Tough Titties

Since it is October, or OctBOOBer as we like to call it on TBB, it’s time to share one of my all time favorite celebrity encounters. I’ve been teasing this story on Twitter for a while and I am sure some of you have been trying to figure out who the offender could be, and I am ready to talk. 

Before I start I just want to put a little disclaimer up. I am a woman with an extremely efficient moral compass and I pondered if I should even tell this story after learning today that there are some younger eyes watching me. A friend mentioned my site to her teenage daughter, only to find her daughter wide eyed and in excited shock. “Tara is the Bravo Bitch?” she said, “All the kids at school talk about that website and read it.” So now I know, I’m cool with the high school crowd and not as much the aging fart I feared. I realize this is a huge responsibility on my end, and telling a story about an impromptu boob grab lacks appropriateness.  But, being I too was once in high school, I rationalize that they know what boobs are and chances are their’s are being grabbed anyway, so here we go.
Picture it, 2000, New York City’s Culture Club. I was 24 and in a new and exciting relationship. We were out for a night of drinking, dancing, and whatever other trouble we could find. The club was packed and we headed over to the bar to get our dancing shoes (ahem liquor…we were legal, don’t get any ideas kids) on. On our way over, pushing through the crowd, something pushed against me and squeezed. “Hey,” I screamed, “that guy touched my breast.” My boyfriend in a gallant act of chivalry grabbed the pervert. “You trying to be a tough guy?” he snapped at him. “No, no, it was an accident, I just play one. I fell, I was trying to catch myself,” the molester protested. Suddenly my knight in shining armor morphs into a frat boy. At this point I can’t hear what is going on, but I see handshaking and smiles exchanged. My lame excuse for a protector walks toward me grinning like a child who was just handed a piece of candy.
“Is that how you defend my honor?” I say totally deflated by his actions, I thought this guy was better than that. “Do you know who that was?” he says, still sporting that gigantic grin. “I don’t care if it was God,” I huffed, “he grabbed my boob and your job is not to smile and shake his hand.” “But that was Michael Imperioli, you know, Christopher, on the Sopranos.” Now both of us were huge Soprano fans, but being a lady I continued to act annoyed. “It was an accident, he was trying to break a fall,” my man pleaded like he was a lawyer on a case. I rolled my eyes thinking how ridiculous boys are, but let it go, I mean there was an apology, and really, how many women can say a Soprano squeezed their proverbial Charmin?
Well many years later and that boyfriend is now my husband and father of my two sons, Sopranos is long gone, and Michael Imperioli remains the most famous person to ever fondle me. Speaking of which, I did run into him again later on that evening. He was sitting a few rows ahead of us on some bleachers being hounded by a noisy group of bachelorette party goers. I was coming down to head to the ladies room. As I tried to break through the small crowd one of the girls yelled in my face, “Hey, I’m meeting him next, wait your turn.” “I just want to go to the ladies’ room,” I replied, at which moment Mr. Imperioli stood up, grabbed my wrist and helped me down the steps. “Thank you,” I said, “And you are lucky you only grabbed my wrist this time.”

Don’t Mess with Kim D!

Although Kim DePaola (Kim D) has been painted as the villain on the just wrapped season of Real Housewives of New Jersey, this tough as nails business owner who raised her son on her own also has a soft side, just don’t cross it. Here she is very forthcoming about who and what she loves…and who she doesn’t!

TBB: That was quite a season of RHONJ! What did you think of it?

KD: I think it’s old news. Enough is enough with Teresa (Giudice) and Joe (Gorga) fighting and the family feuds. There’s no real girl talk, no one is going to nice places for lunches or dinner like they used to, no fun like the other shows. I felt it was very dark, so dark that I even turned it off a few times. I think they need some fresh blood to lighten things up, no more of this four against one with Teresa.

TBB: You initially were on the show a lot less this season only to return to steal it at the end! What will your role be in the future? Any chance you’ll be a full time cast member?
KD: The reason why I’m on and off is because I have a personal life to protect. I have a significant other who does not like me to be on the show and we were back and forth. The girls ask me to be on all the time, I just decline. This year if they ask me to sign a contract I will, but I will not film just to film. That is something I would have to negotiate. I am the only person still talking to three of the five women so if they ask me I will do it

TBB: I recently had the pleasure of attending your latest fashion show. It was a great evening and it was at the Brownstone. This surprised a lot of my readers. Are you speaking with Caroline (Manzo) and Jacqueline (Laurita) currently?

KD: I am absolutely speaking with them, but have I seen them? No. Were they a little upset that I stuck by Teresa? Yes, but I told the truth, Teresa did not know anything more than they did. I have spoken to Jacqueline since we filmed the reunion and we still text and they are supposed to be coming into the store, so we are friendly.
TBB:You mentioned on the reunion that Melissa Gorga’s promotion of another store started your feud. Did you ever approach her about it?
KD: Numerous, numerous, numerous times I had spoken to her and Jacqueline spoke to her as well. There was no stopping her, she would do what she wanted to do. It had nothing to do with her promoting a store, anyone can promote anything they want, but there’s a history with this store and the owner. Out of every store in the whole world why would they promote that one?

