Brandi Glanville Signs and Says !

By Mike Flately

Brandi Glanville. (Photo by Jeremy Smith)

On Wednesday February 15, my cousin and I arrived at Bookends, a  very old, mom and pop type place that has been around for ages, in Ridgewood, NJ. We were there for the signing of Real Housewife of Beverly Hills’s Brandi Glanville’s long awaited book Drinking and Tweeting. We bought our books and headed down into the “basement”to a roped off area that wraps around the entire floor. About 20-25 people were in front of us. The crowd was mixed with teens, twenty-somethings, and older mother types. I was quite surprised by the amount of straight men there, at least ten or so of them. I’m thinking it’s Brandi’s sex appeal that drew them out. 

The crowd was kind of quiet, not a lot of hype until the camera guys came-two photographers from local magazines in North Jersey. Brandi arrived a little after 7pm, signed a few books for the staff who work at the bookstore, then came downstairs about fifteen minutes later. Everyone was cheering, saying hi, snapping photos. She brought two of her friends who live in New York City. She stated she doesn’t see them often so she thought it would be fun to bring them along.

There was a brief Q and A session before the signing started. Most notable was “What do you think of Faye (Resnick)?” to which Brandi replied, quite simply, “She’s disgusting.” I asked about the reunion and how bad she thought things would get this year with all the animosity between her and Adrienne (Maloof). Brandi implied that Adrienne might not even show up for the reunion. I found that very interesting. Somebody asked a question about Ken (Todd) and Lisa Vanderpump) to which she reiterated how close they all are, including their daughter Pandora.

As she signed books Brandi cracked jokes. She’s very much as we see her on RHOBH. She was wearing a pretty black dress with sky high red heels and bright red lipstick. She dropped the F bomb and some other favorite words of hers which had the crowd laughing. It was a very casual and low key event. People seemed very at ease with her because she’s just so sweet yet raw and real. There’s a very endearing quality about her. She was free with hugs and pictures.


 brought her a gift which included a t-shirt that said “#TEAMBRANDI” on the front  and “SO STFU!!” on the back, a Juicy Couture diamond ring, and a gay love letter.  She recognized me by my Twitter name and was like “Oooh I know you!” I told her I dance on bars (used to) and she asked me to do a booty drop so naturally I did. Overall, the crowd was very amused by her use of expletives and people were saying how beautiful she is.

Brandi was headed back to LA the next day to tend to one of her sons who had a fever, but was planning on a return next week to co-host The View and guest on the Howard Stern Show.



5 thoughts on “Brandi Glanville Signs and Says !

  1. Mike thank you for sharing! I just Love Brandi because What you see is What you get! I think she is Smart, Sexy, & a Wonderful Mom! Can’t wait to read her book!


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