Drew’s View- Vanderpump Rules

Courtesy: Bravo TV

Courtesy: Bravo TV

BREAKING NEWS. Waiters encounter more drama on a daily basis than just dropping dishes. At least, that’s the case for the staff of Los Angeles’s sexiest restaurant Sur. Bravo TV documents the lives of 5 girls and 2 boys as they serve dishes, drama, and punches, but that’s just desserts in the new show Vanderpump Rules.

Let’s start with Queen Bee Stassi (pronounced Stah- See) Schroeder. This Southern Belle loves all things fashion and all things beautiful and is no stranger to the limelight. In 2007, she placed 7th in CBS’s The Amazing Race. Schroeder also has done some modelling, having appeared in US Weekly and Italian Vanity Fair. Now, she’s a fashion columnist for the website The Divine Addiction (owned and edited by Pandora Vanderpump Todd) where she uses her degree in English Writing to her advantage. Under her statement heels and lingerie is a feisty woman who is not afraid to speak her mind. Does she really hate Scheana, or is that all just good TV?

Scheana Marie is the aspiring singer trying to fit her way into the equation. We first learned of Scheana on RHOBH when Brandi (Glanville) commented several times that Scheana was the mistress of ex-husband Eddie Cibrian. An innocent “brunette Britney Spears” doppelganger, Scheana is comfortable sharing details about her not-so-innocent tryst with Cibrian. Will Scheana always cower to Stassi in pennance for her faux pas?

Jax Taylor is Sur’s buff bartender. He looks like he could have been the understudy for Wolverine, but that’s all in his scruff. Jax is an actor/ model (you can see him on the cover of the Assasin’s Creed video game series) who spends his time skillfully serving mojitos and Cosmopolitans. Stassi is very protective of him, as he is with her. Is his girlfriend the reason he gets in a heated argument with a man in the parking lot later this season? Will he even be with Stassi by the final episode?

Tom Sandoval is Jax’s BFF. He’s obsessed with three things: his hair, his girlfriend, Kristen, and his hair. Another aspiring actor, guess it’s true about LA’s food service industry, Tom has appeared in several thriller films under the direction of David DeCoteau. When he’s not blow drying, flat ironing, and gelling his hair, Tom is out playing the guitar or working with his buddies at Sur. I don’t sense anything bad happening between Tom and Kristen, but hey, I’ve been wrong many times before.

The lovely Kristen Doute is a veteran staff member at Sur. She was nominated for Best Actress at the ITV Film Festival and appeared in movies with her boyfriend of four years, Tom. This girl clearly knows how to communicate, whether she’s acting, speaking with her boyfriend, or even speaking in sign language, so I don’t expect anyone to step on her toes, not even her “mean girl” best friend Stassi.

Katie Maloney completes the cast of Vanderpump Rules. This Utah native is quiet at Sur but when she’s not dealing with the other aggressive girls, she’s a music supervisor. Katie actually looks like Katie Holmes (call me crazy) but she doesn’t have a baby… Yet… She’s dating Tom Schwartz, a friend of the Pumps (I coined that), but we don’t know yet if he’ll be featured in a lot of episodes.

Bravo has shows about wives, decorators, and relationship experts. Why can’t they have a show about waiters? Why can’t they have a reality show about actors who are waiters? The first episode definitely looked a bit exaggerated to me but that’s not to say the drama this season won’t be juicy. Did you see the previews? We all know Lisa Vanderpump is a queen in her own right. Now we get an inside look at the lives of the princes and princesses in her kingdom. I’m going to stop before this article turns into a report on Camelot, but if you’re a person who hates abiding by the rules, it’s time you watch Vanderpump Rules.


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