11 Ways to Have a Life Like a Movie Star

By Brooklyn Reyes

Have you ever dreamed of having a life that seems to be only for the rich and famous? I’m here to tell you that you do NOT have to wait. You can start to live like a movie star TODAY! I’m here to offer you 11 ways to live a more streamlined, enjoyable, and fabulous life that will make you feel like a MOVIE STAR.

Clean your home daily. Ok, the rich and famous have maids on staff and you do not. The cheapest way to feel rich is to have a clean environment. You can keep a house “well kept” with discipline.


Eat healthy (plus water, water, water). Do you want the stars’ gorgeous skin and hot bodies, BUT you don’t have money to spend on plastic surgery and expensive skin care lines?  No worries. Eat your way to a star’s body. Honestly, it’s the cheapest way I know to get flawless skin.


Have a positive outlook. You will become more beautiful as you smile more and have nice things to say about life. Smiling is an INSTANT facelift. Practice smiling in the mirror.


Have a daily schedule and stick to it. Organization with purpose is HOT and others will see how you are handling your life with ease. Your friends will wonder how you can afford a personal assistant… You’ll know impeccable planning is your secret weapon.


Harness your natural beauty. When you start to enhance what is already beautiful you will begin to gain confidence. Other people will start to notice this newfound confidence and wonder how effortlessly you do it.


Get rid of things you do not use. I’ve yet to see an episode of Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous that showcases a “junk” room or cluttered areas. A small organized space is MUCH more coveted than a large cluttered space.


Live within your means. Trying to impress others while going broke isn’t RICH or FABULOUS. Live where you can afford and have extra money to splurge on luxuries that enhance your life. When you begin to track your spending, budget and start saving.  You will have immense pleasure when you do SPEND.


Learn manners inside and out. The harsh reality is that you will have to work harder than the rich and famous. Learn etiquette and manners and arm yourself with education. Educating yourself will help you present yourself as polished and well-rounded. That’s your key to a fabulous life!


Invest in your eyebrows. Yes this might sound crazy but all movie stars crown their faces with great brows. Eyebrows can enhance and balance your face. Go to an eyebrow professional such as Anastasia Brow Bar, but DO NOT go to just anyone holding hot wax. Your total cost of waxing and shaping is around $30 plus the cost of home kit which is around $80-$100 and will last you around 6 months to a year! You should invest in your eyebrows OVER any makeup or grooming.


Have a good marriage/relationship/whatever with your significant other. Getting along with your significant other is an art and if you can master it you will be the envy of everyone! Last time I checked, hate, jealousy, and resentment are not aphrodisiacs.


Fake it till you make it. If you are reading this list and it all seems too hard, don’t worry, that is totally normal. Fake happiness until it comes, fake kindness until it comes, and fake FABULOUS until it comes.

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Bachelor Recap- Season 17 Episode 4

Sarah and Sean at the rink. Photo credit: ABC.com

Sarah and Sean at the rink. Photo credit: ABC.com

By Denise Weiss

Week 4 of The Bachelor starts out with a bang!  If shirtless Sean doesn’t do it for you anymore, no worries.  This week we are introduced to “pantless” Sean in his black Calvin Klein boxer briefs.  It was quite a way to warm up a cold, rainy Monday night.

Someone needs to get Chris Harrison a watch because he keeps showing up at the mansion very early in the morning.  So early in fact that most of the women are make-up-less, bra-less and wearing their “I only wear these at night after I take out my contacts” glasses.  Once again, poker dealer Leslie H. cries real tears that she wants a one on one date with Sean.  Unfortunately, it’s another bust for Leslie H.  Speaking of busts, Selma gets the one on one and happily skips off to change into different sweatpants and tank top for her big date.

