Forget Me Not Kathy Griffin

(Photo credit: Apega/WENN & Kris Connor/Getty Images North America)

(Photo credit: Apega/WENN & Kris Connor/Getty Images North America)

Last night Kathy Griffin appeared on Late Night With David Letterman and stated there was “No Housewife named Lynda.” Oh quite contrare, Kathy. RHODC  had a Lynda and she’s making sure you  never forget her existence again.

Lynda Erkiletian, a former guest of TBB, took to her Twitter last night after the statement was made.

She knows who I am! That was a low blow which is why you are seeing this side of me! Dislike the BS Thanks David LettermanLove you!” Lynda tweeted to her followers after several non-flattering tweets to the red-headed leader of the D List.

Kathy’s response? Well, since she hasn’t really been on Twitter, other than the occasional plug, absolutely nothing.  It looks like Lynda’s words fell on deaf ears.

Kathy’s new season premieres on January 10th on Bravo.


5 thoughts on “Forget Me Not Kathy Griffin

  1. Athough i enjoyed Kathy’s reality show wih her funny mom…..I Don’t like her stand up/comedy routines. She is a bit vulgar and way tooo mean spirited to me. However, at the end of the day she is a comedian and can take things the distance unlike regular folks. What I don’t understand is the thin skin of some of the celebs. The moment u react u automatically give the other person more ammunition. Be smart…stay quiet…and they will move on to their next victim….i mean topic lol. Don’t play into Kathy’s hands Lynda.

  2. Lynda just needs to face the fact that she is not relevant nor is RHODC. It’s as so 3 yrs ago. Think about it, it’s Andy Cohen’s one season wonder. The only way they were able to get it on the air at all is because of the Salahi-gate, or Partygate ,as it were.

    And apparently if there were any relevance left in the dried up cast, they would bring them back. Well, I suppose all of them aren’t “dried up” with the news of Kat’s new bundle on the way. Hardly a reason to film a whole season though, do you think?

  3. I used to like Kathy a lot. She was funny talking about everyday things but now she just seems to try to make a buck by degrading people personally. I don’t like her humor anymore at all.

  4. I see now that most people are looking at this from more of a Lynda v. Kathy perspective. Although I’m not a huge Kathy fan, when I read this, I take away from it that Lynda just has a bruised ego from not being remember.

    Now, don’t get me wrong, I remember Lynda, not because she brought any excitement to this one season wonder; I remember Ebong, her lover who no one can forget. He’s like a taller version of Seal, and much better dressed. It was more like “Hi Lynda, did you bring Ebong with you?” 😉

    So, again, not that I’m defending Kathy one bit… Her mom is a hoot and a half, and I love the way they interact, but Kathy isn’t my style of comedy. And quite honestly, why have all the stand up comedians fallen to ugly vulgarities to describe and tear down celebrities. Granted, most do it to themselves, but my idea of comedy is someone who can leave out celeb news and who doesn’t have to use a 4-letter word every other word.

    I guess I’m biased, my favorite comedian of all times is Louis Grizzard. Unfortunately he’s no longer with us, God rest his soul. One of the reasons I’m biased….. my sweet husband took me to one of his concerts on our first date! Louis was a true Southern gentleman that found humor in himself, everyday people, and general observations of everyday happenings that while they were quite mundane, his brand of storytelling made the most boring something to laugh about! He made a guest appearance on “Designing Women” in the late 80’s as Julia & Suzanne’s quirky brother.

    But as far as Kathy and Lynda go…. Will anyone lose any sleep over this? I didn’t think so.

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