Move Over Turkey, Elvira Grau Tells Us: Thanksgiving is All about the Pumpkins!!

 TBB welcomes back everyone’s favorite New Jersey party planner Elvira Grau to give us festive Thanksgiving decorating ideas!

Elvira, owner of Space Odyssey USA says:
Thanksgiving is all about the pumpkins!!

Decorating & carving out pumpkins never gets old & is a an annual tradition. Whether you’re decoratingyour outdoor space or your table, pumpkins add the organic feel & authenticity of a Thanksgiving!!

Need a great activity? Get kids involved with a pumpkin craft using magic markers, safe carving tools, sticky eyes, stickers & some sparkle. Encourage everyone to jazz up their pumpkins and add some pizzaz!! I love to make my pumpkins look GLAM!!

Elvira’s Fall centerpiece!

For table top I use pumpkins as setting card holders or I’ll cut the tops off & put a votive in them to use as a candelabra. When preparing food, you can carve them out and make a soup bowl out of them & pour pumpkin soup in them if you hollow them out.

Photo from Bing Images.


*And for an extra TBB tip from me,have take out containers and Sharpies on hand. Everyone takes home food for easier clean up and less leftovers!

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