Jacqueline Laurita – Nothing to Hide

JacquelineReal Housewives of New Jersey star Jacqueline Laurita has always been, as she describes, “an open book.” She has spent the last 4 seasons letting the cameras catch all her highs and lows, from a sometimes rocky relationship with her daughter to the welcoming of her youngest son. And though she rarely keeps anything from the viewers, she doesn’t interview that often. We were thrilled that when approached to be the first on TBB’s relaunch she happily obliged. We asked everything we were dying to know and she answered it all proving again that Jac indeed has nothing to hide!

TBB: RHONJ is one of the most popular, if not the most popular, Housewife franchise. You have been on the show since the beginning. Can you tell us how it all started?

 JL: A production team came to our local salon (Chateau) asking the owners if they knew a group of women (Moms) in town that led interesting lives. The owners gave them my name. They told me it was about “Jersey Moms”.  I thought it seemed innocent enough, I lived my life like an open book anyway, and it was a chance for me to see what went on behind the scenes of Reality TV shows.  I was curious.  I learned that more drama went on behind the scenes than in front of the cameras!  A production team interviewed me by phone for a couple of hours and then followed up with a video interview. Shortly after I was offered a contract. That took some time to negotiate. I had no idea what I was getting into. Never thought anyone would really watch it. I did it more for the experience instead of the fame.

TBB: Why do you think your show has one of the strongest followings on Bravo?

 JL: I think it’s because our show is about family and real relationships that aren’t forced. Not to mention we all have deep-seeded issues and are not afraid to speak our minds. People can relate. Relatable + Drama = Ratings!

TBB: You are right now filming your 5th season. Which season has been your favorite to film thus far and why?

JL: The second season for me was the most fun for sure. I was away from Danielle (Staub) for the most part and had a lot of fun filming with Teresa (Giudice). Although, I didn’t enjoy the hair-pulling Country Club incident and the drama surrounding it, but we got past that.

TBB:  What is your most regrettable Housewives’ moment?

JL: Losing my self control on the season four reunion. In my defense, my anger and frustration had built up inside me for a long time and we were in a high pressure situation for 12 hours. We were all bound to break at some point. I was depressed about it for about a week afterward. It was sad to me that it had got to that point between everyone and that I lost my self control over things that were so senseless. It’s all so unimportant to me now.

TBB: You elected out of season 3’s reunion taping. In hindsight do you wish you had been there?

JL: Absolutely not! You saw how angry I was filming season four’s reunion. That season (4) had wrapped before season three’s reunion was filmed. I would have had to sit there and pretend like nothing was wrong, because technically, for the viewers, the drama had not started between us yet. Don’t forget, things appeared to be fine between Teresa and I during season 3. I would have had a real hard time pretending nothing was wrong. I’m too real for that. My emotions always show. Besides, the hype from my disappearance made the ratings go higher. Many people tuned in to see why I wasn’t there.

TBB: I know you can’t speak much about the current filming, but we saw a slight reconciliation with you and Teresa during season 4, only to be tainted by what the fans refer to as Stripper Gate, not to mention some very uncomfortable moments at the reunion. Will you ever be friends again?

JL: No, I don’t believe so, but that doesn’t mean things won’t ever be civil between us. We are adults. After our “make up hug” in California, I overheard Teresa in her RV saying how much she hated me and that she found it so hard to even look at my face. After that, I could never trust her sincerity again. Someone who can look me straight in the eye and pretend to forgive and love me while secretly hating on me, is a dangerous person. Not someone I want or trust in my life. Especially now.  My plan after I heard her was to just get through the rest of filming without anymore drama, then fade away from the phony friendship. I couldn’t take anymore drama. My head was filled with more important things like my children, especially with what was going on with my youngest son, Nicholas.  We almost made it through the rest of the season without more drama. Darn it!

TBB: We know that there’s been lots of friction between Caroline and Dina (Manzo), do you still talk to Dina?

JL: No I don’t. I tried to make it better with her but her heart isn’t there. It’s complicated. She has other issues that she is dealing with. I understand. Maybe one day things will get better. She’s still family. I only wish her well.

