Fake It Til You Make It: “Faux-boutins”

By Liz Belliveau

20130127-084543.jpgIf you are a recession-ista, like me, you know how valuable the “look for less” can be for having beautiful, trendy, fun pieces in your wardrobe. If you tune in like I do to the Real Housewives every week, you must notice the fabulous Christian Louboutins worn by the likes of NeNe Leakes and Lisa Vanderpump. These exquisitely beautiful shoes are known for their bright red soles, making them a statement piece that’s the envy of many. However, the $1000 and up price tag can be a bit hefty and while they can make a girl contemplate the necessities of mortgage, gas, and food for a split second, many of us have to live our lives red sole-less. A while back, I got the idea to customize a pair of standard black heels with glittery painted soles to wear to a girl’s night out. I wanted a little extra bling, and it got me wondering if I could successfully fake a Loubie. I tried it and was thrilled with the results! I now rock my “Faux-Boutins” whenever I can. Here is my DIY for “Faux-Boutin’’ heels.

You will need:


 *Angled and flat paint brushes

 *Acrylic, non-water based red paints (so they are weather proof!)20130127-083810.jpg

*Mod Podge sealant of your liking (I use glossy)

 *Heeled shoes of your liking (For this tutorial I used cheetah print Payless booties…go big or go home!)

Step 1: Gently rub the sole of the shoe you are painting with sandpaper to rough it up just a bit. Only sand the sections of the shoe that will not touch the ground (the inside of the heel and arch of the shoe). WARNING: Glossy finishes and sturdy walking do not mix, so leave the parts of the shoe that meet the ground free of paint.

20130127-083820.jpgStep 2: Apply anywhere from 2-4 coats of acrylic based paint to the sole of the shoe, letting dry completely between coats. Use the angular brush for the heel and tough to reach corners of the shoe, and the flat brush for the center of the shoe.

Step 3: Apply 1-2 coats of Mod Podge Sealant to the shoe to seal in the color and add a bit of sparkle and shine.20130127-083828.jpg

That’s it! Make sure they are completely dry before wearing, and rock those Faux-Boutins like the Real Housewife you were meant to be! Love the look? Use other colors (I have done purple, neon green, and silver), add glitter, stencils, or monograms (my personal favorite) to the soles for a unique look. I get tons of compliments on these shoes, and people are even more impressed when I tell them it’s a DIY project!

Nothing you can buy is ever as beautiful as something customized just for you!

Happy DIY!


One thought on “Fake It Til You Make It: “Faux-boutins”

  1. Great Idea! Thanks. I purchased some bling bottoms and love them, but never thought of customizing it myself! I will let you know when I try.

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