Gia Giudice’s 12th Birthday Bash

Party planner Elvira Grau tweeted the above photo the night of the event, "Thank you to @TrueGia @Teresa_Giudice and beautiful family for always celebrating @SpaceOdysseyUSA !! Luv u!!!!". (Source: Twitter- @PartyElvira)

Party planner Elvira Grau tweeted the above photo the night of the event, “Thank you to @TrueGia @Teresa_Giudice and beautiful family for always celebrating @SpaceOdysseyUSA !! Luv u!!!!”. (Source: Twitter- @PartyElvira)

Many sites have been speculating about Real Housewiveves of New Jersey’s Jr. Diva Gia’s birthday party. Lucky for us, we knew someone at the party and they answered all of our questions. The grand celebration took place on Friday, January 11th at Space Odyssey, the party venue owned and operated by Teresa’s good friend and event planner Elvira Grau. The party, according to our insider, had a glow in the dark theme complete with glow in the dark psychedelic cupcakes by housewife cake guru Melina Milinois of Sweet Spot.

RHONJ  cast members who attended included Kim D., Jennifer Dalton (rumored new HW)and Melissa Gorga. Our insider said there were no signs of the Manzo or Laurita families, or Tre’s brother, Joe Gorga, who was battling the flu.

The event went until 11:15 pm, which seems late for a pre-teen soiree, was it really a kids’ party or was it just a show for cameras? Not at all” says our source”Gia had about 50 friends there, plus all of her cousins. The kids had a great time dancing and just being kids. They were in a separate room from the adults for most of the time.”

Regarding rumors of a tiff between Tre and Mel G our source says, “Toward the end something went down, not so much a fight, but definitely tension. At the beginning of the night Melissa was happy, but by the end she didn’t look like herself at all.”

Our source also told us that all of the children in attendance had permission to appear on camera. Parents were required to fill out release forms for their children. So what was the tension? I guess we will all tune in to season 5 to find out. Happy birthday Gia!

Would you let your children attend a birthday party being taped for a reality show? Tell us your thoughts!


13 thoughts on “Gia Giudice’s 12th Birthday Bash

      • its protecting you and bravo from anything, so i bet it would be long. I read for chris stark that their was a kid drinking wine? I bet they try to blame Teresa for it somehow someway. Anyhow I don’t think it wouldn’t be her fault, the people controlling the place should take great measures if that actually happened. Just saying. Believe me if I hear that this is becomes a Teresa “fault” segment on the reunion you bet I will be arguing. I live in Canada, and I great fan of Teresa. I watch S4 and it was a bunch of BS really. The set-up was even a set-up, even the produces said Teresa wasn’t involved. I said this on your site and other site, because it amuses me how much backlash Teresa gets when they don’t get the whole story. anyhow i will stop at that.

  1. I heard nothing about underage drinking. Chris Stark, was not there, my source was. I also have been to a party at Space Odyssey, and it is not the type of establishment that would promote underage drinking. My source said nothing of anything but good clean, legal, fun.

  2. Don’t listen to a word Chris Stark says……she makes all of her stuff up or steals it from legit sources and adds crazy to it. She’s trouble, a stalker and Internet harasser from way back. But you already know that she’s wrong on all accounts b/c you are actually in the know! 😉

  3. Chris Stark has since edited her Twit Longer and removed the drinking references. It is now a “story” about how Jennifer Dalton hates Teresa and thinks her children are out of control .

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