Selma’s One on One

Sean arrives at the mansion via limo and whisks Selma away to what she hopes is someplace exotic and luxurious, despite the fact that she is wearing gym clothes and sneakers.  The limo takes the couple to a waiting jet where Sean and Selma hold hands and get to know each other a little better.  Selma feels so comfortable with Sean that she drapes herself across his lap and tells him that she weighs 110 pounds.  Yeah, sure Selma.  I think your breasts alone weigh 110 pounds.  Maybe i’m just being petty and jealous, because if I weighed 110 pounds, I would probably tattoo it across my forehead.

Selma is very disappointed when the jet lands in the desert, and she starts complaining about the heat.  “I hate the heat” “The heat frustrates me” “The heat makes me puffy” “I don’t do heat”  Wah wah wah.  As if being in the desert isn’t bad enough, Sean and Selma are going to spend the afternoon rock climbing.  Now Selma starts complaining that she doesn’t like heights and feels nauseous.  As you would predict, Sean gives Selma the courage she needs to overcome her fear of heights and climb to the top (or be hoisted up by people already at the top).  As they climb, we are treated to shots down Selma’s shirt and up Sean’s shorts.

When nightfall arrives, Sean takes Selma on a romantic date to a trailer park.  No, really.  They sit on a bench in a make-shift trailer park complete with plastic pink flamingos and talk about their past dating lives.  It was at that moment that I paused the TV, called my girls into my room, sat them down on my bed, pointed at the TV and said “If a boy ever takes you on a date at a place like that, pull out your mace, spray him in the eyes and run!  I don’t care how cute he is.”  Just another example of how poorly ABC is faring in today’s tough economic times.

Although Selma hated the heat and complained about rock climbing, she referred to the trailer as “country glam.”  I was thinking more along the lines of “country gross.”  I kept waiting for Honey Boo Boo to run by.   As Sean and Selma snuggle under a blanket, Selma tells Sean that she grew up in a very strict, conservative Muslim household and kissing him on TV will give her mother a heart attack.  Don’t worry though, because fondling, snuggling and a little rub and tickle under the blanket won’t be a problem for Selma’s mom.

Sean is crazy about Selma, and despite her being puffy from the heat of the desert, Selma gets the rose.

Group Date

The group date card arrives and Sean “wants a woman who can roll with the punches.”  Lindsay, Robyn, Jackie, Catherine, Amanda, AshLee, Sarah and Tierra are the lucky recipients of the 8 on 1 date with Sean.  Amanda is excited because she really wants to throw some punches, and Tierra is mad because she “don’t need no chaperones.”

The ladies pile into the limo, drink mimosas and arrive at a large warehouse where they find out they will be playing roller derby.  This is the same group of girls who could barely play beach volleyball last week, so drunk roller derby sounds like a disaster.  It doesn’t take long before most of the women are on sprawled out on the floor like Bambi on ice skates.  The girls spend most of their time falling, and I’m sure Sean had other ideas when he envisioned the ladies on their knees.  Tierra is happy that she is going to get some aggression out by throwing elbows at the other girls.  Nice.

Speaking of happy, Amanda must have taken someone else’s meds, because she is more than a little manic this week.  (Personality #3- psychotic big evil smile). In an effort to get a psychological edge over the other girls, Amanda lies and says she’s played roller derby before.  Amanda is “totally killing it” until she falls on her face and is taken to the Emergency Room.  Karma.

Sarah, who by the way only has one arm, is determined to participate but instead spends most of the time crying about how she can’t balance on skates.  In all fairness to Sarah, it probably would have been easier for her to climb up the big rock with Sean and Selma than it was to roller skate.  After some encouragement from Sean, Sarah manages to make it around the rink a few times.  I was afraid she was going to fall and land on her stump.

After Amanda is taken to the emergency room with what may be a broken jaw, Sean decides that it’s more important that his future wife be able open her mouth at the end of the date and suggests that the rest of the night be spent in a couples skate.  The date ends old-school with everyone skating to Foolish Heart by Steve Perry; it was very reminiscent of my middle school days at the Commack Roller Rink.

