Oscar Worthy Jewelry…No Bodyguard Needed

My fave is the Brentwood collection. Photo from MarilynMonroeJewelry.com

My fave is the Brentwood collection. Photo from MarilynMonroeJewelry.com

The only things that shine brighter than the stars on Oscar night are their jewels. Big names like Harry Winston and Neil Lane make sure the stars are dazzling in diamonds, rubies, and emeralds galore…they also make sure these baubles, often worth millions of dollars, come back to them…pronto. I recently saw a report on TV that said for every colossally karated stone you see, there’s a couple of bodyguards to escort it around. These guards attend the Oscar parties to protect these precious pieces and, gasp, take them right off the body of the wearer to the safe haven of the shop before even the night is over. Kind of takes the glamour out of wearing the jewels, doesn’t it? Just the anxiety of sporting a bazillion dollar bracelet is enough to make me nauseous.

So can we ever glitter like the glamazons? The answer is yes! Recently I wrote about the Malan Breton fashion show and how it was sponsored by Marilyn Monroe Jewelry. As I saw these pieces come down the runway they reminded me of the magnificent jewelry we see on Oscar night. Curious to know what these stunning costume designs cost I checked out the website MarilynMonroeJewelry.com and was ecstatic to see that for about $50 – $100 I too could look Oscar fabulous, without going broke, or requiring an evening being guarded by the Secret Service. Oh, and these you don’t have to hand over to Big Bubba after the soiree! Win, win, win!

Marilyn Monroe Jewelry is available through Jewelry Television at jtv.com !


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