More than Just A Second Season for Two Glam Ladies

Sunday night was the premiere of the second season of Style Network’s Glam Fairy. Thanks to GF stars Sharie Manon, Victoria Doroshenko and John Basedow of New Media Stew and Buzz60 we got to be front row, literally, for a fabulous premiere party at NYC lounge, Suite 55.

The “pink” carpet event began with Sharie and Victoria taking photos and speaking with members of the press. Sharie in a sparkly white dress, purchased from Melissa Gorga frequented Rev Boutique (Englewood NJ)looked perfectly contrasted to Victoria’s short dark sequined number. Though they looked quite yin and yang, this pair really is in perfect sync. “My new business is JettBlonde Events and PR with Victoria,” said Manon. “We really bonded over the fact that we are both very hard workers and have a drive to succeed. We both have overcome very difficult personal situations and want to represent strong independent women.”

Though both women are big players in the beauty industry, their new biz isn’t just about making people look glam. “We specialize  in the beauty industry but have a vast network in fashion and music also. We handle events from celebrity kid birthday parties, to premieres and music festivals.”


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Indeed these women are well rounded  and working the circuit. On October 20th Manon will be hosting The Emiliani Beauty Expo, The US Tribute to Vidal Sassoon. She does a lot of hosting these days both for events like NYC’s recent Fashion Week and The Style Network  on . Manon and Doroshenko will both be walking with Aviva Drescher at November 9th’s Journey for the Cause.

As for Glam Fairy, it’s second season, according to Doroshenko, will be full of surprises for the fans of season one. “It gets really juicy starting the second episode. This was a chance to reintroduce the characters. This season is totally and entirely different from the first season. It’s less about the makeovers, which we still have, but it’s more about us and the people so it’s a little more developed.” As for her tough girl exterior on the show she says, “It’s a first impression. I may come off a little hard, but, well, someone has to be the ‘Queen of Mean’.”

Post interviews the girls and guests were ready for showtime. There was a performance by up and coming musical act Tyler and Stevie followed by a group screening of the show on a large screen. Guests dined on appetizers and sipped Vodkila who helped to sponsor the event.

Post screening there was more press time and we spotted some Basketball Wives. Then the big surprise was on me when I was interviewed for Buzz60. This was my first such experience and I felt like a deer in headlights. Seriously, those cameras are like staring into high beams.

John Basedow of Fitness Made Simple fame, was there hosting for Buzz60.“I am thrilled right now to be working for Buzz60,” Basedow said, It’s an entertainment news organization that produces minute long celebrity news pop culture stories like what I do on my own show New Media Stew. They are the new part of the Stew Crew family.” Basedow and Manon have hosted events together and formed a friendship, he was there supporting and reporting.

As for Glam Fairy salon owner Alexa Prisco, there may be good reason she didn’t stop by, “Alexa is 9 months pregnant,” Manon revealed. When asked if that was off the record Manon giggled, “Well, at first it was kept quiet, but it’s only so long she could hide that.”

Watch Glam Fairy Sundays at 9/8CST on Style Network
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2 thoughts on “More than Just A Second Season for Two Glam Ladies

  1. Thank you @TheBravoBitch for attending & writing about this premiere event. As always with your writing everything jumbs off the page to make me feel like I was with you. Love the picture's! You should be doing the interview's for Buzz60(just saying)Sorry John Basedow.Lori2877

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