Evening Date

After a long day of bumps and bruises, it’s time for wine (and whine) and drama.  Sean takes Sarah for some alone time and tells her he was impressed by her.  Although I agree that skating with one arm is difficult, it would have been more impressive if Sarah only had one leg and managed to make it around the rink a couple of times.

Amanda comes back from the hospital and decides to play the sympathy card.  In her own words, she is going to “play dirty and milk the heck out it.”  Sean kisses her small bruise, but Amanda is disappointed with a kiss on the chin.   Amanda tells the camera she wishes she had hurt her tonsils so she could jam her tongue down Sean’s throat, and proceeds to pretend to make out with the cameraman.  Oh yeah- you’re sane.

Tierra starts feeling the pressure of the group date and is worried that Amanda or Sarah may get a “sympathy rose.”  Not to be outdone by those bitches, Tierra launches an imaginary fight with Robyn and storms off in her shorty hot pants and heels, no doubt looking for another staircase to fall down.   The other ladies dub her “Tierrable” and rip her apart behind her back.  She throws a fake “I don’t want to be here anymore” tantrum to the producers and runs off in search of Sean.  Meanwhile, Sean and Lindsay are heading to the hot tub, completely unaware that there is a Tierraist attack waiting for them!  Tierra crouches in a dark corner in wait of Sean, and performs hot tub interruptus.  Poor Lindsay is standing around in her bathing suit while Tierra cries to Sean that she can’t take it anymore, and the women are torturing her.  She goes on to say that girls have always been jealous of her and she hates drama.  RED FLAG, RED FLAG, RED FLAG!   Sean- Listen up- when a girl tells you that other girls are jealous of her, that is a sign to RUN as fast as you can in the other direction!  Otherwise, you end up with your bunny on the stove in a pot of boiling water.  Tierra says she is sensitive and emotional.  Face it Tierra- you are just bat shit crazy.  Much to the other girls’ dismay, Sean gives Tierra the “insanity rose.”   Looks like Amanda broke her jaw for nothing.

Leslie H’s One on One

While Tierra is successfully executing her evil plan, another date card arrives at the mansion.  And the date goes to…  Hooray- Leslie H. finally gets a one on one!  The date card reads “this could be forever,” and comes with a pair of diamond earrings.  Leslie is so excited about the earrings that she exclaims “Holy Moly Batman.”  Really Leslie?  Holy Moly Batman?  The funny part about the Batman reference is that Leslie’s mouth is too big for her face, making her look a lot like the Joker.

Sean arrives for the date driving an impressive car and wearing one of Ben Flajnik’s vests.  Leslie thanks him for the earrings (she says “Holy Moly Batman” again) and off they go to do some shopping on Rodeo Drive.  This date is known as the “Pretty Woman” date, which means that Leslie H. is nothing more than a cheap hooker.

They arrive at Badgley Mischka where Leslie tries on some dresses.  After a few quick changes, Leslie decides on a green dress.  We know that the green dress is the winner because Leslie comes out of the dressing room and says “winner winner chicken dinner.”  Oy.  Our self-proclaimed “tan Julia Roberts” also gets shoes, a purse, and a 120 carat Neil Lane necklace (which did not look good with the dress) and off to dinner they go.

Despite Sean’s best efforts to create the most romantic shopping and dining experience ever, he doesn’t feel a connection with Leslie H. and knows that he has to do the right thing.  Being the gentleman that he is, he picks up the rose, waves it in Leslie’s face and says “Loser loser you don’t even get to finish your chicken dinner.”  OK he didn’t really say that, but he did ask for the necklace back.   The girls at the mansion smirk with glee as a producer retrieves Leslie H.’s rather small duffle bag, and Tierra polishes off an entire plate of nacho cheese Doritos.

