Deck the Halls with Elvira Grau

Dear Readers,

The holidays are a time of hope and peace. I think we’ve all felt the loss of hope in the deaths of the Newtown CT school children and the loss of peace with the deaths of their trusted principal, counselor, and teachers. Schools are the safest havens for our youth. We’ve all had that image shattered by the events of last Friday. As our nation mourns and struggles to make sense of this senseless act of evil, may we never forget those who must forever live with part of that holiday spirit taken from them. There are no words to say, no words of comfort I can offer, just that I grieve with our entire nation and world, and pray for a better future, and that someday the holiday season will bring peace and hope to those families and Sandy Hook Elementary school once more.



 Christmas is the magical time of the year when Santa Claus comes to town!
 Decorating the house can be lots of fun, starting with the outside. If you live where the weather conditions permit, making a snowman is a kid’s favorite. Kids love playing in the snow and having fun making a face for their snowman, using a carrot to make a nose and putting a hat on top really brings the snowman to life!

Indoors can also look as if you’re outdoors when decorating your home by bringing in mother nature’s beautiful pine cones to make a centerpiece or pine needle branches that make your whole house smell delicious.
 Filling up a glass vase with cotton balls to look like snow and placing some pine cones on top is a unique and inexpensive way to make a holiday centerpiece that all your guests will love!!

Setting the table with personal place seating cards is a nice touch. You can use snowflakes cut out of thick paper. Simply write your guest’s name and place on top of their plate. Small round x-mas tree ornaments and pine cones also work well. Make the seating cards out of paper and attach to the ornament or pine cone.

You can also use small Xmas ornaments to fill up any glass vase you own to give it a festive look or fill with water to float a candle. Whether you’re using sticks or votives, candles make any holiday feel special.

The colors of x-mas are all beautiful so be creative and try a different color palate each year. From an all white theme, to a red and white, or white and emerald green one. The trick in working with colors is the contrast. If you have a red or emerald green linen, using white china & table napkins. To tie in the emerald green theme, use pine branches in your centerpieces for color. For red use foliage with red in it such as poinsettia or juniper branches.


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