BB: What is your status with Melissa and Teresa now?

KD: Im very, very, very close with Teresa. In fact I just did her closets for her, we’re very close. Melissa not so much, we don’t even like each other even a little bit.
TBB: My readers would like to know if you have any regrets about inviting Angelo to your show. Knowing then what you know now would you have done things differently?
KD: No I do not have any regrets. I did not invite Angelo to the fashion show. I knew he would be at the salon,but he bought a ticket at the salon and came to the fashion show, therefore he was a welcome guest. What did he do at the fashion show, that was so wrong? He said hello to Melissa, and he did know her, whether she was a bartender or a dancer she worked for him.

TBB: Joe Gorga made some pretty harsh accusations at your fashion show. We all saw his apology. Anything you want to say about that?

KD: Those things that he said to me are absolutely ridiculous! I wouldn’t dignify any of it with an answer. He apologized and I’ll leave it at that. Everyone who knows me knows the kind of mother, friend, daughter and business owner I am. What he said was insanity.

TBB: We’ve met and have spoken a few times, but the fans don’t really see the everyday Kim. Can you tell us a little about your life outside of Housewives?

KD: Today was a regular day. I went to my store without a stitch of makeup, I was in a hoodie and leggings, I hadn’t even planned on working. When I walked in two women were there who had come from Long Island (NY) to see Posche. I took a picture with them in my hoodie. People are always coming in and asking for pictures and I love to do that for them! I have sold clothes my whole life since I was 15 and I support myself totally, my son is 23 and lost his father at 11, I have always worked and paid my own bills.  Other things people may not know is that I have six dogs, I have tons of friends that I go out with all the time, and I have two assistants who are like daughters to me. I love to shop and I read every fashion magazine, I mean it, every one.

TBB: I have a lot of respect and admiration for small business owners. What is the story of Posche Boutique?

KD: I’ve always been in the business like I said, I started selling clothes at 15. When my son was homeschooled for 3 years in high school I sold clothes from my home. After he graduated I walked passed a store that was going out of business. It was a little pocketbook store, like flea market type stuff. I thought this would be a great space. My boyfriend then was in construction and he made it up really nice. I named it after Victoria Beckham because I love her style. We wanted an interesting spelling so we chose Posche, like Porsche, but without the R.

TBB: Has RHONJ  had an impact on your business?

KD: Oh yes. People from all over the country, even Canada come to the store, especially Michigan, Florida, California, and Massachusetts. We have some major fans of the store and they don’t stay fans they become friends. I answer them on Facebook and stay in touch with all of them.


TBB: Thank you for talking with me. Is there anything else you would like people to know?
KD: I’m extremely happy and I love my life! The little things that are said on Twitter make me laugh, even when people are nasty. One person tweeted me the Bad Boys song from Cops and I turned it around on her and now she tweets me nice things. I get a kick out of the stuff that is said. My whole life no one gets to me, no one can shake me, and that gets to certain people.

Teresa Brings Fabellini to My Local Store!

My friends at Fabellini Wine got in touch to tell me that Teresa Giudice was going to be in my neighborhood, literally right up the street from my home at my local liquor store. Though I was short on time and they were too, as this was only a two hour appearance, I grabbed my kids, and my friend, because twins always require an extra set of hands, and headed there to say a quick “hello”. After all, Teresa and I have met before, but she’s never seen my children and she LOVES kids. I have stated in previous articles that she takes time to pose with everybody’s children. If my two cuties didn’t make a lasting impression on the queen of all things Fabulicious nothing would!
Having worked with Fabellini before for last month’s Twitter launch party, I was lucky that I did not have to wait in the long line wrapped around the outside of the store. Well, it was either that or the fact that Twin A was having his regular evening meltdown. The people in line were energized and excited. Teresa fans are a passionate bunch that love her as much as she loves them. My little group went inside and this time Teresa recognized me! Hey, third time is the charm, right? She looked gorgeously down to earth in jeans with her hair down. “Oh, he is so beautiful,” she gasped looking at Twin A, who was temporarily subdued by my car keys. A quick picture and chat about motherhood and her cellphone was ringing, “It’s my daughter Gabriella,” she laughed “I’ll be home soon,” she assures her.
Like both times before, I found Teresa to be a delight. She is soft spoken, cheerful, oh and she likes She is also very excited about Fabellini and really enjoying her bottle signings.  “Thank you to all my fans. I really hope everyone is enjoying Fabellini and I love you all!” she chirped into my recorder. Your fans love you too Teresa, they tell me all the time. And I really do love Fabellini. In fact, it’s Friday night, my kids are asleep, and my glass is full! Goodnight readers!
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