TBB:  Back to season 5, what do you think when reading all of the casting rumors that are flying? There’s been so much speculation as to who is in, who is out, who is new!

 JL: It’s really amusing to me. People are so off on so many things regarding all of us. I wonder where they get their misguided information. People will see the truth soon enough.

TBB: When I spoke to you in September at Sparkle Speaks we talked about how supportive Autism Speaks and other families affected by Autism have been for you. You said you want to “give back and help others as much as (you) can.” How are you using your notoriety to shed light on Autism?

JL: I share what I’ve learned with others that need it. I share resources. I share my experience so others don’t feel so alone. I have done so much research. I have binders full! Starting this February, I’m an interim contributing editor for Parenting Magazine, and I am also doing a blog with Parenting Magazine, which is giving me yet another platform to share my journey. I’m involved in Autism charities. I speak at fundraisers and have now been asked to speak at autism conferences. I speak from the heart and not as an expert. I’m new at this. I recently had the honor of going to JFK Elementary School in Newark, NJ to hand out sensory therapy tools donated for special needs children who were affected by Hurricane Sandy. I did this along with Mayor Cory Booker, Jodi Gomes, Areva Martin and my consultant/friend Nicole Lotito. I want to help as many people as I can because so many people have helped me. I want to encourage people to never give up on their child, to be their best advocate and to bring out the best child that their child can be. I love giving advice, and sharing experiences because I feel it helps give others hope and strength, it has for me.

TBB: You have been tweeting lately about Nicholas’s progress. It’s very admirable of you to share your story and I know your fans are watching and cheering you along. Any chance you will write a  book about your experiences like Jenny McCarthy did?

JL: There is a good chance I will write a book someday. I will at least put my experience on my website and share my journey with others. My Parenting Magazine blog is also going to linked to my website, where I am going to post Autism-related topics  on www.JacquelineLaurita.com. I want to reach as many people as I can. I want to help others.  I want to make a difference.

TBB: Thank you so much for talking with me today. I have to let the fans know that you certainly are as “Real” as Real Housewives come. Is there anything else you would like to tell my readers?

JL: I’m building a Beauty & Wellness MedSpa in Oakland, NJ with Dr.William Song and Michele Caputo from Omni Aesthetics (right next to the BLK Beverage offices)… so… stay tuned for more details…. I hope to see you all there. I also have a few other projects in the works that I am looking forward to sharing with everyone later! Also… BLK  is doing incredible, growing like wildfire! They just opened up a beautiful brand new office. So proud that all of their hard work is finally paying off. They work hard every day. Lastly, best wishes and happiness to all in 2013!

56 thoughts on “Jacqueline Laurita – Nothing to Hide

  1. Nothing to hide and nothing to tell. Interesting that in one sentence she says she’s too real to pretend then another she was just gonna fake it through to the end.

      • First time on this site. Within 10 seconds I knew that this blogger writes’Fluff Pieces” geared toward making these hags look good. Had she really tried to get to the meat of the matter, she would have focused on the Laurita’s upcoming trials involving theft, fraud, embezzlement and of course, diverting charity funds away from the Susan B. cancer donations directly into their pockets. Wackojacko’s life is not an open book. She NEVER mentions the stress involved with this upcoming litigation/possible jail time. Never coming back to this site. over and out

    • This is a woman that allowed and encouraged her teenaged daughter to be presented on t.v. as a horrible young lady to the point she got death threats, just so she could have a storyline. She didn’t want her in her family anymore on a day to day basis and threw her out of the house for laziness and partying. You never give up on your kids, never. There is real reason to fear how she will exploit the cognitive issues of her son on the upcoming season. Any intelligent, normal, loving mother would know the best thing for him would be for his mother to get off twitter and reality shows and focus on his life. Do you really think that if he could give consent he would want to be exploited
      like this? It’s disgusting what some people will do for fame and money. Please don’t glorify this woman’s misdeeds.

      • Amen gessiewtf! Never does a mother exploit her children on TV – never! And her nasty/insane tweets are completely insane.

    • Nothing to tell – puh-lease! She has acted like a crazy woman on twitter with her rants and mean-spirited comments towards Teresa and Joe. I lost all respect for this woman who DM’s people horrible messages. If she truly wants to be “open”, then she would be capable of having a conversation with someone who disagrees with her on a social media site (Twitter).