Cocktail Party

With only 12 women left, Sarah declares that “you can definitely sense that there are fewer girls standing in the room tonight.”  Thanks for the insight Sarah but for those of us who don’t have a sixth sense, we just counted.  I shouldn’t pick on Sarah- after all, in order for her to count to 12 she would have to take off both of her shoes.

AshLee spends some time with Sean, and Tierra and Amanda hold a bi-polar support group meeting.  Tierra tells Amanda that on the group date, Robyn attacked her for no reason, and doesn’t like that she is taking all the heat.  Don’t you just hate it when the mean women blame the poor innocent girl for everything?  At the end of the day, Tierra is not going to let someone bash a hammer over her head (which may explain the dent in her forehead) and makes amends with Robyn.

Speaking of Robyn- the “I can’t bear to watch” moment of the night belongs to her and her alone.  In a desperate attempt to come up with a clever pick-up line, Robyn holds up a miniature Hershey bar, peels back the foil and seductively asks Sean “do you like the taste of chocolate?”  Upon Sean answering “Yes,” Robyn holds the chocolate closer to her and says “which chocolate do you want to taste?”  I assume what happened next was that Sean leaned in and chose to kiss chocolate Robyn instead of kissing the chocolate Hershey bar.  I don’t know exactly what happened because at that moment I smothered my face in my pillow and prayed for Robyn to stop with the chocolate metaphor.  I did look up in time to see Robyn go in for a second kiss and it was clear that Sean wished he had chosen the Hershey bar.  Don’t worry Sean- it’s almost safe to let Robyn go.

Rose Ceremony

Selma and Tierra already have roses so they are safe.  Sean gives yet another speech about how he is emotionally invested and is CONFIDENT that he JUST MIGHT find the one that was meant for him.  The remaining roses go to Catherine, Des, Lindsay, Leslie M., Robyn, AshLee, Sarah, Jackie and Daniella.  Amanda does not get a rose and feels rejected and hurt.  The frantic look in her eyes suggests that she is looking for a weapon.  So long crazy lady!

Next week- Episodes on Monday and Tuesday and Frozen Tierra!

Rachel Federoff – Well Rounded

Rachel FederoffRachel Federoff is known best as one of  the partners of Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger’s Millionaire’s Club. Together with husband Destin, they are key players in the company. Off camera, however, she’s got her fingers in so many pies. With some movie credits, philanthropical work, and a his and her’s line of T’s and jewelry she’s designed with her hubs, plus a very happy and active little boy to mother, Rachel Federoff just may be the busiest Bravoleb we’ve met!

TBB: Congratulations on the newest season of Millionaire Matchmaker. There are rumors this will be the last. Is that true?

RF: I don’t know. I hope not! I’d like this to go for a million seasons. I didn’t know there were rumors going around that there was a last season.

TBB: Do you have a favorite moment from filming the new season?

RF: I really enjoyed working with Irv Richards (Denise Richards’ dad). I feel that love isn’t just for the young and single.  It’s for any age, type, race, or sexuality.  Getting to find love again for Irv was not only magical but heartwarming to see him move on after losing his wife to cancer. Irv has more chivalry than most men in this world and all men need to look to him as a role model. 

TBB: You are the VP of Matching and the Director of Registration for Millionaire’s Club. What’s your typical work day like?

RF: I’m not really Director of Registration anymore. I am VP of matching. It’s a lot of talking to the clients, making sure they are getting taken care of, and a lot of emails and phone calls. Matchmaking isn’t as “cut and dry” easy as it seems. A lot of coaching and counseling goes into it. We give advice on how to act and what to do on a date.

TBB: Patti (Stanger) has a really strong personality. People either love or hate her. What is it like working with her?
RF: I’ve been with (Patti) a long time and we are very much one big family. Do we have our crazy up and down moments? Sure we do. Patti is a big personality but, at the end of the day, she is family with us.

TBB: In addition to Millionaire’s Club you have many side projects like acting, modeling, and fashion. What are some current things you are working on?

