Malan Breton 2013 Fall Fashion Show

With Malan Breton

With Malan Breton

The fashion industry operates in the future which means, even though it is February and in the Northeast we are daydreaming about busting out our warm weather duds, this New York Fashion Week featured Fall 2013 designs. At the Malan Breton show we were treated to an autumn friendly color palette and rich, warm fabrics and furs. Breton, a Project Runway season 3 alumn, evokes the Great Gastby in his latest collection of women’s and men’s couture.

For those who have never attended such an event (and we hadn’t until now… bucket list check) these shows happen in industrial styled spaces. The bland surroundings give the fashions center stage. We were seated on benches for which we received a card that coordinated with a card on a space… a small space… it’s best to lose that excess weight prior to fashion week just to fit into your spot. Atop the tiny space is a swag bag. Everyone with seats (there are guests who do stand) get treated to a gift bag. This one contained jewelry from sponsor company Marilyn Monroe Jewelry, glasses from Brooklyn Spectacles, some cozy knee socks, bottled water, and a bunch of other treats. The bags were put together by Batiste dry shampoo. A bottle of this was also included. Dry shampoo is a very popular swag product. We’ve gotten lots of this. If anyone needs a bottle hit us up.

At first we were quite nervous. The seats weren’t filled; it was actually quite empty. The photog pit seemed fuller than the benches. Was everyone at the Grammy’s? The show started. Each design more magnificent than the previous one. What a shame nobody here to see this… then out comes RHONY’Aviva Drescher with the final look and… her cellphone? “This is the rehearsal,” she tells an onlooker. Oh, that explains why one model was unzipped and another was in a Hawaiian shirt and Doc Martins. Then the doors opened and the real crowd came which included Alex McCord and Frankie Grande (brother of Disney’s Ariana Grande). So we get to see this show twice? Sweet!

*Here’s a quick video we recorded on our phone, featuring some of our favorite designs and, of course, Aviva Drescher walking the runway like a true model!

The models sported red lips, slick buns, and sparkly jewels which, looking at the Marilyn Monroe website, I believe came from the very affordable costume jewelry collection. Gowns featured corseted lace up backs, and large bell skirts in what appeared to be structured silk taffeta. The men had very structured jackets and pants in brocades, velvets, and shiny sharkskin.  Fur was used in both the men’s and women’s lines in rich colors and interestingly pieced together patterns. Some of our favorites, because we really loved it all, were a rust colored ball-gown, a black cocktail dress with dramatically large rouched sleeves, and a rich red fur coat.

The music completed the opulent old world theme as techno tunes with a 40’s esque flair set the auditory tone. Aviva Drescher, who was kind enough to invite us to the event, came down the runway in a black fitted strapless gown to Marilyn Monroe’s Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend.

Post show everyone goes backstage to congratulate the designer, take press photos, and (if you are like us) ogle at the male models changing out of their clothes. Malan was emotional at what was the culmination of months of hard and passionate work. His eyes were welling up with tears of joy as we, and everybody else, told him just how beautiful the collection was. He is a humble person who is obviously  grateful and surprised by his success.

Drescher, who looked dazzling, was thrilled to be part of the show, though she had a little issue with her dress. “I’m not into showing so much cleavage,” she told a woman who gushed over her figure. We think she looked fantastic!

What do you think of Malan Breton’s fall collection?


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