Drew’s View- Shahs of Sunset

Think you have enough gold?  Think you have enough diamonds?  Well, think again, because you obviously haven’t met the new Shahs of Sunset.  Back for its second season, Ryan Seacrest’s show follows six rich Persians as they work, play, and throw daggers all over Tehrangeles.  Already 3 episodes in, I can tell this season will focus more on businesses and relationships than season one.

Asa Soltan Rahmati is, as she claims, a Persian Pop- Priestess.  She’s a well-known singer in the Arab community and fully embraces her heritage.  Her distinct wardrobe revolves around gold, bold colors, and Bohemian clothes.  She’s a true gypsy.  She and GG have some beef, but will Asa let this picayune fight interfere with her Diamond Water business?  Let’s hope not!

Golnesa “GG” Gharachedaghi is a feisty 30 year old who “works” with her sister promoting their new business, GG’s Extensions.  It’s clear that GG has some anger management issues to work out (For instance, she threatened to cut her pregnant sister’s face off).  Will GG’s immature attitude lead her to become this show’s Danielle Staub, or will she fight through the verbal attacks?  PS, congrats to GG on her recent engagement to Omid Kalantari (she announced the news on Dec. 9 on WWHL)!

Mercedes “MJ” Javid tries to balance her nightlife with her job as a real estate agent.  Last season, we saw MJ blackout in Las Vegas and throw up in a club (my favorite scene of the season) but this season, MJ seems to be more focused on clearing her head.  Her critical mother is affecting MJ’s emotions and now, MJ is stuck between sticking up for GG or sticking with friend of 20+ years, Reza.  We just saw Reza walk out of a conversation with MJ in episode 3; will their friendship self-destruct?

Openly gay Reza Farahan keeps the atmosphere light with his witty comebacks.  He’s a successful real estate agent with a luxurious lifestyle to keep.  On camera, he’s hilarious, but no one is more comedic in side interviews than he is!  Some obsessed fan will definitely publish a book on Reza’s quotes (possibly me)!  Even though he views MJ as his sister, she is failing as a business partner, and Mike is slowly stepping into the equation.  How will Reza balance his business, his personal life, and his friendship with GG in season 2?

Mike Shouhed is an ambitious commercial real estate agent with an eye on girls, money, and fights.  Has he found love with Jessica?  The two had their date documented, a cuter moment on the show.  After GG’s fight at Solati’s pool party, Mike is shifting himself away from her.  Now, he’s stuck as the mediator between MJ and Reza.  Mike, can you save the group from falling apart like Danity Kane?

Newcomer Lilly Ghalichi is the real Persian Barbie.  She’s thin, she’s rich, she’s hot, and she’s fabulous.  She’s a licensed attorney in California but likes designing sexy bikinis instead.  This Louboutin-rocking designer has already wound up in some drama with MJ!  They had a pretty awkward dinner on episode 3, but Lilly just smiled and kept her cool.  I’m excited to see how much brawn this attractive star has.  We know she’s got the brains, but will she get physical at all this season?

I am EXTREMELY excited for this season of Shahs.  I rewatched last season three times because it was fabulous, but I know things will be different this year, especially with a newbie in the crew.  I wish I was as glamorous as these stars, but I’m sure I’ll learn a few tips from them.  For Christmas, I need gold.  LOTS of gold.  Oh, and a puppy.  #ShahsTips


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