Start-Ups: Silicon Valley, Starts Off Right

By Drew Schwendiman

When I heard Bravo was going to premiere a show focusing on six young adults in the technology capitol of the world, I was not intrigued. Honestly, what could POSSIBLY be interesting about the world of microchips and software? However I reluctantly, started watching the show and found out I have never judged a book so incorrectly by its cover.

Start- Ups: Silicon Valley stars six young entrepreneurs as they each try to forge their own path to success. They all have the ambition, the drive, and the intelligence to make it. What happens when you have two people who both think they’re the smartest person in the room?  You got, it drama!  Now multiply that by three, and you get Bravo’s newest hit!

Ben Way has the looks, the charm, and the British accent. Who wouldn’t want to invest with him? Before the age of 22, this entrepreneur had become a self-made millionaire and was recognized all over the world. Now, he’s working on a new company, Ignite, with his bold sister Hermione.

Hermione Way, not Granger, is Ben’s younger, extraordinarily confident, sister. Originally a London blogger, she worked her way up the social networking ladder and now does PR for Ignite. She may be cute, but don’t be fooled by the soft exterior. Screw up on her watch and she will put you in your place.

David Murray is the SUSV’s resident gummy bear. He’s sweet and full of energy and I want to bring him everywhere! He triple-majored at Carnegie Mellon and now has his own application called Goalsponsors. He and fellow entrepreneur Sarah (Austin) are buddies for now, previews show the two in a heated argument. Hmm, what would make a nice guy like David explode?

Sarah Austin is used to being in front of cameras. She’s a host on her website which broadcasts her every move. Sarah knows the rest of the cast but she and ex-BFF Hermione have a little beef. Will their problems be solved this season or will this brainy blond move on?

Dwight Crow lives by a work hard, play harder ethic. He spends over 12 hours a day coding and programming and then parties at night. This wild frat boy loves to hang with his “engineer friends” and his wing-girl Kim (Taylor).

Kim Taylor has the looks of a goddess but would still rather hear “two guys argue about derivatives than two girls fighting with each.” Like Hermione, she has a carefree attitude that shows whether she’s working at Ampush Media or out with her friends. My question is, are she and Dwight just friends?

This Silicon Valley is definitely something new, disproving the myth that tech people are bores who just work all day. Launch parties, house parties, basement parties, dates, meetings, romance, and drama are all in store this season. Sarah even throws a glass of water in a guy’s face much like Tamra Barney did to Jeana Keough on RHOC. Grab your remote control and wirelessly operate your television set because Start-Ups: Silicon Valley will change the way you look at “nerds”.

Drew Schwendiman is a news and entertainment enthusiast from New Jersey. He has reported for the GRAMMY Foundation and local television. He writes for school publications and has guested on several blogs. He continues to cut his media teeth as a TBB intern. Welcome aboard Drew!


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