Teresa Brings Fabellini to My Local Store!

My friends at Fabellini Wine got in touch to tell me that Teresa Giudice was going to be in my neighborhood, literally right up the street from my home at my local liquor store. Though I was short on time and they were too, as this was only a two hour appearance, I grabbed my kids, and my friend, because twins always require an extra set of hands, and headed there to say a quick “hello”. After all, Teresa and I have met before, but she’s never seen my children and she LOVES kids. I have stated in previous articles that she takes time to pose with everybody’s children. If my two cuties didn’t make a lasting impression on the queen of all things Fabulicious nothing would!
Having worked with Fabellini before for last month’s Twitter launch party, I was lucky that I did not have to wait in the long line wrapped around the outside of the store. Well, it was either that or the fact that Twin A was having his regular evening meltdown. The people in line were energized and excited. Teresa fans are a passionate bunch that love her as much as she loves them. My little group went inside and this time Teresa recognized me! Hey, third time is the charm, right? She looked gorgeously down to earth in jeans with her hair down. “Oh, he is so beautiful,” she gasped looking at Twin A, who was temporarily subdued by my car keys. A quick picture and chat about motherhood and her cellphone was ringing, “It’s my daughter Gabriella,” she laughed “I’ll be home soon,” she assures her.
Like both times before, I found Teresa to be a delight. She is soft spoken, cheerful, oh and she likes Thebravobitch.com. She is also very excited about Fabellini and really enjoying her bottle signings.  “Thank you to all my fans. I really hope everyone is enjoying Fabellini and I love you all!” she chirped into my recorder. Your fans love you too Teresa, they tell me all the time. And I really do love Fabellini. In fact, it’s Friday night, my kids are asleep, and my glass is full! Goodnight readers!
Will Teresa be in your neighborhood? Click for schedule of appearances
To order Fabellini and see a list of retailers click here
For all things Teresa Giudice visit http://www.teresagiudice.com/

*Pictures from event used with per mission of Fabellini Wine and TheJadeEffect.com


2 thoughts on “Teresa Brings Fabellini to My Local Store!

  1. LOL Love it! "queen of all things Fabulicious" You & your twins are Fabulicious! Needed a good laugh this morning! Thanks for bringing it again Tara! Can't get enough of TheBravoBitch.comGoing to get my first bottle of Fabellini Wine :)Lori2877

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