11 Ways to Have a Life Like a Movie Star

By Brooklyn Reyes

Have you ever dreamed of having a life that seems to be only for the rich and famous? I’m here to tell you that you do NOT have to wait. You can start to live like a movie star TODAY! I’m here to offer you 11 ways to live a more streamlined, enjoyable, and fabulous life that will make you feel like a MOVIE STAR.

Clean your home daily. Ok, the rich and famous have maids on staff and you do not. The cheapest way to feel rich is to have a clean environment. You can keep a house “well kept” with discipline.


Eat healthy (plus water, water, water). Do you want the stars’ gorgeous skin and hot bodies, BUT you don’t have money to spend on plastic surgery and expensive skin care lines?  No worries. Eat your way to a star’s body. Honestly, it’s the cheapest way I know to get flawless skin.


Have a positive outlook. You will become more beautiful as you smile more and have nice things to say about life. Smiling is an INSTANT facelift. Practice smiling in the mirror.


Have a daily schedule and stick to it. Organization with purpose is HOT and others will see how you are handling your life with ease. Your friends will wonder how you can afford a personal assistant… You’ll know impeccable planning is your secret weapon.


Harness your natural beauty. When you start to enhance what is already beautiful you will begin to gain confidence. Other people will start to notice this newfound confidence and wonder how effortlessly you do it.


Get rid of things you do not use. I’ve yet to see an episode of Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous that showcases a “junk” room or cluttered areas. A small organized space is MUCH more coveted than a large cluttered space.


Live within your means. Trying to impress others while going broke isn’t RICH or FABULOUS. Live where you can afford and have extra money to splurge on luxuries that enhance your life. When you begin to track your spending, budget and start saving.  You will have immense pleasure when you do SPEND.


Learn manners inside and out. The harsh reality is that you will have to work harder than the rich and famous. Learn etiquette and manners and arm yourself with education. Educating yourself will help you present yourself as polished and well-rounded. That’s your key to a fabulous life!


Invest in your eyebrows. Yes this might sound crazy but all movie stars crown their faces with great brows. Eyebrows can enhance and balance your face. Go to an eyebrow professional such as Anastasia Brow Bar, but DO NOT go to just anyone holding hot wax. Your total cost of waxing and shaping is around $30 plus the cost of home kit which is around $80-$100 and will last you around 6 months to a year! You should invest in your eyebrows OVER any makeup or grooming.


Have a good marriage/relationship/whatever with your significant other. Getting along with your significant other is an art and if you can master it you will be the envy of everyone! Last time I checked, hate, jealousy, and resentment are not aphrodisiacs.


Fake it till you make it. If you are reading this list and it all seems too hard, don’t worry, that is totally normal. Fake happiness until it comes, fake kindness until it comes, and fake FABULOUS until it comes.

Brooklyn Reyes MS Psychology, helps people achieve their goals by creating a more simple approach.
She offers help to individuals to streamline processes and eliminate distractions allowing them
to achieve their goals FASTER. Read About her: http://i-help-business.com/about/
Follow Brooklyn @i_help_business


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