  2. You make a valid point, Mary, but was I the only one who sensed a chill between Jac and Tre even after tha “reconciliation”? Considered that Jacqueline had a contracted oblogation to finish the season I don’t really think she had a choice. Her decision to forgo the S3 reunion deomstrates that.

  3. Jacqueline was fine with Teresa after they hugged it out.

    I do beleive that Jacqueline heard what ever Teresa may or may not have said incorrectly, she does have issues with that remember season 1 finale , Dina?? And at the PFS in parking lot.Teresa did not say that Jaqueline was behind the ” set-up’ of Melissa, she said maybe Jacqueline was behind setting Teresa up, which in my opinion I totally beleive.

    Jacqueline in my opinion loved becoming involved in Teresa’s family issues, and was a huge part and still is a huge part of them not reconciling.

    Jacqueline does not fool me whats so ever. Jacqueline in my opinion is not the nice sweet innocent that so many think she is.

    Sorry this is just my opinion.

    • I think it works both ways she talked about Teresa to if she didn’t she would have not gotten involved in family drama which she volunteered her services! That works both ways and she acts as if she is the only child with autism and she found a new cure! Been there abd done that

  4. That was nice. Will you be doing other housewives from New Jersey? I would love to read an interview with Teresa.

    • We certainly are working on it! In the meantime check our archives for our interviews with Kim D and Elvira Grau!

  5. I love that Jac is so honest and real. However crazy she may act sometimes as least you know her emotions are genuine & in the moment not contrived like some! She is a great friend! So sorry Teresa couldn’t appreciate that!

    • More like too bad they all put a reality show before friendship..real friendships would not END over a stupid reality show. If it ended, then it was never real. Teresa and Dina prove that real friendship can last.

    • A great friend? as soon as she decides she doesn’t want you in her life anymore, she blabs all the stuff you told her in confidence. She is the antithesis of a friend and I do believe she suffers from Munchaussen By Proxy.

  6. My least favorite housewife, I really used to get so pissed with her daughter. I commented on things and she blocked me. Ha! So I am a little bad ass on Twitter! I see no mention of her court case and rumors that her son’s autism may not be real. She oscillates like fan with friends, Season 1 she went against her SILs to side with Dina. Give me a break.

    • It was so sad that she used her daughters teenage years as her story line for all the world to see. I hope we hear something about her court case next season but I doubt it, I dont think I can watch if she uses her son as her story line.

  7. And Teresa didn’t see Jac’s talking heads all season in real time, as well as everyone else backstabbing her. After the deck incident, I can’t believe Teresa went on that trip, unless she was under contract to do so….Jacqueline has been my least favorite, and fair weathered since first season.

  8. ALthough i never understood her loyalty to Danielle in the begining…i use to really like Jacqueline. However, hindsight is 20/20….i think Jax initial loyalty to Danielle (someone who hated Dina) was a passive agressive way to “stick” it to Dina and hurt her. Funny how things come to light when you start really looking at the whole picture. From the harrassing tweets Jax use to sent out to Teresa to the hateful and hurtful comments Jax spewed when upset….I slowly started to see the real Jacqueline…..and it was pretty scary to me.

    Jacqueline will NEVEr take responsibility for ANYTHING she has said or done to Teresa. THat is my problem with her. Jax loves to play the blame game and although Jax acts like she is there to “help”, “comfort” or bring family together….her actions are the complete opposite. She is one of those former friends you have that will go around town telling ALL ur business to anyone that will listen when she is pissed. Why on earth would anyone want to confide in Jax. I agree with Teresa. KIss and make up to keep Jax from going after you and your family. That is the only way she will stop harrassing you. From Danielle, Dina, and now Teresa…….jax has managed to destroy friendships and families consistantly. It took Ashlee living half way across the country (away from her mother) for their relationship to be somewhat normal and for Ash to mature. THat alone tells me all I need to know about Jax. I have a strong feeling if Jacqueline wasn’t in the picture Dina and CAroline would have made up AGES ago and Teresa would have been in a better place with her family and even Caroline. Ashlee said it best “my mom LOVES to be in the middle of the drama” (paraphrase)

    Follow the drama people……all roads lead to Jacqueline. The one thing I will say positive about Jax is the fact that she is doing all she can to help her son. I just hope that she is not using this oppertunity to sell a story line as she did with Ashlee.

