The Theresa Caputo Experience

ImageBy Brent Osborne

For an early Christmas present last month, I took my parents and my aunt to see The Long Island Medium, Theresa Caputo at the NYCB Theater at Westbury. I am sure you have all heard of, or caught a glimpse of, TLC’s hit reality series, “The Long Island Medium”. For those unfamiliar with series, the show follows Theresa’s life as a typical Long Island mother and wife. The one distinct difference between her and others is her ability to communicate with the dead.

I was first introduced to Theresa by my mother, whom is a firm believer in mediums and psychics. Like her, I am amazed by the spiritual world. In fact, I remember watching “Crossing Over with John Edward” with my mom as a child. I was amazed by his talent and his ability to receive and give information from spirit. So, after watching one episode of “The Long Island Medium”, I was hooked. Theresa’s vivacious personality and her ability to communicate with the deceased is simply unbelievable.

The trip to Long Island started bright and early. Our first stop was at the cemetery on where my great grandparents and my great-great grandparents are buried. Since we don’t get out to “The Island” that often, we figured it would be the perfect opportunity to say “Hello”. My parents and I stood at their graves silently and placed rocks upon their tombstones, a typical Jewish tradition. Afterwards, we stopped at a local diner for some lunch before heading to the theater.


Once we got to NYCB, we were shown to our seats: second row from the stage! We were all very hopeful we would get a reading from some of our loved ones whom have passed. My aunt eventually arrived at the theater and the lights dimmed.

Before the show began, we were asked to stand for a moment of silence for the children who past in the horrific Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting in Connecticut the week prior.  A minute or so later, Theresa graced us with her presence. She climbed up to the stage in her red bottom, glittery platform heels and a slimming black cocktail dress. From the minute she entered the room, waves of energy surged through my body. (Talk about good vibrations!)

Theresa began the evening explaining that you do not need a medium to communicate with loved ones whom have passed. “Just pay attention to all the signs and symbols around you,” she said. “You’ll understand that loving messages come through for you every single day.”

The experience lasted a little over two hours. We had some good laughs, a slew of tear-jerkers and several close encounters but unfortunately, my family and I were not read that night. However, the people whom were read found great comfort in the messages they received. Theresa used her gift to soothe the minds and souls of people still here on earth, in this plane of existence.

Quite simply, when Theresa gives a message, it is jaw-dropping. Not only that, but by her own expressions and reactions to messages she receives, you can see that her ability even blows her away most of the time! Although she never defends what she does, from watching the show and seeing her live, I can see how she makes believers out of skeptics and continues to amaze those who already believe in her ability.

In the physical world Theresa may be medium, but in the spirit world she is by all means an extra large!

TLC renewed the hit series, “Long Island Medium” for a fourth season on November 2nd, 2012. The fourth season is scheduled to premiere sometime in March of 2013.


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Brent Osborne has always been loud, a little brash and unapologetically truthful. Prior to joining TBB, Brent founded and authored the successful Real Housewives blog, and the column of the same name. Brent’s industry experience is extensive and includes interviewing former Real Housewives of New York City star, Jill Zarin. Inspired by his former teachers, Brent is currently pursuing a career in Childhood Education with hopes of becoming a High School Guidance Counselor. With coffee running through his veins, Brent works numerous jobs and attends school full-time. Brent’s mantra is “Love what you do and work with others who do the same.” He’s grateful to his supportive family and friends for cheering on all of his endeavors!

6 thoughts on “The Theresa Caputo Experience

  1. What an awesome, well written article. Loved it! 🙂 Will be seeing Theresa in Peoria this April and after reading your article, I’ve become all excited all over again. LOL

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