Drew’s View-Maya’s Hope

I went to the Maya’s Hope fundraiser and finally met my boss, Tara (TBB), who I have been working for remotely for the past month.  Her pseudonym is misleading because she is actually one of the most down-to-earth people I’ve ever met, and she doesn’t get starstruck meeting the Bravolebs.  In fact, WE had full conversations with them!  Let’s start the night from the beginning to end, from my eyes, because this is, after all Drew’s View.

I arrived at the Soigné K Boutique around 6:15 after making a wrong turn earlier in the night.  Before I could even take off my coat I was being checked off of the guest list, a true VIP feeling.  The beautiful Madison Avenue store showcases high-end clothes, which were displayed behind beautiful people in expensive suits and dresses.  I felt a little out of place.  Waitresses came to me with hors devours but I preferred the cheese sticks.  TBB arrived fashionably late because she was casually hanging out at Amy Laurent’s before-hand.  Talk about making an entrance!  We made our way to the back of the crowd right next to that awesome tray of cheese sticks. Amy ran into two of Miss Advised’s producers who have worked on many Bravo shows, including The Real Housewives of Atlanta and New York City.  It was interesting talking to people who work so closely with the very shows I love to watch.  



We took a break from engaging the producers and made our way to Sonja Morgan (RHONY) for a photo-op. We were the last people to speak with her before she left early on account of being “dizzy”.
Later, Liz Margulies walked in and waved at TBB from a distance.  We approached the stylish Gallery Girl and had a nice personal conversation with her.  She was actually the first Bravoleb I got a picture with.  Hopefully she won’t be the last!  


I continued conversing with Amy and her fabulous intern, Danielle, until Maya Rowencak, founder of Maya’s Hope, spoke to the audience.  I had been emailing Maya about her charity earlier in the week so it was nice to hear her speak.  She had just flown home from Ukraine, where she visited disabled orphans abandoned by their mothers.  Maya’s emotional speech really inspired me to look for people who need help outside of PSA’s or Wikipedia articles.  I never even considered that there were children in need of help in Ukraine and the Philippines, the two countries Maya’s Hope focuses on helping.  Danielle and I personally spoke with Rowencak after her speech and I was truly touched.  I am now working on raising awareness for the charity.
As the evening came to a close I was exhausted. I got a taste of what TBB does with running from a day job to a night out networking. It’s not easy, but it was definitely worth the effort. Who says you can’t have fun on a week night?  I can’t wait to go to more events with The Bravo Bitch because she means it when she says she’s “the viewer who gets behind the scenes!”

– Drew Schwendiman

For more information or if you would like to help, please visit mayashope.org.
Follow Drew on Twitter @uknowitsdrew


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