  9. *Just a reminder that at TBB we support our readers right to share their opinions, but those opinions are not of the editor or staff! Back to the convo folks…
    Regards and hugs,

  10. Jacqueline – who do you think you are fooling? For the pass 4 seasons, you seemed to have one heck of a grasp on everyone else’s situation considering none of it was any of your business. I hope your skeletons are released in season 5.

      • She used to be my favorite housewife. After last season, my opinion changed. The producers can edit the show all they want… the superfans know the real deal. Hopefully things will be different next season. The show has gotten too dark…

      • I agree that the show has become VERY dark. Not surprisingly I’ve spoken the cast members that feel the same way. I think everyone wants to return to the fun stuff! #Bubbies&Shopping

  11. Dear Tbbreality,

    you are one classy blogger. Thank u for posting my comment unedited. I know you are trying ur best to be neutral and fair to all the cast and I commend u. Not alot of bloggers can do this and you seem to do it with ease. Although I can’t stand Jacqueline I have a love/hate relationship with CAroline lol. Hope u can get an interview with her.

    I doubt Teresa will provide an interview….but I am crossing my fingers she does. I have a feeling T is extremly cautious now. I think she knows how the game goes. Jacqueline can comment, give digs, and bring up peoples personal business when she interviews/tweets/comments BUT the minute Teresa, Dina, and even Danielle defend themselves or provide their own commentary Jacqueline goes nuts. So I completly understand why some of these women just ignore and keep it moving. This interview was subdued/medicated Jacqueline and I guess the other women don’t want the cray cray Jacqueline to raise again hehe. Hopefully Teresa provides her perspective to you Tara as I think you would be the perfect person to be fair and balance. I get the sense you are exremly friendly with manzo/laurita/gorga clan (since you have seen them at many events) so I can understand Teresa’s apprehension as she has been burned by producers, former friends and family at one point or another…..so she ain’t takin no chances lol. I love the fact that you get everybody’s side and goes to all events and not just “team” so and so. You are one of the few fair blogs out there. kudos to you!

    IF you are reading this Teresa or her “camp” please DO INTERVIEW WITH TARA!!!!

    • Actually Teresa and I have met many times. I get along well with all I them and welcome the opportunity to interview the entire cast.
      Sent from my iPhone

  12. 2000 views and 20 comments? Wow…I thought everyone was being a bit dramatic abot their comments not being posted….guess I was wrong. Why are opinions that may not be aligned with the bloggers opinions no longer welcomed on the site? I get the “no name calling” or “disrespectful comments”….but many that are crying censorship are tactful comments. This will be my last comment and “view” on this site.. I will read future “interviews” from this site from other blogs that ALLOW freedom of speech and will spread the word. Reality tea, all about trh, radaronline, tmz all feature stories from other blogs and the thing that brings commentators back are the intense debates/conversations on the message board. People come back and forth to sites all day to add comments and increase the page views. However when a blogger paralyzes it eliminates that. Again “trolls” should not be tolerated…but fiesty, strong, articulate and tactful commentary should be “free” on a blog.

    • I see your point. But I walk a fine line. If a talent is being attacked it may make them leery of interviewing again. Without interviews there’s no TBB. I’ve always run my website this way. It’s a decision I have to make. It has nothing to do with my opinion it has to do with protecting my resources.

      Sent from my iPhone

  13. Sorry to be harsh,but I sent alot of people to ur site and many of them where complaining about not being able to post. I am avid reader of several popular blogs and have never heard of such censorship. I guess my email/screen name was pre approved and I was able to post, but so many others are not.

    • When people post for the first time they have to be approved. After that it goes through. That’s how WordPress works.

      Sent from my iPhone

      • So many of these blog comment sections become a forum to spew vitriol & false info. I’m glad you keep those comments off & try to keep a somewhat peaceful comment section!

