Looking Real HW Rich…

For the first seven months of TBB I did a daily weekday tweet of #LookingRealHWrich4RealCheap tips. These tips ran M-F at noon and 4pm EST. The tips were little tricks I’ve used for years to elevate my appearance as part of the elite (the truth is I know how to look like a million dollars even if I don’t have a pot to piss in ;)) I welcomed tips from the readers too. People really got into it and it was a lot of fun. I saw a lot more potential for this feature. Here on this page I will bring you not only great tips and tricks, but will scan for great sales and bargains to point you in the right direction. We don’t all have a HW budget, but we all deserve a little luxury!

Regards and hugs,



4 thoughts on “Looking Real HW Rich…

  1. Just managed to get on your new website. It’s fantastic Tara. We are so behind in the UK – didn’t even know there was a HW of Atlanta! Great interview with Jacqueline. We don’t get the Bravo channel here so am very jealous of all the shows they seem to be showing lately. Bravo need to take note of all the work you have put into this and realise how great it would be for you to front a spin off show – I see Lisa has managed it!

    With warmest wishes for your continued aspirations and success.


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