RF: I’m currently doing some screenplay writing with (husband) Destin (Pfaff).  I just did a movie (with Destin) called Sushi Girl.  We have our whole clothing and jewelry line called DnR (http://www.dnrbrands.com/)brand.  I also work with a lot of charities.  For instance, I’m the spokesperson for the Choking Game Campaign and a campaign for anti-bullying.

TBB: Tell us about your involvement in educating people about the Choking Game.

RF: There are two women who I call my “super fans”. Their names are Barb and Neecy. Neecy lost her son to the choking game. I got to know them by talking to them on Twitter and they told me about it. Being a mom who also lost a friend in high school to the same thing I could really relate. Kids are choking themselves and getting high and many aren’t coming back. Now even 8-year-olds are doing it. A lot of people are not knowing this is happening so they asked me to be the spokesperson. Anything involving kids I’m all for. I never want to see little ones hurt or die. This is why I also got involved with the anti-bullying campaign as well.

TBB: Like you mentioned, you are a mom which is your biggest job title. You have a 3-year-old son (Sin Halo Pfaff). How do you balance your career with being a mother?

RF: It’s so hard and so difficult. Two months after (Sin Halo) was born we were back filming (Millionaire Matchmaker). It was the hardest thing in the world (to return to work). Most people no longer have the luxury to stay home and raise a child. I love my career and furthering my brand, but at the same time I want to be there for every moment. I know, though, that I couldn’t be a stay-at-home mom. It’s just not for me. At the end of the day we spend so much time with our son and do so much for him. He’s a very loved little boy. Now that he’s in the picture everything I do is for him. (laughs) I sound like a Bryan Adams song.

TBB: You and Destin seem to work together on almost everything, including Millionaire’s Club. How do you keep the romance going when you are working and raising a family together?

RF: It’s definitely hard. The key is to keep things spicy. We always plan date night. When Sin Halo goes to bed we spend time together. We watch movies, play games. The hardest part is when Destin has to play boss to me- I don’t really like that. It’s hard but we’ve been doing it so long so we’ve made it work.

TBB: Who was working with Patti first?

RF: Destin was working with her before me. Season one I came on board. We are two Jewish women with East Coast backgrounds and she asked Destin if he would mind.  At first he wasn’t sure, but obviously we won!

TBB: East Coast? I read you are a born and bred California girl…

RF: I was born and raised in California, but my whole family is from New York! I’m an East Coast girl by blood and by heart. If I could choose where to live I’d be living in New York!

TBB:  You met Destin on Myspace. How has social media changed the way that people date?

RF: Even before I did Myspace I was so tired of meeting losers in bars and clubs so I decided, “I’m going to give online dating a crack.” This was before Match.com even got huge. It’s blown up to where people don’t even go out anymore. I wrote a blog on http://pattistanger.sheknows.com/ about technology and people needing to get back out in the world. I’m all for online dating, even though it sounds corny. (Destin and I) met online and we were friends beforehand. Social networking is such a huge part of life now, so why not use it for relationships? It’s much better than meeting someone at a bar or club that’s possibly had too much to drink.

TBB: With your fingers in so many pies, where do you see yourself in the next 5 years? Will you continue to be (as you describe) a “Jill of all trades” or do you plan to narrow your focus?

RF: I really think that “the sky’s the limit”. I love challenging myself and being creative in a million different ways. If i could be a chef, write a book, or have a tv show, I’d seriously do all of it! I don’t want to limit myself to anything. I want to do it all!

TBB: Thank you for talking with me. Is there anything else you would like people to know?

RF: I think that’s about it. I would like everyone to check out the dnr.com website for the line,which right now is strictly men’s and women’s t-shirts. And we have great jewelry that is real, not costume. Everything on it is a great combination of who Destin and I are.

Follow Rachel on Twitter @RachelFederoff

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