foliage that you can go outside and simply make arrangements. For instance, use a medium to tall clear glass vase, fill with tall branches and add water. Or use pine cones or acorns to fill the vase, add water & float a candle. Beautiful!!

For food:
I always think entertaining is about great music to set the vibe, drinks to help loosen things up & small plates of bite size appetizers with amazing treats for dessert works best!!

Want more from Elvira? Next month she visits us to talk about Thanksgiving and in December she will give us some tips to “Deck the Halls!”

Follow Elvira on Twitter @PartyElvira
Check out Space Odyssey’s Website


2 thoughts on “Party On with Elvira Grau!

  1. Tara, I enjoy your interviews; however, if you have seen (which I’m sure you have, since you follow ALL the housewives) that Jacqueline really has gone way overboard with her hateful tweets re: Teresa. I don’t think she’s as “real” as you said in the interview; I think she just dwells on drama. She also DM’s people with very nasty comments (I was one, and only asked her what she meant by something). I, therefore, do not like her, nor the Manzos, as they are always trashing someone in their quest for fame. She did NOT have to say that Dina “is involved with her own issues”. She could have politely said “no comment”. Just thought I’d let you know how I felt. I know you screen many of your comments, but I hope mine appears, as this is the way many viewers feel.

    • Thank you, and yes, I do screen comments. I have no problem posting any opposing views of the talent so long as they are done respectfully.

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