      • I understand now. I get ur point of keeping things balance for future castmembers to interview. I will repeat this again to be clear….I am not refering to commentators who go off on hateful and disturbing rants about castmembers. I was reffering to healthy discussions and debates about the shows/personalities/stories. Thank you for responding tbbreality. Have a great evening and looking forward to other interviews.

      • Thank you. I’m glad we could see one another’s side! Good evening to you too!

        Sent from my iPhone

  14. I agree 100% with cko96 and I that is why I love TBBReality and will continue to Support and Promote anyway I can. Thank you Tara! I appreciate & respect decision. Wishing you the best in 2013.

  15. What “issues” is she talking about Dina Manzo having? Jac is the one with the legal and financial problems and constant drinking/catfighting/shrieking hysterics. So Dina walked away from that bag of fun and she has “issues?” Pleez

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    • This is a positive website for those who are interested in what happens related to the shows. It is not a rag where reality stars are vilified. There are plenty of places on the Internet for that.

      • Yes, I understand that Tara; however, an interviewer would ask “what issues” if the person she interviewed made such a statement about her sister-in-law (Dina). Or, you may want to ask Dina for a reply, since she has a right to stand up for herself or explain if she wanted to.

      • Although the majority of TBB interviews are done via phone, there are occasionally ones that, due to schedulling conflicts, have to be done via email. This was one of those interviews, which was why I was unable to ask about Dina’s “other issues”. Dina is always welcome to interview on my site, however, she has not yet accepted the invitation to.

  17. I really can’t believe a word wack jaco says, she is on another planet. Her life is totally wrapped around what other people say and do and what she can do to ruin it. Also the way she treats Ashley is wrong, She treat her like an outsider and lets the Manzos talk shit about her too!

    • We should consider that Ashlee may , herself, chose to be on the show. Remember that we rarely see CJ and Nicholas has only been on a few times, mostly before his diagnosis. Ashlee was in her 20s by the time last season premiered. Certainly old enough to say “I don’t want to be on this show.” She’s old enough to know both the pros and cons of the exposure.

      • True but still does not take away from the fact that Jacko treats her like crap! If anyone is to blame for Ashleys problems it would be her mother but her mother refuses to take any responsibility. Ashley needed a mother that would listen to her not someone that chose to discuss her issues on national television. Jac also had the option to keep her relationship with Ashley private and chose the road to air it on tv. So who was supposed to set the example, Ashley or Jac?

      • During the first season Ashley was still In high school. She was an immature teenager who loved being on tv and getting the attention. I think as she got older and wiser she saw what her mother was trying to do and acted out even more to try to show the audience her mother’s hypocrisy. In the end Jax was the parent and in my opinion used her daughter for a storyline (that lasted THREE seasons). The scene where Jax hosted an on camera intervention with herself, Ashley’s dad, his wife etc was disgusting. You can see Ashley was clueless to what her mother did. Than in towards the end of that episode Jax does her I am leaving scene …..cue the tears etc.

        I think Jacqueline realized the tables turned on her when fans of the show started to call her out on her own immaturity hence why they shipped Ashley away (from the camera’s especially). I think the new strategy now is Kiss Ashley’s butt and make sure to tweet how wonderful she is so Ashley can keep her mouth shut lol. Regardless of the motives behind the move…..I am happy Ashley is doing so well. Who know live half way across the country (away from her mother) would make such a huge difference (sarcasm).

  18. I wish Jac would think of a story line that doesn’t involve her friendship (or non-friendship, lol) with Teresa and more importantly that doesn’t seem to highlight/use/exploit her children. First, with Ashlee and apparently now poor Nicholas. I’d be interested in watching more of her daily life, which of course would feature the kids, but do NOT want them (or actually ANY of the Housewives’) central story line.

    If I’m not mistaken, Jac has some products, including cosmetics and of course, BLK going? Not a fan of this show becoming an infomercial for the Housewives, but think some of behind-the-scenes business meetings/lunches etc can be interesting.

    All of the cities were better when the drama involved light hearted fun. NJ has become such a dark and depressing franchise, that I’m not sure I’m going to watch more than a few episodes of Season 5 to see if BRAVO plans on changing up the mix. I hope Jacquelyn will help bring the fun back!

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