Project Reconnect-Lori & Jenn’s Tips to Rekindle Romance

imageLori Zaslow and Jenn Zucher, co-owners of NYC matchmaking service Project Soulmate, featured on Bravo TV’s Lovebroker, know how to create the perfect pair. What about when that pair has been together for the long haul? We asked them for advice to keep the romance going on Valentine’s Day and every day.  Here are 8 tips straight from the ladies to keep your relationship on the right track no matter what day it is!

1.Turn off technology. Disconnect to connect! Yes it sounds scary, but to truly emotionally connect it is important to look someone in the eyes. Nobody wants to think half of your attention is somewhere else! (i.e blackberry, iphone, etc).

2. Eat together. Whether it’s breakfast, lunch, dinner or just an ice cream sundae, share.

3. Plan a regular date night (And sex night)- Start a tradition. A romantic outing is not only something you can both look forward to, it’s a way to transport yourselves back to when you first met. If you have kids get a sitter or wake up before them or after they go to bed! Better yet, set the alarm for 2am. Nothing is better than a midnight rendezvous.

4. Flirt. smile, wink, play footsies. It’s always important to keep the spark there and flirting helps ignite it.

5. Be spontaneous. Every once in a while, do something together on the spur of the moment. Breaking away from your routine adds excitement to your relationship. Whether it’s a surprise day trip or just an picnic in the backyard, it will bring the two of you closer together.

5. Make dinner together. If one of you is more Chef Boyardee than Julia Child, you can still keep your spouse company, and perhaps even get a good laugh out of your culinary mishaps.
6. Play a game. Bring out the inner child. Depending on your personalities, the options can range from chess to hide and seek. Whatever the rules, spending time together doing an activity purely for the sake of having fun is a great way to let go of the mundane stresses of daily life.

7. Do nothing. Sleep in, or “veg” on the couch. Order take-out and watch movies all day. The point is to let go of the outside world and just be together.

8. Go for a walk. This could be a hike or a stroll down a city street. The dynamic scenery may inspire a philosophical conversation about your plans for the future, or you may feel content to enjoy the view walking hand-in-hand. Either way, you’ll feel more connected.

Not coupled? Check out to contact Lori and Jenn about finding your soulmate!


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